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  1. Crusader K+ngs II

    Hahah I fear I have no friends (outside of the internet) that play Ck2, I would absolutely adore a (CK2) dinner of some kind, invite all my CK2 friends and we each trade stories like nobles trading stories of famous hunts and battles xD.
  2. Recommend me a cool book!

    A well known one, but one that you should definitely read if your only reference is the movie. (Starship Troopers) by Heinlein.
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    ICLAUDIUS from BBC, probably the finest drama ever centered on the life of Emperor Iclaudius as he lives through the reign of Augustus, Tiberius and Caligula. A truly turbulent time.
  4. Crusader K+ngs II

    CKII is without a doubt my favorite strategy game of all time. The familial politics, the ability to essentially have genetic traits that pass down through your lineage ( I had a cannibalistic, possessed King who managed to take over all of the Holy Roman Empire, his kids weren't much better) just feels amazing. Almost like a medieval soap opera that you can play out, I also find myself truly drawn to the characters themselves. I started a lineage based off an alternative history of the Loxley family (Robin Hood) and when Robins son (Arthur) was killed by his own brother Edward and the family began to turn from noble, charismatic people to a bunch of power hungry maniacs I truly missed Robin and Arthur. And ultimately educated Edwards kids not to be as awful as their father.