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  1. ISC's Dev Thread

    Thanks Rilen no it was going to be used in the intro for a small 1 level game but I started learning to draw instead. first charcoal from a few days ago. Havn't got much else to put up though I have been drawing alot. Ive mainly focused on line/ellipsis/box exercises and a gesture stuff, but I'm feeling frustrated with my progress. Not sure if I should be doing more sketches too.
  2. Idle Thumbs BONUS: Ruination Online March 2017

    Yah cds feel cheap to me, if your going digital you might as well just use iTunes. Streaming/subscription bums me out actually. I hate that if I stop paying money I loose my music and yeah I end up just listening to random singles.
  3. Idle Thumbs Readers Slack & Discord

  4. Idle Thumbs Readers Slack & Discord

    That url doesn't seem to be working for me. If anyones got a moment hit me up with an invite at [email protected] ?
  5. April Jam?

    Dope, thanks atte.
  6. Life

    I was at work yesterday when out of nowhere I started feeling incredibly guilty and anxious. After like 20 minutes it turned into a sense of dread. I went and sat in the bathroom and I started to feel like I was going to die. It was ridiculous.. I mean I knew I was ok, rationally anyway, but I had this intense feeling like my life was in danger. The dread went away and I was left feeling disorientated and uneasy until I went to bed. I'm not sick today so I guess it was a panic attack? Weird.
  7. Idle Thumbs BONUS: Ruination Online March 2017

    I was way into halo 1 and 2, unfortunately I wasn't able to get a 360 so I missed the peak halo 3 years.
  8. ISC's Dev Thread

    I was trying to get this guy I don't feel its quite him though, maybe its in the eyes and cheeks?
  9. DEVLOG - Moby

    I'm digging this Travis, howd the swamp noise search go? Also a possibly bad idea for the menu tones - changing pitch as you cycle through them.
  10. phill makes a game

    Lol what if the mini bosses were workers union representatives/osha inspectors.. a game about workplace standards violation. For real though nice progress thus far . I think finding a way to motivate yourself is crucial and it seems like you've cracked it. Looking forward to see where you take this.
  11. ISC's Dev Thread

    Hey, thanks phill( and partner). Oh the horizontal weird things? I wondered how to get around that, thanks
  12. I also get a metal gear vibe from Zelda, for me it's a feeling of potential divergence at any given moment.. It reminds me of what I thought every video game was when I was a kid.
  13. ISC's Dev Thread

    I had a go at values. I don't feel too great though. Pencils are messy and hard.
  14. Watching nicks stream I now desperately want this game. God, being a dorky video game kid in 2017 must be sweeet.
  15. ISC's Dev Thread

    Week 2 More animation stuff. I'm stopping the animation daily cycle because I would rather focus on drawing fundamentals. Also here's a stupid segment of a intro sequence I made about a month ago(in blender). from the same short animation
  16. DEVLOG - Pilule

    This looks really interesting, I'll have to check it out.
  17. ISC's Dev Thread

    Thanks folks, @ mythalore just expanding talent pool I suppose, at the moment I'm just curious.
  18. The Next President

    Trump calling the media an enemy of the people is chilling. It makes me think the future of political cooperation is going to be so screwed. I mean a sizeable chunk of people buy into trumps reality, how is the toothpaste going back into the tube? It seems the alt right has found a foot hold in the American right and is here to stay. Depressing stuff, I hope I'm wrong.
  19. Hey good show guys, I had something to say but i've forgotten. .
  20. I Had A Random Thought...

    They run a bit like cats.
  21. Important If True: Show Announcement Teaser

    That's a good five minutes. I should post it to some other places.
  22. Idle Thumbs 287: The Fun Cast

    Holy shit I've been to sega world. 7 year old me was in Australia around about 2000 and I went there. Man, so much weird warm fuzzy memory. It was like my only experience doing amusement park things... I think my child brain melted there.
  23. Switching Careers

    Good luck coughlinjon. Its a cliche but your only alive for so many hours, you've got to take advantage of that. Exciting stuff!