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  1. Hi I'm a long time lurker, first time poster.. I've loved S3 for a number of reasons. It has been visually stunning, funny and has kept me thinking about it for days after each episode. The podcast has been great too! I watched the original run as an 11/12 year old kid when it was originally aired. If you were to tell me then that Bob would leave evil Coop in a globe shaped piñata to be smashed by a character wearing a magic glove... I would have probably found it odds with the general ethos of the show. I really enjoyed it none the less. Like others, I found episode 18 challenging. I was very tired watching it and I might have to see it again. The sex scene felt unpleasant, the identity of the alternative world was grimy and unwelcoming. I felt unsettled, which beats the feeling of terror the last time I watched a TP season finale, do I want to know about the loose ends? Of course. Do I want more right now? No, I need to let that sink in first. Well done Lynch that was sensational stuff.