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  1. Plug your shit

    I've spent a year building a scheduling site for gamers that should make scheduling and signing up for matches a lot easier. http://ruingaming.io This has mostly been a 1-man effort so I'd love to hear any feedback you guys might have. It's basically an online calendar + signup sheet for games. This is what a typical event might look like: http://www.ruingaming.io/#/rooms/589ce2afcb082b000456baef The cool thing about it is it'll show you who has that game on that platform and what their availability is (adjusted to your timezone). If you invite someone, it'll email them with the details. If they join, you get an email notification. No digging through forum posts. I've also created a group for Idle Thumbs: http://ruingaming.io/#/signup?pcode=THUMBS There's no catch or cost. I'd be happy to answer any questions or give a walkthrough if you PM me.
  2. RUIn Gaming is a site dedicated to helping gaming communities schedule their playtime with other community members. Whatever platform you're on, we'll help you find others who play the same games at the same time. The link below will add you to the Idle Thumbs group and you'll be able to see other gamers who've joined the group. http://ruingaming.io/#signup?pcode=THUMBS We're a tiny startup that's passionate about playing online with our friends and our communities. But we need your help to become better! So check out the site and let us know what you think. We hope you find this site useful. It's been a labor of love for us over the past year. If you have any questions or comments, post here or email us at: support@ruingaming.io Thanks! -Dakhath
  3. Forgot to mention the site only supports syncing with steam games at the moment. If you logon with your steam credentials (we don't store them and we don't want to store them), it'll sync your games list (assuming your steam profile isn't set to private).
  4. Hey folks, We're a tiny startup trying to solve the problem of scheduling game time with your friends (and groups). For example: I want to play Left 4 Dead 2 on PC at 9pm EST tonight; Who can join? And your friends/groups would see that, as could possibly the general public who had L4D2 as one of their preferred games. Anyhoo, we're at the point where we have a rough alpha of the site and I need some feedback as to whether you think it's something you would use. It's still buggy. There are still lots of features missing. So this is not for those who need spit and polish. I'm just interested in whether you get what we're trying to do and if it's valuable. Naturally, I'd love to get any suggestions and feedback. Feel free to post or PM me any questions or feedback. http://ruingaming.io create a new user or use this one: uid: randomGuy10 pwd: password Thanks! -Albert
  5. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Long time listener to the podcast. Just never thought to check the forums till now. I'm a software developer who quit his job a few months back to do a startup that aims to schedule when gamers play together. My goals are: To get you playing video games with your friends or groups more often. To introduce you to new friends you'd get along with. To help find other gamers who like to play the types of games you do. Hope to have an alpha ready in 2 months.

    Almost everyone I've talked to loved Titanfall but stopped playing it shortly after. For me, I just ran out of things to unlock and I am NOT a hardcore player. So I came to the weird realization that I stopped playing because I was essentially "max level" and wouldn't get anything else. Wished there was a campaign but Respawn was then just a small dev shop of people who jumped ship from the Call of Duty mothership.