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  1. Play the game, it's on OK, done? Or just confused? spoilers: If you encounter any bugs or spelling errors etc., let me know. Also, I started this game before the jam started, because I have my other idea I want to do in the remaining time.
  2. Very nice. Looks great. I think I got to the end? I'm excited for whatever you add!
  3. [Release] Bogost in the Shell

    Oh man, it's so good atte. Totally blown away. I got two different endings, not sure if there's any more.
  4. Really funny game. Falling samurai is just a good concept. And the umbrella "boing"... really good.
  5. Really frantic and fun. And there's a sausage creator! What! Good game.
  6. [Release] Cool Blob Future

    Top notch blob animations. Really fun concept. Cool game.

    An incredible work of art.
  8. [RELEASED] Cheatin' Hitman

    Whoa this game is really well done and creative. The start menu is especially nice. Very cool.
  9. Ok all I could finish before the end of the jam was a tiny playable teaser. I'll keep at it in the next few weeks to try and get a more complete game.
  10. [RELEASE] Baboo!

    Hurray! BenX is here!
  11. In space! Like Heat Signature. With a hint of Hitman. I just felt like that guy likes 2D stealth games.
  12. Pizza Tonight / A Chill Hell

    Is that guy David Pumpkins on the hellevator?
  13. WJ4 Team Builder

    @badatstuff Can I message you on slack?
  14. WJ4 Team Builder

    I would like a music and/or a sound person. I don't need a lot of music and sound effects, and I can probably get some from online, but if anyone wants to help, I would appreciate it! I have two ideas I'm gonna focus on, and we'll see how far I get. I have to keep the ideas secret for now though. Of course, if you join the team I can tell you more details. You can contact me on the forums or in slack.
  15. Pokemon GO

    I think there's just the one bug of not having good server connection. They did not expect such a huge player base, so probably didn't optimize it as much as they could have. Question though, would you guys consider Ingress to be a good game? (If anyone has played it) and is it better than Pokemon?
  16. Edit: Game is uploaded. There are bugs and sounds are not right. Will fix in next week probably. Let me know if you find any more bugs. Edit 2: Bugs are fixed. Version 2.0.1 is out. (post jam) Oddjumper's more 3 dimensional Zombie Train. You wake up in a luggage room of a train. You see that the door is locked. You find a crowbar and smash the door open. You go to the next car and see some zombies. You smash them until they are dead. You move on. You see Nick Breckon. A 2D adventure game inspired by The Walking Dead: The Game, the Blackwell series, and the Idle Thumbs podcast network. Images and GIFs will be coming when I get a screen recorder thing. So far I have two pixel zombies that you can smash with the crowbar.
  17. Haha, I understood! I was joking. (Still. max details.)