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  1. Idle thumbs London meet! half of the designs have been owned by spreadshirt over the years but there are some shirts Sorry i couldn't come, i had to work at the expo all day and then take a bunch of lbp fans out for dinners - fun but shame i missed you lot
  2. I know it was one of you. WTF?
  3. Idle thumbs London meet!

    I'm running a fan meet for littlebigplanet peoples on the 30th at the expo, come find me in the psp lounge and say hi
  4. Idle thumbs London meet!

    do it at the eurogamer expo - 30th october I'll be there anyways.
  5. [youtube] now exists

    I hacked in some BB code so we can embed youtube clips into the forum, we are 10 years behind the rest of the internet and proud! to use it you get the URL of the youtube video : take the video ID : uT04VWNs8m8 then wrap that in the youtube tags, or use the handy button icon i put up there. uT04VWNs8m8 look here for more, or well actually it's kind of less, information. thank you for your time kind sirs. Anything else we should hack in? a button could come in handy for example.
  6. Little Big Planet

    Tools wise, I don't really know what they all are cus I don't use them, but there are things that make it easier to search for certain items to put in prizes, or certain stickers. It also makes tweaking existing levels a bit easier. I'd like to do a proper article on them some time for the blog, so maybe i'll do that For levels, check here those guys are good at finding interesting things for sure, also check out this level just played it, was quite awesome
  7. Little Big Planet

    The designers all use the exact same Popit that you have to make the levels, but in addition there are some PC tools that make some things a bit easier, not many people use them very frequently though - some more than others - but the majority of the stuff is built in the same way as everyone else. Also, look for levels by Johnee, his levels were so good we hired him, they might entertain you There are tons of levels that are much better than 'ours' out there.
  8. Little Big Planet

    wow, what a shocker that was
  9. Need Help from French Forumers!

    model number n38w
  10. Awesome MI2 2D/3D Projection thingie

    There is a giant art 'bin' at LucasArts that contains all the painted art, and bonus art that never made it into the game. We were never allowed to see it
  11. Favorite Kid's Book

    Holy shit yes Fungus the Bogeyman!! - you rule pete these are some others that i loved: my mum says this was my favourite also these winners: i loved Seuss books - he's amazing. "And NOW comes an act of Enormous Enormance!No former performer's performed this performance!"genius. Holy shit and all of these:
  12. It has gone the way of SEGA hardware
  13. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    classic Brit rodi, classic Brit. ¬¬
  14. Writer's block

    you aren't a rubbish writer at all - so says Tim for one. I find that it's about writing the style or feel that you are most comfortable can get you going - for instance i had to write all kinds of press releases and boring copy fo manuals and websites - and I'd struggle and it would take ages deliberating over it, But one time i had to set the style of writing for the intranet, and i thought I'd try something silly, and wrote in a more relaxed less formal style, and wrote half the intranet in an hour, and it was allowed to exist. it felt natural to write like that for me and so things came out. so think about what you are witing, what its for, why you want to do it, and just write things until you find your style again. I found that I liked writing in rhyme, and it helped me to find a discipline for instance. overall i found that writing a blog post for something internal, and now for the Media Molecule blog, where I can be more free to play, allowed me to spit out writing much faster and not worry as much. err that advice seems disjointed but, whatever.
  15. Obligatory comical YouTube thread

    Man. That's fucking... what the fuck? Fuck off. Did she learn to speak by watching Diagnosis Murder and Shrek, and then combining them into something even more retarded? She should learn northern from Devvo. jbRy-_Tmldg&hl
  16. Darkfall NERDRAGE against Eurogamer.

    pre-patch FIREKICKS baby pre-patch
  17. liar!!!! but it should not be included as an entry also it should be Newcolmbe
  18. Little BIG Planet the site is hammered but there are a few thousand left.
  19. If so, and I'm currently expecting approximatley 0 people, you should attend this: X48 GameCamp What: X48 is a marathon gamecamp where students and indie developers use Microsoft's XNA Studio 3.0 to create a game in less than 48 hours. Where: University of Derby (map) When: Friday 20th - Saturday 21st March 2009 it's something Nachimir has organised in conjunction with microsoft, and should be a whole lotta fun.
  20. Quake Live

    Anyone playing? my user name is spaff, lets rail some noobs.
  21. X48 GameCamp - XNA student face off

    Before I start this post - Disclaimer - I was paid to work on this project. Anyways, the games from this 48 hour game camp are now available to download and play, with a lot of hurdles to jump through potentially, but even so, some might be worth taking a peek at. Ahem, So there were 18 teams of students, and they had under 48 hours to make a game based on the topic of "Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution" Some teams decided to force the subject matter over existing concepts such as Street Fighter or platform puzzlers, but some teams went in other more interesting directions. These two were particularly interesting to me, this peaceful seed spreading game, called Bellis Perennis And sevolution, which attempts to teach the player about DNA structures, whilst they steer a fish up and down Anyways, all the games are downloadable, ( you just have to install a million pieces of MS software to play them, but if you get the time, maybe check em out. It was a really fun weekend, and I really wished I could take part, despite having no real abilities that would be useful to anyone. It was kinda like a LAN where you make games instead of playing them. Nachimir and I had much fun, and managed to convince all of the mentors there to undergo bizarre interview rituals, such as Tom Armitage in a Lift: Azka Malik being dragged around on a bean bag: and many more… I also made Nachimir attack his colleague with a giant beanbag: Also Nachimir:fart: in the lift
  22. We made the little big Planetoid crash into the littlebigplanet with a little big explosion, and told everyone we are closing the site. Shortly we will tell them we are closing the site because we got jobs at Media Molecule. The good thing about this April fools joke is that it isn't a joke, and we really will be closing the site, and we (both me and my buddy Tom) really did get jobs at Mm, and start today.