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  1. [Release] The Power of 45 Brains

    Just played, and boy, this gets hard really fast! I manage to beat till level 12, but i think i'm coming back to solve more. One sugestion i would make is to have some kinda of pop up when you mouse over and wait a bit or something in that sense that could give the player info on what type of brain that is, color and what it does. In the beggining i mixed up the converter with the filter and kinda got stuck on an early level a bit, and sometimes is hard to tell the difference of an orange and red brain. Other than that, i really enjoyed, very cool concept for a puzzle game!
  2. The Power of 45 Brains

    Dude! this game is awesome! I love the way the low res rendering is done. I love the animations on the guns. I love the audio music and effects. The effect when you charge a beam in a mirror enemy is crazy! Are the enemies moving in a different update rate than the player? it kinda looks jerky and cool. The only problem i had was that the game kinda made my pc poop its pants in the later levels, idk what happened but i had to reset it, i manage to get 101k points though. Otherwise great job! pro tip: hold lmb to charge with the basic gun
  3. [Streams] Post Your Streams Here

    @phill Thanks for playing and streaming! i really enjoyed seeing you playing and giving feedback cool to see that you were getting the hang of it so quickly!
  4. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    Just a quick Update on the game. I added music to it and a proper tutorial to teach new players. I also added a health bar so the game is no longer 1 hit kill. If you play this version tell me what you think of it! I've been playing some wizardjam games and leaving comments on the pages. People made some super cool and weird stuff! I hope i can continue to do this until i played every game in the jam
  5. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    I made a quick update before im away. I gave more space for the player jump around and decreased the amount of enemies a bit so players dont feel overwhelmed from the get go It isnt a baby mode by any means, i just hope the game is more fun to learn now!
  6. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    Yeah i've played a lot of this by now, it's way easier to get high combos with the updates! I'm kinda getting addicted to my own game though, i did a couple of 30x combos, so i lost touch with the problems new players might have. i'm travelling this weekend so i can't really participate in the showcase weekend. I'll try to record a longer run and post on youtube so folks can have a better idea of the game.

    Very cool! I'm, kbrow on the leaderboards (couldn't change my name). I really dig the visuals and the gameplay. I had to turn the autochange off cause it was twisting my brain though. I think i'm getting the hang of the controls, i'll try to play more later and go for the leaderboard's top spots.
  8. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    Ok, i patched the notifications for hiscores, faster retry and the diving exceptions ( funny that the code for this had a comment like idk about this)
  9. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    Thanks for playing and taking the time to send feedback! I know that in games with one hit kill things can feel pretty cheap and annoying! I'm gonna patch it with some feedback on the highest score after each run and making faster to restart a run since this is some pretty straight forward stuff. About jumping and striking immediatily after a jump, you can press both buttons at the same time and the character will immediatly strike. I might try what you said later though, because sometimes you want to do this but you are already holding the strike button to power slide. About the umbrella enemy, i think you are right, this is a bit confusing and the game is already very punishing, i think i will just make that you can always have 2 enemies in the dive no matter what. About feedback on the umbrella peeps, i think it would be cool if she got ready to attack before attacking with a sound? idk, i might check this later! High scores: 44550 points 1395 m 22x 33600 combo
  10. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    It's up on ! And here's a little video i made: PLAY PLAY PLAY! Post your hiscores and feedback! Now i'm off to check what everyone else did!
  11. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    I'm done! I'm figuring out how tu upload this now! idk if i will make an android build, i would like to, if enough people want it maybe!
  12. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    boys i think i can't make the deadline, i had some super busy last days and now theres just a lot to be done! i think i will need one more day!
  13. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    Thanks for the comments guys! I added a bunch of stuff! Now the umbrela lady can't be killed with the dive attack (but can be thrown to the spikes) and i added a combo system. The combo system works like a tony hawk game for now, i added a slide down by holding the attack button that consumes the stamina bar and mantains the combo going. It works basically like the manual in THPS, so you can keep the combo when theres is no enemies to jump on. Check my sick combos: I'm also testing other colors, what you guys think?
  14. [Released] Beware of Falling Samurai

    Great progress! Today was all about adding more mechanics to add more depth to the game and i think i suceeded! First i wanted to give the player more control when you slide, so i added a "break" that consumes a stamina bar: I also wanted to give the player more control of the jumps so i added a double jump, but it kinda broke the game: So to avoid this i made the double jump use the same stamina bar as the breaking: Now you can feel cool and not break the game! I also added a mechanic where when you jump from an enemy you launch him in the opposite direction, and if it hits other enemy it will kill him! I'm very happy where the player character is right now, this following week i will make new enemy types and obstacles as well as trying to add a progression to the levels, and maybe upgrades to the character.
  15. [Release] Nick Breckons: 1, Mackle: More

    This is the best! i hope everything works fine, i wouldn't know how to start this network stuff!