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  1. WJ5 Team Seeking

    What I'm doing: 3d modeling/props, level design, environment art, and I'm familiar with UE4 (not an expert). Contact Info: mrdeathy[at]gmail[dot]com - if you PM me here I'll probably miss it. or @wormo on twitter Time Zone: PST (UTC -8) - I work until early afternoon but have plenty of time to work in the evening. Portfolio: ianmcdonell.com
  2. [Release] Life As A Dung Beetle

    Ok, I updated the file. It should be working now.
  3. [Release] Life As A Dung Beetle

    Thanks for letting me know. I got that from one other person, so I'm looking into it right now. I'm guessing you're on PC?
  4. Hello! Here is my entry for Wizard Jam 2016. Includes downloads for Mac and PC. https://wormo.itch.io/life-as-a-dung-beetle I made this in like 8 hours over the past two nights, and it was just a fun little project to help me dip my toe back into game dev. You play as a dung beetle trying to find your hole, and you won't by rolling your dung ball into it. More details on itch.io. Enjoy! If you're interested in seeing the development at all... here you go: https://www.twitch.tv/wormosteeze/v/68057339 (not sure how long the video will stay up)