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  1. Some of these clips are really interesting and I’m really glad they exist. It was neat to see Pete and the bank manager have a long discussion about wood. Its intersting to to me how much “classic” twin peaks was stripped from the film (coop and Diane banter, Leland being over friendly but slightly insane, the doc being nice to Laura, ed and Norma with nadine). You can see why all of it was chopped to give the overall tone of the film something far more consistent and solid and maintaining some ambiguity (cooper at the end of series 2). A couple of others worth noting: coopers room analysis is identical to Leo’s. Bobby nearly laughs his head off when Laura says baby laxative I think my favourite deleted scene is the extra long Donna/doc Hayward/Laura scene. I love how in the conversation between Donna and just subtly illustrates that Laura’s oblivion is a choice which isn’t about sex because it’s a cool thing to do - she criticises Donna - but that it’s her coping with whatever deeper horribleness she needs to block out. This could be the Leland stuff but it could be something else entirely. I think also when doc is nice to her is a really important moment because I don’t think we ever see much kindness or warmth to Laura. Even donna seems to only be nice in the same way a birthday card might express friendliness
  2. Reading this after watching series 3 is a really intriguing experience.
  3. After completing my watch of all things twin peaks in the most odd order (series 3, original series and ending with fire walk with me) the thing has ended in a kind of deflating way. I wonder if listening to the podcasts and how much fire walk with me was important to the whole the sense i get is that the film is kind of unecessary in a lot of ways (maybe in the absence of series 3 it was less so) but now it feels like literally everything important in fwwm is transplanted into series 3 it is really not the thing to watch last. (Or at all perhaps now). The overriding feeling I ended up with was that this was the Laura Palmer thing lynch needed to do because Laura Palmer had a whole bunch of mythology bubbling around but no real version of her existed on a canvas. Unfortunately I think the version of Laura we got was done in a really creepy and ogling way - while I can sort of see the point of some of it in a certain story telling way a lot of it felt exploitative for the “coolness” of it. There were some real bum notes - I really think the film missed Lara flynn Boyle - it would have been amazing to see that Donna bounce off Laura (I think fake Donna did a good enough job though) some of the stuff in the weird montage felt like dropping stuff for the sake of having something to hang a reveal on. Its interesting to hear the legendary status of the Formica table only for it to turn into a literal nothing (particularly when the film opens with a dancing woman bopping you on the nose about details). Series 3 I thought there’d be more in relation to David Bowie but it was pretty much nothing really over meaningless fluff that retrospectively has meaning placed on it. I wonder what I did like. Leland being sweaty is always good. Im glad they worked in Harold too. The whole crap version of twin peaks town was a nice touch and then open with twin peaks tv show. Its kind of interesting to see this sort of layer cake of universes that exist but are slightly different twin peaks. Sheryl lee does do a fantastic job. Her scene when she’s laughing about bobby killing mike is top class work.
  4. I thought this was better than the secret history which seemed to get bogged down in too much “out there ness” as fact. It was interesting to see how they tie Laura getting diverted in time by Coop into the world. It doesn’t quite hang together but it’s probably a necessary effort. I found with this and the secret history that tamara Preston (TP - twin peaks?) sounds far more chatty and perhaps a little frostish (happy to wander into flights of conspiracy and so on) while here character on film seems more stoic and professional. It struck me that both Jeffries and Coop wander in and out of space and time and ask what year it is when it all goes wrong. Maybe coop faces becoming a coffee pot.
  5. On the whole this episode felt like eating too much food for lunch then sort of relaxing in the afternoon. Glastonbury grove was too much egg on the pudding of everything else. In a way it seems like it would have been better if they concreted over the ghostwood with a golf club. Man hawk knew all along and told no one of the evidence he found?!!? Nice to see coop and truman in the truck again (like the first episode). i don’t know why ed is clicking but it’s kind of a cool way to show how happy and relaxed he is. I like the painting with the lights in his and nadines house. Does horne ever say that he’s donnas father? I thought it was ambiguous and then more ambiguous. Doc goes really weird. The whole thing feels similar to the Leland death scene too. Lynch does like a Venus di milo! the shooting with the strobe light on coops face is really good. when the giant says “we are the same” does he mean With the old person or the little man? Series 3 Does the bridge imply ronette came directly from the lodge? lynch does like over playing a doddery old man scene. How does Andrew have a note in the safe? Everyone thought he was dead until the night Thomas died and catherine got the box. Series 3 Nice to see Shelly and Bobbys thing (he seems to have integrated his dog bark too) Who is speaking through Sarah? Laura? series 3 The actor who plays Laura can really scream. I never realised the connection between the porcelain and coffee and the black and white of the floor and the lodges. (It suggests more the “black lodge” we see is nothing of the sort and more of an intermediate lodge - although only bad stuff happens it seems - but that goes towards it being a testing ground. I must say kyle machachlans last performance is really fantastic. Series 3 I don’t think I really like this as a last episode for a series but I think contextually it’s pretty interesting Series 3 I can sort of see why they never wanted to reveal Laura’s killer because it feels like the show wanted to show a character (coop) In a perpetual death spiral (sort of like the poster of vertigo).
