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  1. Crusader Kings. Its not turn based, but if you set the speed slow enough... Civ is good for that... but the odds are high you'll get sucked in.
  2. Legends of Callasia

    I found this new strategy game on Steam today - Legends of Callasia. It's like some kind of mashup of Risk and Crusader Kings - with a focus on Multiplayer... It's not perfect, but for an Early Access game - it's pretty fun. Wondered if anyone else had seen it? I'm looking for some people to play MP with me. Steam Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/438920 (Screenshot from Steam)
  3. Crusader K+ngs II

    The issue I have with CKII is it just takes SOOOO long to play... and I am constantly upping and downing the speed... It seems like every time I sit down to it.... that's 10 hopurs of my life gone. happy hours, but hours.