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  1. Looking for pacifist games

    Maybe try some of the older Anno games - they are all about placement with some very limited combat on some options. Banished is another game without combat that is cool if you can find it at a decent price. Also- don't sell yourself short with CK2 and EU4. Those games are obtuse, but once you play for a bit they make sense.
  2. Episode 453: Black Hawk Down and Zulu

    So I finally listened to this after I had a day with 8 hours of driving. I 100% want everyone to keep experimenting and I understand why the time investment of a movie is preferable to a game. Strategy games take a long time to play and a movie is quick to watch and discuss. I'd prefer some more afterdark where people catch up on games that they're playing or basically anything where Michael can talk about weird games. If this is something you're going to want to do once a month I'd hope you pull it from the main feed.
  3. Episode 299: Earliest Access

    All- At the gates is being released January 23 2019. Very wild
  4. Episode 452: After Dark 2018

    Ok - here is a question - Is there any chance that you could review one of those "popular" new wargames that have come out in the past year or so based on a popular license? I'd like to get some input on Killteam/Fallout/Song of Fire and Ice since it's easier to get some people together with the old "Well- if you like this than lets just try this game based on that" compared to - "this is a great system that models the french experience from years 1961-1963" Also - Pathfinder sounds really interesting if you can remove the 90 hours part.
  5. Not sure if this is the right place for tech issues, but I just got a repeat of the two point hospital - I'm on android if that helps.
  6. Episode 440: Cultist Simulator

    My rainy car ride got a little better.
  7. Having one of these every 6 or 7 is one of my favorite things about 3MA. What's I kept thinking about is how you were describing how I felt when I first started playing Warhammer 40K. We're just rolling a number of D6 over and over again with slightly different results that are hard to remember. It was slow, painful, and prone to error. The difference is there is a built in community to play 40K - much smaller compared to magic or other games, but larger compared to any single wargame. I would love to get a copy of Churchill as a present and would react with such joy. However, who would I play it with? Most of my friends have young kids and a night or afternoon spent gaming, even for 3 people, is a huge lift. Having a standard ruleset allows us to skip over a lot of the learning. I'm personally frustrated by how expensive 40K is, but if people are buying $80-$120 dollar games for a single playthrough that is a huge investment. You guys should always play Churchill and record it so I can get my annual fix.
  8. Episode 427: Northgard

    Yo- This is a good game. I like how important the micro of your 6-8 troops is. The campaign is fine...
  9. Episode 421: Nantucket

    I have no desire to play this game but the discussion was helpful. I'm with Troy and want a more detailed whale management sim. Also- Did anyone else feel like they're using Moby Dick as cover to be in the Dishonored universe? Whalepunk- you're a style that is set up to fail!
  10. Episode 355: Stellaris

    All- Is it time to revisit this game? Or just record Rowan calling everyone sweet summer children for 2 hours? I have never personally spent more hours playing such a middling game but there is something about the combination of graphics, ease of use, and dumb AI that keeps me coming back. May I be so bold as to suggest looking at it after the 2.0 patch? That patch really could put this game into a good path or make it completely unplayable. Best,
  11. Episode 415: Endless Space 2 Revisited

    I know it's in vogue, but I really agree with Kroem that a designer that used King of Dragon Pass as a basis for a space 4x game would be doing well. I enjoy Stellaris - it's my NCIS of games right now- but am completely underwhelmed that the extent of the challenge is YOU NEED MORE MINERALS where the true challenge would be balancing internal politics, choices about what the newly colonized planets are, and other political/society decisions. Why should we spend a huge amount of resources to go over to another planet when we have problems of our own is a very very reasonable stance to take. I think that Endless Space 2 solves this problem by giving each faction a storyline and making it more like an RPG- even if it takes away from the core 4x game. The discussion on diplomacy will keep me from coming back to this one after I watch the trailers one last time.
  12. Episode 412: XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

    Great- now I have to drive to the far butcher with my son so I can listen to this podcast today...
  13. I like it when the show tries to go into sub-branches of strategy games with multiple offerings. That being said, I had my time in baseball mogul 2002 and will never go back to that world again. These games require too much time at this point in my life.
  14. Total War: Warhammer II

    I wanted to comment- I cannot for the life of me get into this game. I am waiting judgement for the mash-up map but none of the factions feel distinct in the way that Total Warhammer 1 did. I also don't like how spread out the map is- it feels wrong so far. However, I really like some of the UI improvements. And while I'm on the subject- This is the first game I regret buying since Civ 6. Part of the reason is that Total War remains Total War and I should only buy a total war game every 3-4th go around.
  15. Episode 403: Survival Strategy

    I enjoyed the episode but I feel like it didn't have the focus of some other shows about "topics". I like that the pod takes time to look at the landscape from time to time on how genres have changed. One huge miss was not talking about tropico 2 in more depth. When I play rimworld I feel that tropico 2 has a huge influence on the game. You could only get workers by raiding ships, pirates couldn't do any work and were prone to mood swings. I really think that it is a game that deserves a remake since it was such an experimental concept. It's worth playing for an afternoon to see how broken it is and how it's an interesting path not taken.