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  1. Full Throttle Remastered

    I remember playing that demo! Looks like has a copy of it here for anyone who wants to check it out:
  2. Probably a good wizard jam title given a strong artist
  3. Legion (FX series)

    I don't watch the show (and don't know if this is a spoiler, so I've tagged it) but when this image popped up on my rss reader my first thought was...
  4. IdleMC Epoch 7.5 Final Prologue GOTY Edition

    This is awesome, thanks for starting it back up again! I changed the dns srv records around so you can use as the server name again if you prefer!
  5. Still newer forum!

    The editor should be back to normal now.
  6. Still newer forum!

    I've opened a ticket with them about the toolbar issue, since it seems to be using the toolbar library's default layout.
  7. Train Jam 2017

    Amtrak coach isn't as bad as you think if you're used to planes. Pretty roomy and comfy seats, and lots of legroom. Food options are a little sad though, since coach doesn't include dining car meals. Your best bet is to bring some stuff with you if you can. Also, I think for train jam they pull two observation cars, so there's quite a bit of space to move around the train and sit elsewhere for some variety.
  8. Hey, just letting folks know that the forum now supports two-factor authentication for better account security. You can enable it at if you want!
  9. Train Jam 2017

    Coach or sleeper? I've never done the train jam, but I have done that route on Amtrak.
  10. GDC 2017 Meetup (Update: 2018 info within!!)

    Hmm, I dispute this in favor of Popson's.
  11. I'm glad they made it! Sorry for being so late! In hindsight I wish I'd included more US-specific snacks, but it's hard not to have fun at the Japanese grocery. The super sodas are... intense for about 15 seconds. Be warned.
  12. Also, whoever Chris' Santa is, please PM me ginger cookie recipes.
  13. I got home tonight to find some packages in the lobby! @YoThatLimp sent me some delicious bar cookies called ginger crunches (although some seem to have vanished since the photo was taken, so they're clearly defective). There was also a reverse spherification kit, which I'm looking forward to trying out next week during my vacation time! I'll make sure to post photos of the final product Thank you so much for the awesome gift. Also, some more of the ginger crunches disappeared since the last paragraph for some reason.
  14. Okay, then I'm officially declaring this non-reproducible. @Apelsin, please let me know if you're still having problems.
  15. Hey, I can't reproduce this at all - anyone else use Pocket Casts who can check? All the files seem to work fine, and they all work in the web player as well.
  16. I'll investigate as soon as I get home
  17. Still newer forum!

    People who register just to plug something are spam, and should really just be reported so we can deal with them. Asking them to post in a thread first isn't going to stop them, because they're spammers.
  18. You sure showed me with that substantive comeback.
  19. Why do you keep formatting your posts this way? Also, never saying anything of substance.
  20. No you can get right on out of here.
  21. Still newer forum!

    No, because we don't write the forum software, and don't add features to it.
  22. Idle Thumbs Streams

    If you don't follow twitter, there's a live episode record happening now at
  23. The Next President

    Although I did get approximately 5-6 emails per day from the Clinton campaign (not an exaggerated number). Always basically the same copy, but with different signature lines (Hillary, Bill, Joe Biden, both Obamas, etc.) asking me to donate odd amounts like $27.