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  1. [RELEASED]Pizza Tonight!

    That is one talented chef, he can even make pizza with tire in it taste good(presumably - not sure if it's a bug but the tires also give +100 points :P) I had fun climbing around with pizzas attached to my feet. It's a really neat mechanic.
  2. [RELEASED] The World Begins With You

    This is gorgeous, 10/10 for graphics and general atmosphere. But there were, in my opinion, a few issues with gameplay. The platforming with a fixed camera was pretty tricky because it was always hard to tell where you were gonna land. It was especially bad with the cliffs at the beginning but you already improved that a lot The mazes were...mazes. I guess that's just my dislike for mazes. But it was also often quite tricky to tell where you were, the character blended into the ground at the shadowed parts of the first maze and the second one had those beautiful columns blocking your view. The visibility of the character During the cave sections a few times it was kind of difficult to know where to go, mostly when you had to go towards the camera but couldn't see if there was a bottomless pit there. But those were actually minor gripes and didn't, once I started using a controller, really diminish my enjoyment of this good video game.
  3. [Release] This is Celebrity Explainer

    I'm an absolute sucker for madlibs/randomly generated text, so this is my jam. The whole game just oozes charm. Those faces, the backgrounds, ...that song. Oh, and the logo - perfect.
  4. Not the way I had planned, but I've submitted the game. https://zirrrus.itch.io/jau It was supposed to be a browser-p layable HTML5 game but Unity messed up the builds, so I went with a standalone, windows only for now. Wrangling the upgrade system into submission was super annoying, that thing is going away as soon as I've polished up the game a bit more.
  5. The last few days had been pretty unproductive, I made a terrible, horrible upgrade system. It's such a bad setup, but at least it works. But yesterday evening and today I finally put in the danger layer. Still got a bunch of items on my TODO list, and I keep adding new ones.
  6. Today I refined the map generation a little bit and implemented the mineral spawning. I'd like the ground to be made up of more, smaller patches of materials. I'll have to keep playing with the sliders. Tomorrow: the upgrade system and creating something akin to balance and progression.
  7. Thanks, @theschap and @Nappi And I'm back. The visibility system is done(?). Not super happy but making this look nice is a low priority right now. Also finished up the system for a better world generation. There's still a whole lot of tweaking to be done but thanks to the system that's very easy to do. The rough plan right now: refine the mineral spawning, so minerals only appear in certain materials, so I'll need... a simple upgrade system/store at the base. You can get stronger lasers that allow you to mine materials your starting laser is too weak for(gating) the Danger Layer: Hmm? Yes, that thing. proper player Sprite with animations/different poses
  8. [Released] The Rooster's Stupid Secret

    This looks very cool, I especially love the sprites.
  9. [Released] Awkwardness and Harmony

    This sounds really interesting, hope you'll be able to overcome the programming hurdles. If you want some help, you could join the #wizardjam slack channel, it's pretty active during the jam.
  10. @plasticflesh Hm, that's pretty cool how it turns into outlines... Lot's of programming but not much to show. Minerals now appear within a certain range of the player and disappear once you get too far away. Also got a rough system for the "fog of war" underground working(currently it does not reset) - which makes the whole minerals disappearing thing kind of redundant, oops!
  11. @plasticflesh I watched that video, and it showed me a few things I still need to figure out - thanks for linking that! For example: how is visibility going to work? Can you just see everything? That seems strange. The laser now has a range and blocks have some debris going on. ...later... And now the game generates a background that gets darker as you get further down. The background isn't actually made up of blocks but a randomly generated texture that's mapped onto a plane as big as the digging area. ...even later... First implementation of blocks falling. Still need to figure what to do with minerals caught between blocks. They'll probably be crushed(maybe with a small chance of ending up inside the falling block) - not sure how to do that yet. When to trigger the falling, apart from the Danger Layer, is also still a question.
  12. I love the contrast between the cool blue shadow and the really warm light. Looking very cool!
  13. Made a simple system for picking blocks based on gradients for each type that determine how common they are at a certain depth. In the screenshot you can see that sand is common at the top and stone at the bottom. I plan to have some sort of cellular automata run over it so it's not quite as noisy. And then there's the placing of minerals in the blocks to figure out.
  14. Added some fun. And some beautiful, final, non-functional UI. Some time later... You can now pick up a limited number of items and deposit them at your base. The laser needs to be recharged at the base(it currently eats through the energy a bit too fast though).
  15. [Dev Log] The First Great Brand War

