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  1. [Dev Log] Historical Beef

    Okay, I had to do a quick post-jam check and I fixed the Judging so its less roundly scathing and so you can hear the full range of judgements!
  2. [Dev Log] Historical Beef

    It is, but judging is reliant on a number of hidden variable comparisons that skews it towards bad reviews more often than not due to the scoring bands, whoops! Thanks for the feedback!
  3. [RELEASE] Historical Beef

    Copying from our Dev thread: https://www.idlethumbs.net/forums/topic/11168-dev-log-historical-beef/ Historical Beef™ is a meat curation simulator featuring meat from game history. You play the protagonist, the meat curator, whose job it is to prepare museum displays of exquisite meats for public consumption (with the eyes, not the mouth). When your exhibit is opened, you arrangement of meats will be judged and graded. This game was created by the two of us on a very lopsided timetable - on the first day of the Jam we got a proof of concept working, then we were both busy for most of the first week, with today (last day of Jam) being the day where we quickly polish everything up and release it. I learned a lot doing this and hope people get a laugh out of our daft idea. The game is now live on itch.io: https://elliotpage.itch.io/historical-beef

    Hot damn that gif is hypnotic!
  5. [Dev Log] Historical Beef

    Badatsuff indeed sent us a rad classy string quartet track, which is now our main BGM! Most of the "core" game is now finished so the remaining day is fleshing it out and adding things we think are neat. This has been a cool way to learn 1) Sketchup and 2) that my macbook doesn't like to charge, which has made progress a bit sluggish at times! I'd have a rad screenshot here but said laptop is still having a sulk at me...
  6. [RELEASE] Mr. Puffin in The Dark Castle

    This looks like a beautiful nightmare.
  7. [Dev Log] Historical Beef

    After a busy week doing other life things I am now back to doing important things: adding sick drop shadows to our title screen.
  8. [Dev Log] Historical Beef

    We kinda got too excited and forgot to photograph the pizza before eating it! Also yes, we are very interested in the string quartet music! What a kind offer At this stage in development we are now working separately and have entered a silly pattern: I make lots of work and Fuzzymooples fixes things.
  9. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    I am being a bit dense here, but how do I join the slack channel? The link in the OP asks for a login and password - I created a slack team in order to have a login on slack (never used it before) but it does not accept this input. Do I need an invite? Thanks!
  10. [Dev Log] Live from the Past

    This sounds cool as hell, I can see it leading to a lot of screaming at each other!
  11. [Dev Log] Historical Beef

    I am also working on this game, as the "Graphic Artist" / Chief Meat Finder! I cannot believe we are actually doing this....