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  1. I had a real game I was planning to make but that doesn’t matter now. You press tab to dab. The more you dab the higher your dab score. I plan to add a story campaign in the next few days. It’ll be a real garf.
  2. Wax house baybeeee. also, thx jake
  3. (Released) The Garfing Garfo

    Took a bit longer than I was expecting but the game is out now. I think Frog Fractions ended up as a major influence. I was also playing Getting Over It recently so the concept of a B-game was in my head. I feel like I have a strange idea of humor and may come off as very random. I don't want to spoil too much about the game, but I feel pretty good about the amount of content I was able to put in, but of course I still wanted to add more and expand. I don't think I will be adding anything soon, maybe if there's a sequel. Thanks for playing! - Kevin
  4. (Released) The Garfing Garfo

    Maybe for the 3D remake. But Olly Moss is a major inspiration.
  5. What if someone made something alive appear as what they wanted as food?
  6. Far Cry 2

    I started Far Cry 2 today. It's pretty cool.
  7. Well, I'm scared of bees now. Looks really cool.
  8. I guess it makes sense that Jake Rodkin works at Campo Santo making video games since his name is Video Games. I couldn't think of any links with the other guys' names.
  9. IdleMC Epoch 7.5 Final Prologue GOTY Edition

    I just joined today, spent probably an hour or more just walking through all your buildings. I was blown away. Really cool stuff.
  10. Come on and stream and welcome to the jam

    Here are some other let's plays of wizard jam games. Markiplier plays The Bear's Black Heart. MattShea plays Cheatin Hitman: BonusTank plays Cheatin Hitman. There are a lot more cheating hitmen. Just search YouTube for Cheatin Hitman. Randomize User plays Explode Mode, Cheatin Hitman and Mid-Jam Power Move. ED Network plays House on Holland Hill. (His voice is kinda annoying) TeleVidya plays Business Guys on Planes. Purga Linux plays Mr. Puffin in the Dark Castle. (Spanish)
  11. [Dev Log] The Bear's Black Heart

    Oh look it's Markiplier.
  12. I don't really have time to do a full dev log, but I figured I would post an intro at least. Tom Francis is an international and space superspy. As Agent Francis, you have to infiltrate office buildings in space. You start armed with only a grappling hook, which will allow you to grapple into walls and ceilings, and slam into people. You can steal outfits and weapons as well. Between and possibly mid-mission, you may receive messages from your artist for the game you are making as a cover. (Based on the Tom Francis episode of Tone Control) That said, who knows what I will actually be able to finish. The game will be made in Gamemaker. My friend may help me with some coding. I will be doing the art and some coding. I realize my plan is way overscoped for two weeks, so I will probably make a simplified version without animations, sounds etc. I hope to be able to have two working levels by the end of this jam. If people are interested in the game and if it's fun to play, I might continue working on it for a few months after the jam to polish it up a bit. (oh yeah, if Mr. Francis sees this: I'm sorry. This is probably really wierd.)
  13. new run animations for your guy. everything else is still the old art. I'm working on it.
  14. Rockstar Games presents: Bully

    I beat Bully on iOS. I really liked it. It has virtual buttons like the GTA ones, so not optimal controls, but it has auto targeting so it wasn't too hard for me to control. However, I am really good with virtual buttons. 😛 It does feel like this port is better than the GTA ones, controls are a bit more smoothed out, load times and saving the game are almost instant etc.
  15. [Release] The House on Holland Hill

    This is pretty good! I like the concept of story through pizza deliveries. I thought maybe I was the pizza delivery guy for Nick Breckon's dark soul streams, but I guess not.
  16. So i tried out catacombs of Solaris, and I'm not sure what's going on. It's pretty cool though. Those colors definitely imprinted into my brain for a while.
  17. This is so cool! also, I don't think pressing space actually stops the mouse from moving the camera around. You might have to lock the camera when space is pressed.
  18. Very cool and extremely well made. Clown animations and the environment are top notch. I'm looking forward to future episodes!
  19. Wizard Jam 4 Feedback

    Could we get some famous game devs to come in and critique stuff? Perhaps Famous himself? Not really to pass out awards, but to say what's good and how to improve? (I'm just spewing random garbage now. 😛)
  20. Wizard Jam 4 Feedback

    Yeah, timing and deadlines are hard to do. People are busy with their lives. I do think there is a strange pressure, at least for me, to do something a bit bigger than an ordinary jam game because there are two weeks. I feel like there is a lot I can do in two weeks and then when I don't, I feel slightly discouraged.
  21. Wizard Jam 4 Feedback

    Maybe there could be some awards next time? I know we want to keep it open and friendly, but some small awards to really praise high quality games and good concepts could be nice. Also, a bit more emphasis on feedback after the jam would be cool and really encouraging. On jam deadlines, I think maybe there should be two categories of games, one for games people just want to tinker with for a weeks or months, and one that is a more jamlike experience. (Maybe even less than two weeks) This could be like Ludum Dare with two different levels of jamming. (I propose the casual one be called the baby wizard Jam) Dot Gobbler- not too much Dot Gobbler, but not enough creativity with the Dot Gobbler. Just slapping Dot Gobbler in a game is fine, but making Dot Gobbler actually mean something is the goal.
  22. [RELEASE] Pizza Tonight!

    What is this? This is insane! I love this game.