    Wow, this is looking amazing already!
  16. [RELEASED] The World Begins With You

    Very cool character, can't wait to see them in action. For the outfit I really like B and I.
  17. Blocks taking damage(with very ugly placeholder graphics)
  18. A little bit of progress: Basic movement is in. It's based on the 2D character controller tutorial series by Sebastian Lague: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFt_AvWsXl0f0hqURlhyIoAabKPgRsqjz You can wall-jump and stuff. I might still put in ladders but for now this is a fun way of getting back to the surface. Blocks can be destroyed with your cool mining laser - I decided to go with this instead of a close-and-personal pickaxe because it was easier to implement. Next are different block types, actual mining and collecting resources...and then the Danger Layer.
  19. [Release] Phaedrus 2010

    Oh, yes. The art is brilliant, although I have to say that I can't guess most of them(but then I only ever look at episode titles in preparation for the jam)...what is that Yog-sothoth-looking thing(3rd in the lower row)??
  20. [Dev Log] SHADOW of SOMETHING

    This is going to be really good.
  21. Veggie Panino Tactics [Release]

    Okay, those meat monsters are terrifying. Against my better judgment I'm rooting for Mr. Panino.
  22. Oooh, rocket boots, I love it already.
  23. It's an itchio! The game is released, but I'll keep polishing it up during this week. The game page: https://zirrrus.itch.io/jelly The WJ entry page: https://itch.io/jam/wizard-jam-5/rate/149759 Original post with lots of outdated information below: Let the Jams begin! It's a tower defense game with enemies based on all of your favourite jelly-related things! jelly enemies Not too sure about these yet, especially the locomotion. One idea is that the basic jellies and jellyfish are pushing the other objects like siege equipment. This can lead to problems where all the pushing jellies get killed and the other things just sit there. Upping the HP of the pushers over time might be able to solve that. basic jelly/jelly(jello) mold - "slimes", move but have no abilities, different kinds/sizes with varying HP toast with jelly - the toast absorbs some of the damage jelly-filled donut - has a little bit of armor before its HP are reduced jar of jelly - has lots of armor and reflects a bit of damage(to your towers or other jellies nearby), turns into regular jelly once armor is gone jellyfish - is faster(?), has an ink-related ability(disable tower temporarily? cloak nearby jellies?) royal jelly - sends out bees when damaged? could be some sort of boss petroleum jelly - damaging(or just killing?) it causes the surrounding jellies to heal slightly towers All the towers are shooting pieces of *********(Ananas comosus), kiwi, mango and other fruit that prevent gelatin from setting. These will probably be upgradable(if there is time). Not sure yet if these can be damaged by the jellies. simple pea shooter - does low amount of damage per second to a single target machine gun turret - does a high amount of damage for a short time, then has to reload mortar - slow firing speed, single shots of high damage against a target with some splash damage to nearby enemies splash - short range, does a very low amount of damage per second to all jellies in range map Tile-based. For now it'll just be a linear meandering path with no branching. If I have the time I'll first add some random generation and then try to maybe implement multiple paths. I still need to decide if the tower's range and their splash damage will be based on an actual spherical radius or a certain number of tiles around them. help If you want to help out, at this point I could use some suggestions for jelly-related things. And at some point I'll need a fun, wobbly piece of music for the game.
  24. [Released] The Titan Falls

    I played the new version, nice improvements! The titan also attacking is cool, that hadn't happened to me before. Also having something happen when the defendant rolls doubles is good, that helps when you get a long streak of attacks being unsuccessful. Although I have to say it's a bit overpowered right now, usually resulting in an instakill to the attacker. What actually happened to me was me rolling doubles while defending against the Titan, dealing 10 damage to it...
  25. [Release] Prepare for the Jelly

    @z_bill and @GammaBit Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I added some stuff in a little update. Camera controls so you can access all parts of the map, a way of speeding up time to 2x and more detailed feedback in the map editor. I'm not really sure how to fix the balance issue the game has right now, the waves simply do not scale properly. There are some ideas floating around in my head on how to maybe change the game a lot more than is reasonable though.