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  1. GET HOISTED Get Hoisted is released! Well actually there's been a version of the game up on since the Jam's submission deadline, but it was missing the end screen to say who won, and there was no AI so you had to be playing with 3 other people for the full hoisting experience... but I grinded out those last two features so now I can happily advertise that this game is actually playable! There are a few wonky bugs/oddities but all in all Get Hoisted came together really well. Let me know what you think, and definitely let me know if you play any multiplayer with some friends, would love to hear about your experiences! And a great big thanks to BadAtStuff for doing such a fantastic job with the music and sound effects! Original Post (start of dev log).
  2. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    Just updated this post to reflect that the game is in a much more playable state than it was at the jam's deadline! Specifically, there's an end screen to show the winner, and some SUPER basic AI so you can play without a full group of 4. Have fun!
  3. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    A Good Bug Me: Okay item spawning should be working, let's just double check real quick! Game: YOU WANT ITEMS? YUP NO PROBLEM HERE YA GO BUDDY The sky cracked open... and from above a bunch of random garbage rained down. Everyone was pretty nonplussed about the whole thing.
  4. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    Wait, I still need to model stuff? Wow I really just, forgot how much stuff I needed to do. I think I'm just gonna keep grinding super hard right up until midnight. Like how did I forget that I didn't even have a coin modeled yet? Gosh darn it. Anyway it is a Mario-ass looking coin because everyone knows what that is and Mario fanfare is pretty on brand for Thumbs! This is probably my last update while I really go crazy for the last few hours... Wish me luck! "Threat neutralized!" - Super Mario
  5. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    One Billion Things Left To Do The last 10% is 90% of the work. It's a common saying in software development, but my god is it ever true. With game development especially, it's easy to write off a lot of the tasks that fall into the "Oh and I just need to hookup X system with the main game" category. X may be very complex or very simple, maybe you set yourself up for success and made it robust/extensible, maybe it was a bit of a hacky mess. No matter how you engineered that thing, integrating it with every other little piece of gameplay/code/art it has to touch is going to be a bitch. But the upshot is, I'm really in the last 10%... I think. I mean, there are still MAJOR features missing (like the game time limit, scoring, and wrap up screen), but I mean, those seem so small compared to everything else right? How much time could the last 1% really take? The Hoisting Arena, filled with a bunch of gizmos. And for some reason there's a petard floating in the air. Who put that there?
  6. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    Heads Down Okay I have been super busy with other stuff and it really ate into my jamming time. For the next couple of hours I'm going into full-on uber game jam mode to finish this off. I'll leave you with the snazzy incomplete title screen for now. Looking forward to playing all your games! (after a short break from staring at my computer screen...) "HHHhhooooiissttteed..." - Jake Rodkin, 2017
  7. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    Be Lazy I had originally thought I might need to animate a few things with/without the petard in the peasants hand. But thanks to Avatar Masks and Animator layer blending, there's no need! I just created a mask from the shoulders, and made a single animation of the arms in an item hold posture. Then I attached the item dummy transform to the right hand, et voila! I can just blend in this layer when I need to show the peasant with his arms out carrying an item. The gif was already a bit large and awkward to show off the running animation but it also works with the same principle, and the held item moves with the character in a pretty natural way. My progress is feeling pretty slugish, mostly because work has been a bit of a grind this week. Hopefully I'll catch a second wind tomorrow and really get a lot done. I'll do an update tomorrow that re-tallies the major remaining tasks and get things on track! "And one and two and one and HOIST and..."
  8. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    Progress! Work's been super busy this week but I'm still making a bit of steady progress. Doing a bit of the purely functional implementation of things without any of the polish. I've got a say, I'm not a fan of this. Is it a bad thing to be polishing everything to final quality the entire way through? I think there's enough time in this jam to do just that, and not really leave any one part of the game behind for too long. Nevertheless, I did a basic pass of picking up a petard, planting it in the ground, and then detonating it by proximity. The bomb asset is protoype, literally just a sphere and two cylinders slapped together. Notice the tip-top of the bomb is poking out of the ground here... I think for the actual petard, I'll have a little flower on top, but then also have these flowers pop up from time to time naturally to throw off the player. Probably even start the round off with a dozen or so flowers scattered about. So players could always avoid the flowers... or you could B-line through flowers that you think aren't petards in disguise. By the end of the round, with the randomly blooming flowers and petards player's planted, the ground should be so littered that it's nearly impossible to tell what's safe. Hopefully players remember which one's they put down to avoid the devastating self-hoisting. This peasant appears to be miraculously immune to self-hoisting. Everybody is jealous of his resilient pants.
  9. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    Yeah everything is sweet so far! Didn't really have a plan for the peasant's VO but they should definitely have some little dopey voice barks and stuff!
  10. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    Particle Fun I've been messing around with particle systems for a while. I had pictured some 3D mesh particles that evoke Nintendo's aesthetic and I think I've just about realized that image! I think the actual petard blast will have a bit more upwards motion and not spread out as much. The central flash will have a bit of vertically to it. And finally, there should be some rocky debris bits that shoot out and bound/crumble on the ground. If I get super ambitious, I'll think of some way to dynamically scorch the ground! That would be tight. Over all, I'm feeling super good about my progress in the jam. It's back to the office tomorrow, but nevertheless, there's still plenty of time to Get Hoisted! "This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with a hoist."
  11. [Release] Super Hollyweedland