  6. After reading comments: that rehearsal scene is worth a rewatch for these reasons- shelly and donna theres a sandwich goddamn deer man. Man there were whole swathes of terrible in this episode but I can’t imagine it was avoidable given everything in the air with two episodes to go and one of those being IMPORTANT. The opening scene was really good. It was nice that Leo sort of redeems himself by thinking of Shelly and freeing garland (aware of his own inability to do so). creepy Earle was also good (although really confusing too). Shelly was robbed, but we can see the fix was in from the start with Annie its nice to see Horne and Audrey on decent terms at this point. Series 3 Cooper’s leaps are really really really irritating. They seem to exist from nothing to concrete and so much is just STATED that I hate it. that there’s a drawing with two mountains on it and so the inability to decipher this (or even look at it) is really at odds with some of the garboldo coop comes out with and states has a logic to it. The worst is how the twin peaks links to the queen links to a plan that only makes sense sort of?! Bad. I actually like earle a fair bit here even though he probably goes a bit too long. His trap for Leo is pretty rude. I hate everything with and the story around Lana. Coop saying that Annie is an “original” is contradicted by the existence of cooper. Coope while ripping all of annie’s clothes off and kissing her: “I want to make love to you”. I know these are some of the most weird humans but come on. Annies speech later is surprisingly well considered given the context and time spent on it. I feel like nadine is really interesting here (and reflected earlier too). She sees ed as hers (or at least off limits to everyone else) even while she goes off with mike and has adventures. She has a sense of justice which means she can’t publically stop him and Norma being together. It’s a shame that these feelings won’t get resolved properly because she’ll forget most of it when she gets her memories back. Series 3 Judy Garland! Series 3 Who would open a box using a vice? This has been the stupidest puzzle box in the world. Donna is a complete ass in this episode and even when she’s about to get what she wants she runs off on assumptions. Maybe it’s realistic but it feels bad. Lucy is clearly the best dancer on the twin peaks cast (female cast at least) So annoying to see bobby in letch mode again. That at last scene was really good disorienting and scary.
  7. The sense I get from this episode is a bit like a less extreme version of the Diane Keaton one - a person wants to fit in some tricks and odd imagery because they want to make a mark. It kind of goes a bit too weird though at some points - for example the dead man throbbing back and forth inside the chess piece. The moving of the chess piece (and it’s journey) is particularly amusing though. I dont get why everyone (especially cooper) is so chipper after finding the murder. Is cappy the guy guy from the bookhouse who got honked on the head and has notes (makes sense why hawk and Truman are cool with him). The whole: oh no wheeler and Audrey keep missing each other and eventual meeting arc only really works if you care about this relationship. It comes off as forced and crap. Donna has a good light show behind her as she investigates mystery. There’s a fair bit of darkness as a result of partially obscuring broad daylight in this episode. ITS LIKE REVERSE LYNCH THEME. I’m sure Briggs is wasted with everything related to the conspiracy. I kind of liked wisdom Briggs way better than meaningless drivel lore Briggs. Also everyone keeps saying black lodge a lot as if it has meaning. Earle shows his and everyone’s true feelings about the chess game. For a bit I thought the wavy hand was to do with the pie. I assume it links to mikes arm in some way too. Bobby turns it around. It’s nice to see Shelly and him walking towards happiness. Series 3 Man the racist Indian accent. Woof. It felt like the show was reducing this but it’s back again!! the Leo buzzer thing was funny and sad at the same time. A good scene really - earl showed his real meanness. He basically must have been told to Be the Joker. Josies face! cooper to Truman: love is great it’s the best man it’s so swell to be in love is the best omg Im totes in Lurve. Fuck the whole virgin plane thing. Its kind of weird how the show split coop and audrey only to pair them each with people with zero chemistry. It’s the worst. Why does the camera zoom out on Annie and coop? It starts off nice (they are the only people in the world) then gets sinister for no reason. Maybe it links to the giant saying Annie will be coops doom or something. Maple syrup. I can’t shake the feeling that Pete thinks he’s got a chance with Audrey because of fishing. Eckhardt makes a puzzle box, two layers of which open by smashing it. Top work. The whole code was dumb too. Like the code in the box related to the day he died some how?! annie spends the whole time talking about how she wants to be intimate with coop looking away from him. I just. Er. I was as unimpressed with the black lodge area introduction as I was when I first saw it. A black puddle? And the linking to cooper’s dream area feels really hamfisted and only a retrospective yet nonsensical direction.
  8. Hmm I am starting to lose momentum doing this (the steam sort of went a few episodes ago). I think a lot of the thoughts I had which tried to contrast this with series 3 have kind of evaporated. It’s striking how little the business end of twin peaks origninal run has with series 3 - at least on a character level. There some plot (read: terminology) that is studded but it’s kind of uninteresting. I think this is two weeks weeks in a row where the pay off for the cliffhanger was bad. I kind of like the design of the petroglyph but it seems like a lot of vagueness/ a crap map of twin peaks to hide behind such a sophisticated contraption. They also dont seem that alarmed that this has been unlocked more bemused. Dont think i like introducing people just to have them die. I guess it’s a necessity since twin peaks has changed from one murder causes the town to show up To murderville. Was Catherine ever meant to open the box? The solution seems too oblique to be openable?! The keenness to open is still odd to me (and the lack of Andrew showing an interest). Bobby shows almost zero character growth through the whole series. He just is some two bit chump. I would have hoped his encounters with his dad would have got him to change a bit but nothing. Lana’s plan has the smell of being a long con to win miss twin peaks but the contest seems to only have become a thing for a few days after the marriage. also don’t like that she actually is a schemer eventually. Shelly is really fantastic in this episode. There are some great looks In this episode outside of the main pieces of action in any scene. Earles relationship with cooper is really one note: literally another thing about Caroline over and over again. Earle is a terrible character when described but I think the actor does a really good job with him most of the time (I think the description as basically the joker is apt). horne and Leo have this thing where they seem almost decent now in a short space of time and the greater darkness of a bigger villain being the focus. Series 3 Pete playing surrogate Catherine while Horne plots away is great. His suspicious looks are the best. Its weird and good we haven’t seen bobby and mike together in a while. The least nostalgic reunion. Earle looks at the cave painting. Catherine: in a way I admirered Josie, even though she did many things to hurt my family I appreciate that she was a survivor and did whatever was necessary to survive. It may have caused us problems but I can empathise with a person who does whatever is necessary truman: Josie was beautiful. Truman somehow filling the vacuum left by James (a vacuum squared I guess). The next clue on the box relates to the phases of the moon: fat chance of having a clue when to open it in Twin Peaks!! dick tremaynes actor does a good job of the whole wine tasting. The Cole Shelly scene is really cute. I feel like it is Cole and not “scammer bobby” that got her to enter the contest and made her feel confident enough to try. (Also her face when Cole is talking!!!) I love how Cole describes the scene as a director might. Very nice. Get lost wheeler. Why does Donna threaten to leave the country? hey this might be a bomb- for safety let’s rig up this rock and police tape contraption -and then shoot at it.
  9. So that whole assassin thing? Er. Her boss is dead and she still goes to murder Harry in a way which is elaborate and ruins the plan anyway? Top work just senseless titilation I think. “Hey Audrey I knew your grandad, by the way if you’re gonna flirt you better be willing to have sex with me in my crap jumper”. The first sign of old cooper!!! Clearly his remedy is a ruse (no it’s an actual remedy and much like everything else about coop it’s basically cribbed off Cole?). The whole card playing thing was laboured. I bet it sounded cool in the meeting room. Man i thought Horne and Donnas mum would be something more innocuous. Donna should just stop nosing around - even the doc doesn’t want to know [again] (which as my partner pointed out didn’t end well for harold). The whole diner scene was weird. Is it meant to imply COLES entire hearing thing is a scam? Series 3 I like how coop is framed to be watching this palaver. Coop is drawing some tattoos but they are different to before. Garland had three triangles not three diamonds! This lack of caring about the tattoos just seems to be a thing (see the secret history for more) laughing laughing laughing Owl cave. Annie does feel like a pseudo coop though. I think Earle is a really weird character. Any time he’s with people he’s really good but on his own he’s more often a goof. I wonder if they said pete enough times for the microphone. I like the whole audrey and Horne scene and especially that Horne keeps a carrot cigar in his pocket. Why do they do this much of owl cave then...go home?
