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  1. Hi everyone! I'm diving into this one with a Sleigh-driving sim where you send Krampus all around a suburban neighborhood picking up kids who have been naughty. I'll be building it in Unity, using the code from a hovercraft racing game I started a few years ago as a foundation. My thought is that as you're playing the game, you'll get assignments to pick up different children who've been naughty- you'll then need to go to their address and send your Kramplings in to get them. Along the way you'll battle something trying to stop you (I'm hoping to figure that out somewhere along the way) For one of my diversifiers, I'm asking you all for some suggestions of good sins that could come up on the assignments. They could be strange, funny, political, whatever- I'm imagining a card will come up on the screen with the target child's name, an address and a list of their offenses. To start off, here's a few I had come up with, which I'm confident you all can top: Broccoli refusal inadequate rap battle skills reposting bullshit on Facebook aggressive loitering giving live goldfish as presents not challenging the dominant paradigm starting every sentence with "I saw this TED talk once, and..." Hailing Hydra That should give you a sense of the tone I'm going for, but take it wherever you want.
  2. Hey everyone, just wanted to get your thoughts on something, since I've never done a Jam before and I don't know what's proper. I've been continuing to work on my project a bit since the jam ended, and I'd love to keep updating the game. Is it OK to replace the project with new versions, or should I create a separate project going forward so that my original entry remains where it was at the deadline?
  3. [Dev Log and Call for Ideas] A Krampus Karol

    You're right, I should have done that! I'll see if I can find time to fix that tonight
  4. [Dev Log and Call for Ideas] A Krampus Karol

    Thanks Spenny!
  5. [Dev Log and Call for Ideas] A Krampus Karol

    Dammit- don't think I made the deadline! Sigh- my game is up on, but not listed under the Winter Wizard Jam submissions. Not sure what I did wrong. I'm going to bed.
  6. [Dev Log and Call for Ideas] A Krampus Karol !!!it's live (as soon as I fix the broken index.html!
  7. [Dev Log and Call for Ideas] A Krampus Karol

    Gaaa!!!! So close, and so much left to do!
  8. [dev log] Frozen Fracas

    Great work- all looks very promising so far! I particularly like the Orca, cant wait to see this progress
  9. [Dev Log] Ice Break

    looks lovely- I appreciate the idea of a relaxing game where you just chill out a bit.
  10. [RELEASE] Happy Happy Krampusnacht

    Brilliant! Can't argue with your Krampus logic!
  11. [Dev Log and Call for Ideas] A Krampus Karol

    A progress report so far: I've managed to get a lot done, although as I said at the beginning I had a head-start with a bunch of code I was able to reuse. Right now I have a placeholder Krampus sleigh flying around a snowy scene, shooting in place (with nothing to shoot), and the ability to land on a spot and deploy some Kramplings, who head into the house nearby to grab the naughty kid therein. Next will be having the Kramplings emerge with the naughty kid, detailing Krampus' sleigh and a gazillion or so other things. A few more sins- I'm planning on using everything submitted in this thread so far, and whatever comes next -Liking the Shins, then hating the Shins after everybody else started liking the Shins -claiming food allergies just to get attention -Aggrevated Brietbarting -Ironic facial hair -entering A.S.S. on the High-Score screen (old-timers will get this one) -being insufferably twee
  12. Winter Wizard Jam Idea Book!

    just had to highlight the brilliance. In the winter. Damn near killed me.
  13. [RELEASE] Happy Happy Krampusnacht

    Fantastic work on the sprites! Your Krampus' idle loop conveys a lot in just a few frames- well done!
  14. [Dev Log and Call for Ideas] A Krampus Karol

    Loving all of these so far!
  15. Winter Wizard Jolly Jam interest thread

    I'm going to try to enter my first jam with this one, but I was wondering about etiquitte- is it ok to adapt code I have from an old project?