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  1. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    Tycoon is fine but 100% Lord seems way more important! I think this is the color setting: <GraphicsConfig> <GUIColour> <Default> <LocalisationName>Standard</LocalisationName> <MatrixRed> 0.11, 0.26, 1 </MatrixRed> <MatrixGreen> 1, 1, -0.45 </MatrixGreen> <MatrixBlue> 0.18, -0.26, -0.21 </MatrixBlue> </Default> </GUIColour> </GraphicsConfig>
  2. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    I've finally done it. I reached the best rank in the universe:
  3. E3 2016: Content Experience

    So true. I hope the PC conference is more funny and less shameful this time.
  4. E3 2016: Content Experience

    The releases and announcements I wanted to hear happened within the last 2 weeks, I guess I don't need E3 anymore? (Hello Idle Forums this is my first post)