    I agree, that style does indeed look dope.
  12. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    Poetry in Motion! I'm getting super excited now. It's always a great feeling when art and code meet so spectacularly. The Blending idle and run works great! I also got a head start on controller input. I purchased Rewired from the Unity Assets Store and I couldn't be more pleased with it so far. It's a total replacement of Unity's Input system and it's incredibly powerful while simultaneously easy to use. I sound like a shill for the plugin but seriously, compared to fussing with other plugins or actually trying to use the built-in InputManager, this thing is a god-send! I did a test for multiplayer input and here's how completely dead simple it was: duplicate my peasant prefab, change the serialized PlayerID value in the inspector from 0 to 1. And bam! My X-Box gamepad controlled one player, and my keyboard the other. Flippin' incredible. It's a heckin' no-brainer. Gonna take a short break for the evening for foods/relaxin'. Then maybe later tonight I'll do some fun polish stuff. I really want to see some 3D dust particles kick up when you go from zero-to-sixty! "Ya can't hoist what ya can't see!" - The Fastest Peasant Alive
  13. No one's Unity internalization meter can fill as quickly as they add new features to the engine.
  14. This is flippin' sweet! Without a doubt the coolest untextured white capsule/cube and default skybox scene I've ever seen. Can only imagine how awesome it will be when it's a sea of Breckons and Macklemores.
  15. I think the UI has always had "Stretch" and "Tile" options for how to fill a 9-slice (as well as having no fill for when you just want a frame). As for the 2D SpriteRenderer, support for 9-slicing just came in Unity 5.6.
  16. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    Oh snap just saw this reply. Yeah I would love some tunes! I'll message you when the game is a little bit more formed. If you want to start noodling around with something, my only thought so far that it would be sort of a goofy, upbeat version of typical renaissance music! If you're also game for sound fx let me know. Some foley, a hoisting boom, coin collection twinkle, etc Edit: if you play that YouTube link back at 1.5x speed, it is very much alike how I'd imagine the game's music being.
  17. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    So it turns out, a blend between idle and run actually makes for a pretty compelling "walk" animation, which means I can cut that, woo! Life will still get a little more complicated if I want to do rare idle animations, but for now I'm actually gonna start programming using this simple blend tree and actually get some player movement going. Then I'll turn my attention towards... hmmm, any number of things could be next I guess: Multiplayer Input Think I'll purchase and quickly learn the basics of Rewired for this Particles I want to do puffy 3D particles a la Mario 3D World. Dust kick up when the player starts moving quickly Hoisting explosions Bonks/skids/slides etc. Environment Art Running an untextured green plane is gonna get old fast Petard Planting Will require a few more animations, but once I get into coding, I'll probably flip the script from my art-first approach, and instead get this functional before I animate it. We'll see!
  18. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    Nintendo-like hoisting. I'm basically making a single Mario Party minigame, hopefully with one with a bit more depth to it
  19. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    Animooted! I finished up my first test animation. It was surprisingly hard for such a simple loop but I was still getting comfortable with 3ds Max's animation window (which isn't great, like seriously, the animation tools in Unity are better than this, yeesh). I also encountered a few minor issues with the skinning and wonky tessellation during the process which I had to double back and solve. Now I have one clean model file and a rough pipeline for how I'll do the rest of the animation set. For now I'll just jot down a list of bare minimum animations to collect my thoughts. Hopefully 2 seconds loops won't take 2 hours in the future though... *tune of BotW cooking song* "Hmmm hmmmmmm" Core Animations Idle Already done-zo! Locomotion Walk & Run, blended based on movement speed Carrying an item Locomotion Walk & Run again, but with the arms out Maybe use Transform masking/layer blending? Darn I'll also have to think about the dummy object that is animated and then detached from the character. Petard Planting A quick hop while thrusting arms down, palms facing the ground. Again, considering some animated dummy object that will blend between animation control and code control... or something. Get Hoisted The primary hoisting animation will be a sort of blast a few feet into the air, followed by a face plant, and a quick recuperate/getting up anim. By far the most complicated thing I have to do re-animation. The actual hoisting will mostly be sold by particles (more on that later). Extended Animations Idle Rare(s) Any number of variants on the idle animation that can randomly trigger. Handled via sub-state (I'll be optimistic and put the default idle in its own sub-state for now) Spicy Run If I do the Spicy Pepper item, I want the run animation to be more frantic, possibly patting flames off his tongue while his legs flail wildly Turn-on-a-Dime This one actually comes down to a gameplay thing. In Super Mario 64, Mario's body will instantly turn to the direction your turning only if Mario's moving slowly. If you're already in full-tilt and you crank the joystick in the opposite direction, there's a few frames of sliding and upper body turning before the direction snaps. This would be cool (definitely a stretch goal though). Victory/Loss Animations Assuming I have some sort of wrap up screen that shows everyone's score, it would be fun to have the winner dance and the losers hang their heads in post-hoisting shame. Many more! Time permitting (I work a lot but I'm really jamming on this idea and my progress so far!) I want to do so much more.

    Oooooh those triangles exploding is delightful to watch. Your games are always have that sweet game feel.
  21. [Released ] The Wizard

    Love the characters, they have an adventure time vibe to them which is totally my jam. Can't wait to see what wizardry they get up to!
  22. Whhooooaa it's been a while since I've looked at the 2D tools. Forgot sprite renderer got 9 slicing! It does indeed look great
  23. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    "And lo, the hoisting would soon begin..." - Lord Hoistmas
  24. [Released] Get Hoisted!

    Finally done unwrapping. Good lord I'm so rusty. Took me way too long to remember how to do everything. I still have a hard time knowing where to place seams to get things unwrapping better, but by the end I think I had gotten into a bit of a groove. Unwrapping all 24 individual teeth was a real pain in the butt. Gonna be totally work it though when these goofs get hoisted and have their big dumb mouths wide open. Gonna do a base color pass on top of this AO bake and then actually see how this guy's looking in Unity!
  25. Whoa I love the lo-fi 3D look! What tools/engine are you using to make this?