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  1. Soul Not Found - Idle/Incremental Game

    In this (game jam edition) version the goal is to reach stage 150 and/or get all trophies as there isn't much in regards to story due to file size limitation from the js13kgames jam That said, I'm working on a full version of the game which will feature a story and much more strategic/tactical gameplay and rpg elements Either way, thanks for playing
  2. I made an idle/incremental game with offline progress (should work on desktops and mobile) for js13kgames jam. They have a unique limitation where your game can't exceed 13312 bytes (essentially, an empty Word document). 😂 Content is quite limited right now due to game jam limitation but I'm actively working on a full version of the game and you can join the waitlist and/or my Discord if you liked/enjoyed the game so far 😉 Either way, let me know what you think and thanks for playing! 🙂 Game Link - (Prototype - Game Jam Edition)