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  1. Not really spoilers but... Re: Conditioning I do see what you're getting at, but I'm not sure I can swallow the examples. Just briefly:
  2. Crap, wish I checked this thread beforehand I was really intrigued by the discussion and would like to read some of his novels. I would start with Name of the Rose as recommended but now that I know should I skip it? Or is there enough going on that one piece of info isn't going to ruin the journey? I'm tempted to just jump on Foucault's Pendulum instead.
  3. Finished this morning, and while I'm still processing everything, there was something that nagged at me throughout:
  4. I vaguely recall seeing a portion of the film awhile ago, so starting this I had a very awkward "I think I know where this is going" feeling through the first chapters. Fortunately it became a bit more enjoyable once I got into less familiar territory. Reminded me though that I just cannot read books after seeing their film adaptations. I have no problem going the other way around, but after watching a film it feels like it's been spoiled when it comes to reading the book.
  5. Regarding your first spoiler - I completely agree. I enjoyed the book overall but I find it very awkward reading any fiction where
  6. That reveal was incredible. I was having so much trouble holding my snickering in on the train that I somehow dribbled a little bit.
  7. Books, books, books...

    Thanks for the suggestions! I've made a note of all of them. Blood Meridian is one of favorite novels actually. Shadow Country sounds like something up my alley, and is now ready on my Kindle
  8. Books, books, books...

    Since Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies seem to be fairly well regarded around these parts (and pretty much everywhere, I suppose), would anyone happen to have any recommendations in a similar vein? I struggled through Wolf Hall but fell totally in love with 'Bodies (the book was good too, hurr hurr). I think the historical aspect was nice, but the pacing and character development absolutely sucked me in. I'm hesitant to go further into Mantel's back-catalogue since I suspect her earlier work will be more similar to Wolf Hall (if not 'worse'), but that's based on my assumption that the quality of 'Bodies is a product of her development throughout her career. So in short, does anybody have any suggestions for "if you liked Bring Up The Bodies, you might like..."? I need to stock up on novels for my holiday reading.
  9. I'm 90% of my way through the second book, and am enjoying it a lot more than the first. Overall the main character feels just a bit more even and realistic. Though it was awhile since I read the first so I can't really remember exactly what it was that put me off him in the first place. That said, I'm finding the pacing of book 2 a little strange. (Book 2 spoilers): That said, this is the first fantasy series in a while that has had me actively looking forward to my commute. Still looking forward to #3.