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  1. Idle Thumbs 312: Hashtag Nick Nod

    Hope VR isn't dead, but if it is long live AR. Edit this wasn't discussed this episode and I am a fool.
  2. Blade Runner 2049

    Just saw this in a near empty theatre. Soooo good. The visual/sound design melted me.
  3. Good cast, I for one was ruined. In like 50 years Im looking forward to a twitter account that retweets historical tweets sincerely. Also I'll plug my wiz jam game from the last one which was pretty much the shitty wizard version of papers please.
  4. Plug your shit

    Lol wow this is so similar to the game jam thing I was just on. I jumped over to the devblog and we both have like the same solutions haha. Completely unintentional plagiarism on my part haha. I didn't do much with my game though so there will only be one two headed dog. Looks really great though and I'm keen play it 🙂
  5. Important If True 31: The Illusion of Control

    For the sake of the question there could be a memory wipe to the younger self so no time weirdness happens. 10 year old me would probably be bummed. Though he'd think some of the stuff modern me makes is cool. Actually 10 year old me would wonder why I barely play video games and also why my house contains no replica samurai swords.
  6. Important If True 30: The Octopus Affair

    oh hey, nice cast
  7. ISC's Dev Thread

    I appreciate it Travis = ) Also iv pretty much bowed out of the jam but as its been extended so I may yet finish something, iv got stuff going on right irl though so not sure.
  8. Important If True 29: Untethered From Reality

    Good ep. The link seems to be pointing to some other cast though? heres a mirror of the correct one.
  9. This is sweet, id throw some money your way if i had some. Artistic Golem is my favourite kind of Golum.
  10. ISC's Dev Thread

    Thanks heres my post from Been having some personal issues and missed a bunch of time. Also made some things I ended up removing so with 6ish days left I don't know how well this going to go... Still feels a bit rudderless as far as the actual goal of the game goes. I had wanted to do a sort of physics based adventure thing where you help characters and spread happiness. I don't know though.. it doesn't seem to be clicking. I think I might try something a little more straightforward. I have this mechanic where a objects can be infected with sadness which changes color pallette and maybe warps the model(not pictured). here I was thinking I could use that idea for a more simple goal like: Dog must eat all the things spreading sadness. or flipped Dog must eat all things happy and leave the world a dark husk. In either case dog is an interloper, driven by the players competitiveness to consumes it all . This way itd be more straightforward and probably funner, I could still include some of the stuff I wanted but tangentially too. btw the gifs sped up. First thing is a rocket you can pick up and use, second is a weird flower power up. Both can launch you into space and serve no purpose whatsoever. Dog's epic bounce at the end there was because of a glitch but it was beautiful so I left it in. Also I got the world map working which I kinda like, though it needs a little ui dot in the middle or something. Anyway ramble over, typing this out its become a bit clearer. I gotta pull it together and get something done.
  11. ISC's Dev Thread

    Entering the game by its cover jam and heres my first dev update Got the Dog model done and in game. Includes wild physic stretching and dangerously floppy ears. Also implemented it with some pre existing stuff like the trees/junk, thought bubble thing and a spherical world. One immediate problem is the collision does not follow the mesh which means as doggo stretches the collider segments remain the same. No solution comes to mind so i'm putting it off for now.
  12. Important If True 27: Join and Undermine

    I eat PB & J sometimes, though usually in a toast format.
  13. Team Building - Epistle 3 Jam

    Yup im keen. Iv been meaning to get back into sound design and music so id be down to contribute to audio primarily. Although I cant help with voice stuff, just sound effects and music
  14. ISC's Dev Thread

    Thanks Travis Been feeling pretty bad about everything so I haven't posted much. Its been over 6 months since I started drawing and im feeling okish about where its at... Still I would like to be better than I am.. Though its obviously my fault, I haven't been very effective lately. I did some pics of my friends recently here's one with a zelda theme Disclaimer I nicked the color palette from part of a peice @Sunnless did. Otherwise iv thrown out all the past game stuff and started a new one. Having a tough time keeping my chin up so everythings pretty eh.
  15. Important If True 26: Get Hype

    yes. i mad. edit: also hype
  16. ISC's Dev Thread

    Been working on a game where the player escapes a room or facility while twitch chat or a second player control the facility computer systems( door locks, security bots.. gravity control) and try to stop them. I was interested in the chaotic twitch chat bouncing off a real person. If each chatter had some amount of impact on the streamers experience.. I got it working in a very basic way but i'm feeling completely apathetic about the whole thing. Its hard to know when Iv put enough work in, it seems to be a running theme that I quit out early on a lot of ideas. Im not sure if im lazy or it's just not clicking... I don't know... typing this I feel there is potential but I just don't care that much? sigh I don't know, I feel apathetic about everything. My wizjam game had a firm feeling in my mind from the start maybe that's why I was able to get it finished. Or more likely it was the fixed time limit. fuck i don't know. Ill probably open a stream for testing if i get more done on it.
  17. Important If True 24: Eye Explodes, Brain Expands

    Sweet cast, I brought a gif
  18. Designer Notes 27: Lucas Pope

    Great cast. Papers Please is one of my all times and Lucas's design philosophy resonates hard with me. Hope Obra Dinn works out, sounds like a stressful spot to be in.
  19. Important If True 21: The Real Monkeys

    I mean, id have thought ballistic gell would do a better job so therefore its obviously a militia monkey training camp.
  20. Idle Thumbs 309: "Terrible" Jason Voorhees

    Sweet cast. Lol at the Jason Voorhees equivalent of a community pool depantsing. Also plus 1 for Jake's sweet idea.
  21. ISC's Dev Thread

    A new (pre)prototype based on my alt wizjam idea. Its a time loop game where you must stop previous versions of yourself from assassinating yourself... Haha Its hard to tell because of how bare bones this is but basically it goes: first loop you assassinate a target (grey guy) (reverseTime) second you block your past self's spear and then assassinate loop 1 you. (reverseTime) third you assassinate your second loop. End One problem is the past self's complete lack of response when confronted with new circumstances. A solution might be to include a little bit of AI so if intercepted by another player they can AI shoot at them or whatever. Or maybe the time travelers seeing each other causes the player to loose the round... I was thinking this would work as a local multiplayer game flipping back and forth as you try foil one another. So if there were two players there could be a sort of redemption opportunity when the "past" player is AI triggered. They then can tag back in to fight off the assassin. Aesthetically I don't really like it. Not because of how prototypy it is.. Just the greek painting style doesn't click for me and I kind of dont like setting it in 2D. Also I think its because it reminds of a billion mid 2000s flash games where you violently impale 2d figures. I'm not really interested in doing something so done to death... so ill try some other variants I think.
  22. ISC's Dev Thread

    Had an idea to make a 2d game set on a cave's wall. Ive also been fascinated by the supposed historical bottleneck where as little as 2000 humans were thought to be alive. I thought Id try and combine the two for a setting and style I hadn't seen before. However when I was looking for reference pics I found a ludum dare game that had already done the cave painting thing. Scooped(by at least one.. probably more). Any way I had a toy around with it just to see and its aight. Excuse the crappiness I guesss, I was mainly trying to get it as close to the painted look as I could. Its using invisible 3d models mapped over the wall texture to warp them appropriately. Think ill bum around with a few other ideas for a while and maybe come back to this.
  23. Important If True 20: Christmas is Canceled

    Yule cat definitely swallows children whole quickly and discreetly.
  24. [Release] The Curious Case of the Rhode Island Reader

    Yup I have the same issue as Zirrrus.