  10. I think this was quite a good episode really. Much more enjoyable. Emotional Truman was expected (I think coop sums it up nicely about people who love rarely). I could have done without the ott nwar music and Josie montage (it seemed like he enjoyed the bits where he was played or gross too). I really liked all of the scenes with Windom Earle. He was really menacing and clever through out. I especially liked his Donna scene because of how he weedled his way in with vague but precise details (I wished it wasn’t the normal jazzy music though, undercut the scariness and highlighted a goofiness). I also liked that Earle spotted cooper’s deception (and coops underestimation of the situation - although I believe coop should have seen this). Dick is a dick. Good on the weasel. I find everything about wheeler gross. In this episode his pseudo James dopeyness and his inability to take off his jacket and hat. Hello I represent your mortal enemy who you killed please take this non suspicious box. So a weid thing about Margaret’s tattoo is that in the secret history it’s actually the same as garlands. Weird. I like how donna drinks a coke like she’s smoking a cigarette. Nice touch. It occurs to me that ed wanting to divorce nadine here is really bad. I mean, does it count if she can’t tell that she’s getting divorced?! What happens if she returns to 38 year old nadine? Jacoby is also bad here. Horne and donnas mum!!! This looks too blatantly bad to be bad. I loved loved loved shellys little bit about the pageant. Cooper seems to just follow his willy. Such a dog. Sometimes i I really hate how this show views women and I think coop talking to truman is really gross. Essentially all crimes by Josie are fine (including shooting coop - why does she shoot him really?) except... she’s arrested for prostitution. That makes truman stop. Bad bad bad. I did like how coop hugged truman down though. More horne (Ben - seems more like a horne than a Ben) is firing on all cylinders and some bonus Catherine Ben banter- please more! who was the guy in the bookhouse? We needed to watch that twice to work out it was truman. Really odd scene from nowhere and apparently to nowhere.
  11. While the last episode was kind of over the place I think at least it was quite an interesting episode. This one a lot of things happened but my overall impression was a little less enthusiastic. The chess game start was fine I guess. Pete making a breakfast with a smiley face was fine I guess the whole Packard eckhardt josie stuff is a real turn off. Especially when they are all lying to each other but for an end I don’t get. Like was eckhardt meant to be goaded into killing Josie in the great northern except all he wants to do is sleep with her? It’s all confusing to zero sense. Hank comes in overly cocky given that he’s totally in the poo. Kind of weird how him and James are both described as witnesses in the episode. Billy zane stuff is weird. Is he trying to flirt with Audrey by posing as a complete pedophile? :-S Ed is pragmatic about him and nadine. good on Norma for booting hank. He’s got all the crap deals today. I nice recreation of josies first scene for some reason. I like this “new leaf” Ben. No cigar, celery. What I really liked is that this Ben is doing this ghostwood sabotage as part of his game. It’s so good to have this part of Horne exist all the way through. I can’t comprehend what the purpose of bringing Shelly with Donna and Audrey was. Seemed kind of arbitrary. All of the weird “lodge” stuff along with josies death seemed kind of tacked on (I guess they needed a way to prevent everyone killing her). I wonder if those 3 d graphics were good for the time?
  12. This was some episode. I think for all the ridiculous “I bet I’ve got one chance to do this so I better do everything” stuff there’s some really fun goofy stuff. But also seem really rank stuff. It is is much better than the last episode at least to my mind because while characters are ott they are at least not merely explained as being whatever. It seemed like there was a Shelbyville twin peaks team with a fake Andy leading the trio and a fake hawk at the back. I sort of thought Evelyn should have planted the whole thing on Malcolm from the start. Also james can’t figure it out. bobby seems to have regressed to day one school bobby (with an iconic hat to boot). Shelly seems to be over it though so that’s good. Im not sure where alberts love comes from but it’s nice to see. I wanted all the clues that Albert throws down to spell OOPER. i feel like this Windom Earle (crazy jumping around guy) would have been much better if cooper didn’t spend half the time talking about him. He does show a bit of ingenuity with his device but really he needs to show some real deviousness (he does show threat and control though with the bamboo cudgel). I liked nadine in the scene (possibly a bit too obvious with the head twist). It’s kind of amusing that ed isn’t really the one who is honest (nadine does that for him) even though he’s in bed with Norma. Whats the deal door by Pete? and Popeyes