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  1. iOS Gaming

    The Room games are so good.
  2. iOS Gaming

    I highly recommend checking out Meteorfall! It’s a deck building rogue like with simple swipe left or right interaction. Streamlined yet plenty of depth and discovery in there. I’m enjoying it.
  3. Fantastical Tactical Spectacular: Dance Tactics

    For those curious, I hope to have a gif up next couple days to show progress. Having fun with this and PM has been good to work with.
  4. Fantastical Tactical Spectacular: Dance Tactics

    I will be heading up programming the systems for it. It's primarily designed in phases so once it's playable we can layer on more advanced mechanics. I'm excited because I think it will be fun and interesting.
  5. iOS Gaming

    Finally beat Solitairica with all 6 decks. Very awesome game, highly recommend it!
  6. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    Same here! Edit: also, I like your music! It's very atmospheric. Feels haunting and ethereal to me. I'm sure you'll be able to help one of the teams. Thanks for sharing those
  7. Welcome to Wizard Jam 4!

    or Wizard Jam One, both work for different reasons I've never don't a Wizard Jam before and I am excited to give this one a go. Any artists out there looking for a programmer?
  8. The Big VR Thread

    I'll keep eye open for it
  9. Civilisation 6

    I just got physical copy. Looks like contains DVD and Steam code that is required to redeem. Maybe they use Steam authentication for DRM but will let you load resources of DVD install if you prefer?
  10. Pixel Daily with Me

    Love the art, especially the mammoth. Make a goofy TBS game called Tankimals!
  11. Fantasy Finale XV

    Jason Schreier (Kotaku) is playing a preview build and posting on Twitter about it, answering questions. Saw way better than either demo and after two hours gut reaction is it's real good. Positive sign. Edit: Square Enix is calling Omen a CG trailer fwiw
  12. Fantasy Finale XV

    These made me excited by prospect of the game: Omen Trailer 6 Summons so far I'll wait for reviews but I want to believe!
  13. Fantasy Finale XV

    The game has gone gold! I am so conflicted because I want it to be amazing, some of the stuff about it looks amazing, but that platinum demo thing was awkward and stiff. Please be great!