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  1. RetroThumbs

    I don't see why it wouldn't. I have a slightly yellowed Dreamcast I'm planning to try it on. I'll post some good before and after pics.
  2. RetroThumbs

    It was a beautiful weekend in my part of England so I decided to try out a 'Retrobright' (ish) solution I read about a while ago. Couple of weeks back I bought a one litre bottle of 12% peroxide cream from eBay. The thing I read suggested mixing this with 'Vanish oxy-action' but, since I didn't have this I mixed the cream with a little bicarbonate of soda and painted it onto the number keys of my very yellowed Amiga 600 keyboard. Then it was left out in the sun for 3 hours. This was the result Not too shabby if I do say so myself!
  3. I think 'collector' can sometimes bring the wrong image to mind (thanks The Simpsons). So yeah, I do own a lot of games and a lot of consoles but they are all there to be played - the only thing I have that's still sealed in its original packaging is a Yoshi amiibo. To get to the point. As a full on geek I like to keep tabs on the games I have by means of a spreadsheet, (check it out if you're curious: because of this I know, for example, that I have exactly 1077 video games - Or do I... This morning I finished Kathy Rain, I loved it. On the train to work yesterday I was playing Lara Croft Go, I love that too. But neither of those games appear in that spreadsheet because I played them both on my phone. It seems so pointless a thing to bother a person but I can't quite bring myself to add an Android column - and if I did, what criteria would I use? Anything goes? Only games I have installed? Only games that are also on 'proper' platforms? Only games that aren't freemium? All opinions on this most 1st world of problems are welcome.
  4. RetroThumbs

    Almost have all the insulation up in the rafters for my games room - starting to think about which old consoles will go where/connect to what. To that end, remembering that the the multi-disc DVD player I was using as a surround amp was on its last legs when I packed it up I managed to pick up this little (enourmous) beauty for £25:
  5. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Great looking sale starting on the e-shop this week: Affordable Space Adventures for a fiver is a total steal.
  6. NieR: automobile

    What is it about the game that you've found to be 'blandly sexist'?
  7. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Bundle stars have a spring sale on which includes, along many, many others, Mad Max for four quid.
  8. Well, it’s all about flashbacks. Bloody Days follows the Dogs (yes, that’s what we’re calling them) through the jobs that lead up to the fateful diamond heist, and each mission is a rapidly escalating catastrophe, as alarms are triggered, police cars surround the building, and the bodies start to pile up. On each mission, you have control of all three Dogs involved, but rather than moving them all at the same time by dragging a cursor around them, you use a twin-stick method (though I played with WASD and mouse aim). Say you’re initially in control of Mr Blonde, you could enter a room, take out two guards with their backs turned and then cover one of the doorways. And then you hit space. That’s the key to the entire game. As soon as you press it, you move to the next character in line and time rewinds to the beginning of Mr Blonde’s ‘turn’. These turns aren’t discrete things. You might control Blonde for fifteen seconds before hitting space, in which case you’ll have control of the next character for that same passage of time. Blonde repeats his actions exactly as they were the first time around, and you use the second character to support him. And then, when you catch up to real time, the clock rewinds again and you figure out what the third character should be doing during that fifteen second period. Colour me interested.
  9. Nintendo 3DS

    You definitely got all the best ones. That is, except Thunderblade and Power Drift, which were only available in the collection I believe.
  10. Spread a little joy

    There's so much shittyness on my Google Newsstand that I wanted to share an article, (about what looks to be a pie sandwich) from the Guardian that had me laughing on the train. Enjoy
  11. Nintendo 3DS

    Which of the others do you have? The fantasy zones are decent enough, but there are so many others that are better in M2's range.
  12. PAX East Meetup

    Sorry to drop this in again but if anyone going could track down A.N.N.E. and report back you'd have my eternal gratitude.
  13. Nintendo 3DS

    Definitely checking out Blaster Master - Azure Striker Gunvolt from the same dev is top 3 on the system for me.
  14. Nintendo 3DS

    Bye Bye Boxboy UK release date (no sign of a physical release or amiibo) 23rd March, £4.49