spinach!!!! It feels like eckhardt is surprised that Josie is at Catherine’s even though he phoned a number at Catherine’s house? man I hate how small Josie has become in this. It’s pretty disgusting. I like Audrey taking control. Season 3 The whole plan of getting Horne back is nice and has a heartwarming feeling (very odd). I liked Audrey giving bobby a bop on the face. More episodes should include a bobby face hit. Jacoby has a great tie. Deus Ex Pete the chess champion. I dont get how cooper, who must be a decent player, thinks a stalemate can exist with no pieces taken - the chess thing feels like a trap they’ve bound themselves and the plot to but without really understanding how to go forward with it. Series 3 Catherine trading Josie can go in a bin. (Is josie’s Wine incompetence meant to show how nervous Tom makes her?!) james is such a dumbass and kind of creepy and violent towards Evelyn Do not like. The Malcom Evelyn dynamic makes no sense to me. there are are a lot of owls in this episode. The mask is s really neat visual (even though they nose bop with it being Caroline’s face). Series 3
  13. Twin Peaks Rewatch 22: Double Play

    Does anyone else’s face hurt because that episode was ridiculously on the nose. Jean Renault was right. Coop is a nightmare bringer!! so Denise was not needed anymore off she goes! earle and cooper have spent the week playing three moves of chess and nothing except standard moves have happened. And YET so much philosophy. When coop is talking about the deer and the chess set and so on (precise etc) is he fake talking about twin peaks itself?! truman is back to his doctor Watson mode. Bobby confused “I’m your boss” with “I want to be with you” what a dope. At least he provides a distraction for Shelly to stab Leo. Cooper has a lot to say to Truman. Zzzzzz Lucy gets more angry Bad. More James. Evelyn’s husband seems kind of nice? But not in a hank way that suggests a hidden menace. Unsurprising that james is a patsy. Series 3 Did anyone catch what sport James was watching? Probably football. Anyway. James tries to leave and then doesn’t then tries again then doesn’t until he gets thrown out. I feel like jacoby isn’t entirely concerned about Horne as a person and more as an entertainment. (He would presumably know about Horne and Laura). Also I quite liked the shot with the fan and the flag (connotations aside). Garland shows up and goes into the shadows. All of the ex future milford is awful. More de on the nose crap from Catherine except this time Pete is truman. Who is this guy with a chess set and a de facto fbi uniform? is it could it be... W I N D O M E A R L E Windom Earle that’s Earle to the windom, don’t forget now. (I guess Leo is now truman).
  14. Twin Peaks Rewatch 21: Checkmate

    The opening was kind of out there. I can’t tell if garland is permanently in that weird chair space or what the heck the pilot costume was for. The scar/tattoo just feels like a n other meaningless mystery. Of course conspiracy coop knows about blue book! It’s weird that garland can do this off his own steam (intriguingly you have duchovny in this episode which foreshadows the x files a fair bit). I like how it’s the third episode in a row that there’s classified information (although after the others steadfastness it’s garland who seems to be giving up the goods). Half eaten donut. The way coop pops his head in is so incredibly cheesy. More crap with Andy and Dick. Cooper, when talking to Lucy, seems lessened as a person - hunched and disappointed. Im glad bobby gets a slap. Needs more. They’re feeding Leo a lot of jam. James and Evelyn has possibly the best bit of viewer voice (all that “I can read your voice”). Everything else is gross from the implied incest to James boringly talking about how it’s his fault that maddy died to shagging Evelyn even though he only just gave a ring to Donna. Groooooooss. The whole Truman wrapping himself on Josie is also mega creepy and gross. I like bad ass Audrey. The feeling I get is that she’s acted like a child because she’s never needed or had the space to grow. But when coop showed up she sort of has things to aim for. Mad Horne is weird. I still dont don’t know what ed wanted to say to Norma. Although it’s great hank gets punched in the face by nadine. Obviously hank doesn’t care about breakfast as much as he made out (and when he vanished for days with Ernie). I like that coop was made a deputy. It seems obvious a move but a good one. The surprise that Denise can pull a man look off is kind of funny in a way. But also coop knew this so his surprise is odd. Im not really sure what happens when Catherine sees super grubby and, defeated, crazy Horne. what is she seeing? Maybe whatever is in her mind when she chose that coat that morning. Good that audrey rebuffed the slime bobby. I had a horrible sense that the whole Denise arc is about setting up the pie based sneak attack at the last second. I did like coopers apparent introspection at jeans statements. Probably true to an extent. CReePy LEo. And another ramped ending with imagery from nowhere.
