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  1. [Released] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    Thank you. Oh god I wish I was that fancy lol. No I'm just getting a .txt file of all English words off the Scrabble website, reading it as a List<string>, converting it into a HashSet<string>, then doing a .contains() Here's the .txt file for anyone's future use WordDictionary.txt
  2. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    what is the slack URL?
  3. [Released] häx_processer

    I know it's not super important to the gameplay but I really like the contextual coloring of the code. Looking good!
  4. [dev log] A Wish Upon A Star

    This is looking jaw droppingly amazing. I really hope I'm not coming off too forward but god, as a unity noob, what I wouldn't give for a tutorial or a chance to dig around this unity project.
  5. [Released] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    Changed the burnt letters, and added more effects that hopefully add more umf to completing a word
  6. [RELEASED] The Octopus Affair

    Resisting the urge to imagine Flower fly-throughs in that aquarium
  7. [Released] Buried Treasure

    Always wanted to do low poly 3d stuff but never had the courage to plunge into it. Your thing is looking great! How did you do the water undulation and the border foam?
  8. [RELEASED] The Convergence Compulsion

    follow your dreams
  9. [Released] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    Thanks, the raised block look was a pain to make and still gives a few bugs but i think the results are worth it. Shoutout to puzzlejuice. I let the player erase the selection by one only. I was thinking of letting them go back to any point in the selection but with the jank selection right now it just lead to accidental cancellations all the time. I might add that back in if I fix the selection collision problem. Also thinking of reducing the number of columns from the current 9 to 7 and make all blocks bigger just to help with the selection problem. That's a last resort though.
  10. [Released] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    The collision detection for selecting the letters feels janky right now. Sometimes what feels like should be selected isn't selected and what feels like shouldn't be selected, is. The biggest issue is with the collider have to allow for diagonal letter selection. Does anyone have experience with these grid based collider shapes or suggestions for shapes to try? These are the ones I've tested so far.
  11. [Released] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    So far every single letter is it's own element in the hierarchy so yea... Is there a better way to do it? I know I can parent them under an empty gameobject but is there another way? Like in Firewatch, are all the hundred and thousands of trees all children to one empty gameobject?
  12. [Released] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    Got the block and letter depression effect in. There are still LOTS of bugs with it, but it's in.
  13. [Released] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    For scene animations I've always used a sprite renderer and animation controller. For the UI canvas I'm using Images which only take materials, not sprites. I think there's a way to animate materials but I gota search that up. If there are easier ways someone please let me know.
  14. [Released] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    Using Unity. Never worked with the UI system before so this is my first time! I have no idea how to animate anything in a canvas so the flames are going to be a challenge lol.
  15. [Released] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    Here is how the game currently plays.
  16. [Released] Welltris and Wetrix (and Wordtris)

    Visual concept done in aseprite because I didn't get photoshop on my new computer yet. Final game will most likely be vector art but who knows the pixel art style kinda grew on me.
  17. WIZARD JAM 7 // Welcome Thread

    Hey I'm not 100% sure how strict the rules are. I have some prior real life engagements this weekend and won't be able to work on both days, is it okay to start just a tiny bit earlier? I'm just really excited for this year's jam lol.
  18. [Released] The Wizard

    My last idea failed due to mechanical limitations (Hold On To Your BUTTONS) so I'm trying something new. Probably in over my head but we accept late submissions until the thumbs get around to the Wizard Jam 4 Part 2 stream right? (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) Game Concept Sorta the friendly fire chaos of magica but with a more defensive gameplay. Grid based wave horde mode where players put down elemental (fire/ice/lightning/cleanse) runes. Walking over runes puts a debuff (periodic stuns/slow/inability to attack) on the player/enemy but no damage. Having 2 debuffs causes the debuffs to fuse and cause a damaging effect (poison/explosion/curse). Runes stay indefinitely (or a really long time) and the only way to clear them (so the player can move around unhindered) is to overlap different element runes to prematurely detonate them. Cleanse is a huge AoE that heals players and enemies as well as clear rune tiles inside it's radius, and prevents other elemental ties from being put inside of it for some time. All enemies will be kinda slow to give player time to put down runes. Each element's runes will be different shapes so you can't ever fully get rid of all rune tiles and they get more abundant as the game goes on. ie. X X X X XXX X X X I'm thinking of having to protect a teleportation portal or having to pick up mana orbs from dead enemies drop to make players have to run around, potentially running over runes and being hoisted by their own petards. Currently not sure if player/enemy movements should be grid based too. Minimal Viable Product Terrible graphics 3 elements plus cleanse 1 plain level 2 normal enemy types Grounded enemies that step on runes Flying enemies so you have to detonate runes to damage them Stretch Goals In order: 2-4 player co-op Environmental tiles that can interact with runes (tall grass, puddles, ect) Elemental immune enemy types Boss enemy types Graphical improvements More elements and combinations
  19. [RELEASE] The Purity of a Child's Boredom

    Had no idea what was going on till the end, then had a genuine laugh out loud moment. Thank you for the ???
  20. [Released] The Wizard

    It's probably because I left the tutorial till the last 5 hrs of the jam. Thanks though!
  21. [Released] The Wizard

  22. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    Edit: nvm, didn't set it to public, it's fixed now. First time jammer, sorry to bother, but how do I actually submit to the jam? My profile's "Jams you've entered" says I have a game in wizard jam but on the submission page clicking the "Submit your project" says "You haven't uploaded a game that can be submitted yet." My game also doesn't show up in the "Games Submitted So Far" section. Is it because I can't see my own submissions or did I do something wrong?
  23. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    This is the jam game I actually can't wait to play
  24. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    Looks really good! Will you put out an android build?