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  1. [Beta][Android] Tap Colors : Need feedbacks

    Hello. The game was finally published. Changes have been made regarding the difficulty, fluidity, menu navigation etc ... It is available at the following address: Thank you for your feedback
  2. EDIT: THE GAME IS NOW OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED. Hi, I'm Smakenid and I have just finished my Android game Tap Colors. I need people who can give me their opinion on the game before publishing, so if you have a few minutes, that would be awesome. The game is pretty simple : Objects appear to the screen. Quickly press their color before they finish their trajectory! Simultaneously press both buttons when the object has two colors. Beware of traps objects. The bonus objects oranges, violets or surrounded can be ignored. Red + Yellow = Orange, instantly destroys all objects on the screen. Violet = Red + Blue, instantly destroys all objects on the screen. You can give me your feedback : [email protected] Thank you for your attention.