  15. There’s some nice little acting bits in this episode. Ben’s ridiculous Feng shui has the subtlety of a tower with Ben at the top. Cooper using his his Tibetan method variant to find the drug deal is actually kind of cool thinking about it! The devil Nicky has exactly the same outfit as dick. Nice Series 3: Dougie dying is not unexpected. And his brother is great in this episode. I liked the scene where he’s pressing charges and the doc is absolutely creasing up in the background - Truman tries to be stoic. Hawk is a complete Dog. I’m the big guy. I really like nadine’s acting in this scene here little mannerisms are really great. It’s kind of weird that there’s an audience for the wrestling practice. Also of note is the coach counting a three which I think is only true in pro wrestling rather than amateur where a pin of one is sufficient. I feel like James is gonna bear up Evelyn’s husband to replace some of his Laura guilt. As it stands him and the brother are as lame as the poser bobby. Classic teeth in cocaine scene by coops. It feels out of fashion nowadays but you couldn’t wade through cop shows with out seeing this in the olden days. Bobby is an absolute cad. He dumps Leo onto Shelly and then because he’s bored he letches on Audrey. What an ass. It looks like Audrey’s in business for herself though - good for her! i liked Audrey’s scene with Denise too. She seemed so delighted. Inspired!! of course horne thinks he’s a southern general. Catherine and Pete is a really odd scene. He swings wildly between enjoying and hating the scene. It feels like the portions in the RR have got smaller. Last weeks malted was much smaller than nadines and the pies come on tiny plates with no ice cream. Hate hate hated the fawning of milfords wife that scene was gross for what it was about - even though I really liked the actual imagery. I was shocked it was denise confronting Eddie (?) was expecting Norma’s mum. It is nice to see bobby had taken his dads words so much to heart. It was weird seeing garland in old aviator gear all of a sudden. I think the last three episodes have had some really off the wall cliff hangers and I don’t like it. They seem like they come from nothing and are really really cheap ways to end episodes and on such a regular beat. Hope it ends.
  16. Twin Peaks Rewatch 19: Masked Ball

    To me this feels like a fairly holding pattern type episode except for the revelation at the end. Anyway I liked a fair few bits of it too! i think hawk gets into this weird earnest mode where he says things in a way that’s supposed to sound like it has meaning but just comes off as bad to me. Almost as if the actor is like: “not this crap again”. Although he seems to have also lost his undercutting edge (she’s in the ground...) as well which is a shame. Pretty rude not to show or tell what cooper saw. It feels like a mystery for the purpose of having a mystery that can be solved “gum you like” style. I liked how Mrs Briggs said classified in a way that meant “yes” or whatever confirmation coop needed. It feels like cooper has gone mad in the board scene talking about love and fear. If only the garland stuff was still in. I think all the crew do a great job with Denise’s stuff. Could have been really easy to go too far into nonsense. I like cooper just rolls with it and is completely respectful. Series 3 James thinks he’s Schwarzenegger. It’s really odd and the bar scene is so weird. “The box” indeed. The woman is like “fix my car- I’ll give you food and a roof” which is basically a crap wage for the skilled job she’s asking for. Of course dumbass James says yes. Series 3 I like hornes continuation of Shakespeare quotes. That’s good. The scene where he’s nostalgic is really nice Series 3 Still even when hank is threatening Horne he still can’t stop acting as the cocky cigar chomper. I wonder if josie thinks her situation is actually better with Catherine? Seems pretty similar to the one with eckhardt (although presumably less sex). Andrew isn’t dead feels like classic soap. The whole mill shenanigans makes less sense by the second. Coopers sailor jacket!! i quite like Windom earls hobgoblin line (for teenager Illuminatus trilogy reasons - which is probably mark frosts wheelhouse too).
  17. Calm down everyone take a chill pill cooper’s going on holiday! the episode opens with some kind of weird nonsense where cooper absolves Leland completely. It’s really odd that he invokes Laura’s forgiveness for some reason (he has no knowledge of this I feel) when Leland has done little to earn it except show a quantum of sadness as he dies. Also there’s some nonsense about apologising to sarah which sounds like a complete fiction by cooper (if my memory is correct). The way Sarah is comforted feels also uncomfortable to me. Essentially she forgives the monstrous Leland because he did some nice things (probably in service to facilitating the monster). I can’t get on board with this. Series 3 stuff Is this the the first time we see Dougie Milford? The wake was weird. So much food and hank is such an ass. He assumes Sarah wants Waldorf salad and lays on the smarmy charm like an ass. Speaking of which bobby is so greasy in this episode. And that’s just his hair. The suit and everything is horrid - but his whole (reference to a British show only fools and horses) “this time next year Shelly we are gonna be millionaires” is so lame in contrast with Shelly actually working her ass off for her husband. The little top pull that bobby does with his finger is just a poo on top of the cake. Series 3 stuff. I felt gutpunched by the whole cooper leaving and when Truman gives him the bookhouse badge. Argh. Heartbreaking to see cooper leaving and the affection he’s gained from twin peaks police in a short time. Its a shame hes sacked and it comes at this point in the story because functionally him being relieved of duty is no different to him departing. (Ironically it keeps him in twin peaks I guess). It feels like a less bad thing than it should I feel. i loved the Audrey and Cooper interaction. Audrey is so good in this show (and the way she handles bobby is really great). Series 3 Will one of the asshole men get Lucy from putting up the light. I think this scene is an encapsulation of jake or Chris saying that the men in this show are useless dolts while the women are realer humans. Lazy bum Ben is great for the one second we see him.
