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  1. [Released-ish] The Fresno Experiment

    I just played it, cool visuals and i like that you can just run super fast. I second what @fabian said about the sound.(the hidden content had me laughing so hard) If you update it further i'll definitely check it out again.
  2. [RELEASED] - Sim-You-Lation

    I'm a winner! Funny writing, nice job
  3. [dev log] A Wish Upon A Star

    This is great! You picked such a smart scope and knocked out of the park! I really loved it, it feels like a finished game on steam or app store. Great job, i love the art and the UI, it all fits the theme so well. The puzzles are great, i feel like some of them could be a bit smaller, just so you could read em better, but overall they are great. I love how you put stuff like the painters or school kids in the middle of the surreal enviroment, it tells the story and also adds a lot of variety to levels. I'm yet to finish, but i'm really enjoying it. Awesome work.
  4. [Released] häx_processer

    I really enjoyed it. This feels super polished, like a complete package. I like that you didn't put any music in, the sound effects are super neat. Its also super cool how it accepts messy answers. Great job!
  5. [Released] They Came Through the Floor

    I just beat all the levels and its is super cool! At first i was finding the controls a bit strange, but when i "got it" and it was really fun to play. You start to develop some strategies in your head to hit 3 in one side leaving the easiest one and then moving to the other one. I also liked the risk reward of collecting bullets. The art style is also really cool and it fits well with the music. I just wish the buttons were Z and X instead of N and M, i think this is a bit akward. I also wish that you left a few bullet guys still spawning when the final ghost comes in, so you don't get screwed if you don't have any bullets left. Other thing was that sometimes the blocks blocked the buttons, it would be cool if you had a way of breaking them. Overall i really enjoyed, i think you should have left one level where theres only one wheel so people could get around the controls. Pro tips: Double jump to shoot down and hit the top button. When you are in ball mode you shoot backwards so you can use it to hit a clean shot on the bottom button.
  6. [RELEASED] The Convergence Compulsion

    "Look over here!" haha! Great stuff! Really enjoyed the puzzles on the game, i wish it was a bit longer. Props for putting a tutorial in, but i feel that the controls could be easier to use, maybe if you could just touch the exit with the character model instead of selecting 1 and then clicking? I don't know, but i really enjoyed!
  7. [Released] Buried Treasure

    Hey, this is super cool! I really liked the visuals and the treasure hunting gameplay. It feels super polished for the 2 weeks! But i think i'm super dumb, because i couldn't find 5/10 and had to rage quit, someone please help!
  8. [Released] Betrayal and Manipulation

    Thank you for playing and giving feedback guys! @brendonsmall thanks, the music is all @badatstuff great work. I tried to give the game a tabletop vibe, like if you were looking at a map on a table by adding the moving pins and paper UI. @fabian yeah, i thought about showing more info when mousing over stuff or adding an undo button like in into the breach but it was just too much work to be done in the 2 weeks Overall i think the game may be still too random and hard too, i feel that by the end even perfect moves cant save you, but i like the feeling of getting to the last day and failing
  9. [Released] Betrayal and Manipulation

    @pdotjpg Thank you for playing and for the feedback! I just uploaded a quick balance update, so that the rebels don't spawn in corners or neighbors to each other, so you don't get screwed by the randomness. I also lowered the number of letters sent each day, so the game might be a bit easier and less random now.
  10. [Released] Betrayal and Manipulation

    RELEASE! see original post!
  11. [Released] häx_processer

    so cool! i love that you actually use the enhance comand
  12. [RELEASED] The Convergence Compulsion

    FPS stealth with leaning? I'm on board!
  13. [dev log] A Wish Upon A Star

    It looks so cool! I love this monument valley-esque visuals
  14. [Released-ish] The Fresno Experiment

    I love this look! Are you using particles for fog or just doing it from the object distance like old ps1 games?
  15. [Released] Betrayal and Manipulation

    Quick update: The game is basically playable now, but it has a lot of UI stuff that i would like to figure out before the end of the jam. Turns out strategy games need a lot of information on screen for the player. I cut half of the map, because it really didn't add a lot to the game and make everything harder to see and understand. I'm doing some portraits for characters to swap for these green icons i'm using for the rebels, and i think i'll make the buttons look like stamps to fit the idea of manipulating letters and envelopes. @badatstuff is making the music and it sounds great! so now i have to match the game to it! Overall the gameplay is a bit weird now, but i think some small changes can go a long way. Here's a current Screenshot: