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  1. Hi, I happen to be working on a new game that might be of some interest to the readers of this forum, so I thought I would post a little bit of information about it. "Military Operations" is a real-time operational wargame set during World War 2, which in itself is not very special. What is special about it, is the fact that it runs on a custom-built simulation engine tracking each soldier & vehicle in real-time. The game can handle divisional-sized units at that level of detail where units move across a battlefield generated from real-world map data on a 1:1 scale with battlefields up to 30,000 km2 in size. The game focuses on mobile warfare and the player can command a division sized unit within a larger battle. Supply consumption, stockpiles and transportation are modeled as well, so you cannot focus on the fighting only, you always need to keep your lines of communication secure or risk being cut off. Because the game's engine is built on new technologies not yet used in any other games, we are first releasing a Benchmark application through Steam where users can download and test-drive the engine to see if their systems are capable of running the game when it releases. For more information, just ask me a question here in this topic, check out the website, or the benchmark's steam page.