  18. Twin Peaks Rewatch 17: Arbitrary Law

    Wow that was a big big episode. Almost too over the top in intensity. In fact some of it felt too fast. James went from proposing to running off in about 0.5 dopey looks. The weird angles at the start and all over the place! i liked how Andy provided the link for Donna chat with tremond and Harold’s note. I think it was two podcasts that someone spotted that and appreciated the link so it must have been a small thrill to have it acknowledged! i thought the Horne and Catherine scene was the best! I like that Horne really gives a large amount of care for the battle and is gracious when beaten. It’s weird how Leland goes (that is a huge gash on his head). It seems that they created space to allow the normal grieving Leland and mad Leland to exist across the two weeks we are in twin peaks so far but like some other stuff relating to Leland it feels like a whole bunch of explaining away. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the gum. Leland becomes an obvious gum eater for the first time so his taking of gum seems less odd but I really found it a bit cheap. Similarly cooper’s “explanation” of everything seems ridiculously well thought out and evidence based (the blood) for only just figuring it out (even when Maddie was found he was still unclear). Did the timeline work? I thought Horne was in jail when maddie was murdered (maybe if maddie was murdered In the great northern then it would make sense - and alberts timeline is just vague enough). Actually maybe the fox clue was meant to be a red herring that the murder was in the hotel (rather than Leland fondling the fox two days ago) and Truman on the wrong track was meant to last longer. I liked lucy’s Mini get all the boys in a room (like cooper). Series 3 spoiler Was the roadhouse seen a complete roster of the Js (men only) - no James for some reason though. Oh man i just realised something about series 3. Overall there was a lot in this episode.
  19. I thought it was interesting that cooper ceded control of the investigation to Truman. In a way Truman is right - cooper does do a lot of nonsense but It feels in direct contrast to the pilot where cooper expresses that the fbi is in charge. I find it really odd how in the show people swing from cynical about weird stuff but also accepting of it (cooper is guilty of it at first, Truman is part of the bookhouse boys because of a weird darkness). Cooper strikes me as being a really really terrible policeman except he’s also one gifted with amazing intuition and feel. I think him relying on this in certain situations is his downfall a lot of times. I liked how jerry had a copy of “criminal law” in his bag and Ben managed to keep a cigar squirrelled away. I think hank has just absorbed Leo’s awfulness except he’s also entirely false when necessary (and convinces people as well). I think Leland goes a little bit too mad in this episode. His dancing is good. It’s not clear to me why the death of maddy causes such a gleeful reaction when his reaction to Laura’s death was muted. maybe it’s just bob now in a Leland skin rather than any amount of Leland left. Bobby is such a criminal bum. I disliked pete being revengey on Ben. It seemed out of character to me (even though Ben was awful to two people he cared about). I don’t get how Ben works out that Catherine set him up as well - unless Catherine murdered (or arranged the murder of) Laura on that night.
  20. Twin Peaks Rewatch 15: Lonely Souls

    Holy moly what an intense episode! man they doubled down on going after Horne (it was odd that mike repeated his clue given that it seems in retrospect only accurate at that exact time - perhaps gerard was back with his meds but he was using mike’s voice). I liked Pete and Catherine’s moment of happiness as a taste of non misery between the awfulness. Leos new shoes show up a lot. The whole ole interaction between Shelly and Norma was really nice and then got crazy when nadine and ed showed up. I wonder how 18 year old nadine reconciles her one eye? the old man at the hotel seems to show up when the giant does. I wonder if they are linked. So so many places have red curtains it’s ridiculous. Series 3 Does lelandbob attack Sarah Series 3 When everyone gets sad about stuff in the roadhouse James looks like he’s “what is this emotion”. Man harold took donnas stuff really bad. It seemed like an intense cleaning would be fine but I guess not. The whole thing felt like they had Harold for a day of filming and that was what they could do with him. Really weird series 3 stuff. I really liked the progression Cooper has with Margaret. First meeting skeptical (I’m not chatting to your log) to bemusement at her house which moves to impressed due to the specificity of her comments (although still fairly broad imo). And now how she just says something cryptic re: the roadhouse and coop and the sheriff go down there (while Horne is in jail for the arrest of Laura’s murder!!) at the drop of a hat for beers with Margaret!
