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  1. Does anyone care about the new consoles?

    Sorry for bumping an old thread but if you do find this message, just curious, how are you finding your Xbox Series X so far? I bought mine earlier this year and despite mostly having PS5/PS4 friends (I come from a PS4, too), I'm loving the Series X a lot. Game Pass is incredible and without it, I don't think the Series X can really float. The reason that impeded me before is budget. It's too expensive, I'll admit that, but once I was able to cough up the cash, I believe it was worth it just for the games alone and the jump to a Series X and PS4 can be felt. Game Pass had so many good titles, from the Gears games to Yakuza 0. I also bought other retail titles separately like Cyberpunk 2027 and Elden Ring. And while they are on PS5, too, just being able to alternate from a random, casual Game Pass title to any of these retail titles is just amazing.
  2. The Elden Ring Thread

    I tried search but could not find any threads for good ole Elden Ring. It's my first souls-type game and I'm immensely enjoying it. It was, of course, very difficult for me. One boss kicked my behind for almost 2 hours, accumulating what must be about 50+ deaths, but 100 hours in, I'm finally getting the hang of the difficulty curve. So far I've completed all optional ruins, dungeons, and bosses on the map, including the underground areas, and I just have 2 more legacy dungeons to complete + 1 map event. Almost about to finish it (maybe this weekend). Anyone who'd like to share their thoughts about the game? I'm so ecstatic about it right now!
  3. Plug your shit

    Hey there. I work as a freelance artist and I have some posted here. For my confidentiality, I won't post my pen name, I want my colleagues to have equal exposure. Hope you like the articles! We use first hand experience when it comes to games. https://blog.playerauctions.com/all-posts/
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    Sorry, I am quoting a very old post, but I can't help and agree with this. The Witch and The Lighthouse are both pretty good, but it lacks purpose. I dunno, the tension is there but after the film wraps it feels empty. I know the film aims to disturb and confound, and in that regard, both achieve their intended purpose. Just that they're not the kind of films you'd want to see again. That is fine, but with these two I even feel repulsed. And oddly if I think back, I am of the opinion that they're good. Haha weird. Anyway, I'm highly recommending Munich: The Edge of War. If you liked Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, it kind of has the same vibe. Great acting. Jeremy Irons is unstoppable.
  5. BigJKO's Thread of 3D Shit

    That is 3D??? Sorry, at the expense of sounding like a caveman, the background looks stunningly real. Great work!
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi there! New here. I am so sorry I don't know what Idle Thumbs is actually about. I have a habit of joining forums randomly to engage in random topics, and I'm more than happy to research what you guys are about in a few. Great threads and discussions! Hope you guys are staying safe.