  21. Twin Peaks Rewatch 14: Demons

    An amusing allusion to series 3 I thought Leo’s actor must have been doing a fantastic job with all the kazoos. Clearly the the signs are pointing to Ben Horne being the killer in this episode (being in the hotel, one eyed jacks link). Cooper’s hubris is doing him in here. Notably his galavanting and posturing has lead Audrey to try and investigate. Series 3 spoilers There are two chess references (horne and Josie enter a stalemate and Earle’s chess move). Good to see cole back in the show, albeit by booting off Albert. He seems to show up for the same reason (coops shooting, informing about Earle) and does the same job (evidence information). Except a bit louder. Mikes delivery in this episode was chilling! i wonder if the Bob saw in the olden days had a different face but because he was damned (to lose his kid) he saw the Bob behind his old neighbour. The bookhouse boys feels like a bit of a losers in love club. Teenager nadine is still great the actor gives the character a vigor and physicality that is really good to see. And when Ed keels over because of her punch. Haha!
  22. I really really enjoyed this episode. I loved how donna was given so much room to breathe and be a bad ass (an she embodies new Donnaudrey perfectly when she starts talking). I love how suspicious cooper is when hawk comes in classic “im not looking at you please go away there’s nothing suspicious”. To which hawk’s response is air punch worthy. That cocktail looks vile. I want it. The way one one eyed jacks looks like the red room is really striking - the red curtains and the Venus de milo type statues this time. The actor who plays nadine is so good. I really dig her ott teenager routine and her innocence when she pulls off the fridge door. And coops whistle is now a duck whistle. Nice.
  23. This episode had a lot more going on but still it feels like the show’s focus is pulling further away which I think detracts from what made it good. I think also it kind of could have set up better to be a broader thing but initially they chose not to and the show is worse for it as the rhythm is all off. Series 3 spoilers sort of I liked the starting of the episode (it felt like a lynch trope: mundane through to horror - but in reverse) i was amused to hear Horne use the phrase “walk n talk”while the camera tracked with him talking to the hotel employee. Very good - I wonder if this is the first instance of this being referred to in this way. A few parts of the episode seemed to have this weird here’s a set up for an obvious fake out aspect several time. (The abortion money, the best bookhouse boy and shop manager getting shot). I thought coop talking to lucy was really bad - veering into that “you can never understand women (-_-;)” crap. Im glad that cooper’s databank came back! also I thought it was a good touch that Josie had a British-Esque English accent.
  24. James what a dope. I bet he kisses whoever he tells about his mum. Its reaaally gross and rough what blackie does to Audrey. Cooper is being a complete dense here with regards to Audrey. He knows Audrey saw her in the suit and she’s missing come oooooon intuition man! Later spoilers (maybe series 3) The show feels like it’s losing a lot of steam. I don’t know why but there seems to be a lack of snap and surprise to everything (jokes and whatnot). I’m not putting this down to a repeated viewing because series 1 ,which I’ve seen twice before, was still a gem. flowers guy is really off and Donna is insane for just popping round his house. She’s like sensible but also falling into Laura’s traps. She also moaned about Laura’s problems lingering past death while actively poking the hornets nest. Odd. When ed was singing a song I was hoping to hear James song (like it was a family song). How many diaries does Laura have?! Lets go find mike! Nah let’s hypnotise jacoby.
  25. Twin Peaks Rewatch 10: Coma

    I really liked the contrast between Briggs (garland) reaction to Margaret telling him the log has something to say and cooper back in series 1 the scene with Briggs and cooper is interesting Series 3 spoiler I sort of want a cheese pig. It seems odd to me that the Hornes had a plan including Catherine, ledgers and so on but when they finally get what they want (dead Catherine and ledgers)they don’t really know what to do except eat mallows. I cant see blackie and perfume manager doing anything. What can they do which isn’t really dumb?! it was interesting to me that cooper’s dream was a dream in the way Garland defined “dream” in the previous episode - ie this seemed like a recollection and sorting of events. I think it’s cute and important that they visually distinguish what dreams and visions look like. Man james is song. And their weird microphone setup where he sort of is just perches on the sofa. It seems to be done for earnestness here Series 3 stuff Its odd to see Donna being not Audrey so quickly. Creamed corn is gross looking.