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  1. That was a good comment about the episode. It has been a month since I have listened to it. geography in general, but river specifically, play a huge role in development. I recommend supplying war. Armies couldn't move unless by navigatable rivers until never cool, rivers or oceans1630’s and the potato from south America.
  2. Warhawk has a great series of YouTube videos about the early war period. He finished the peninsula campaign. For fixing the Unions overwhelming material issues, I would make the union units not respond to orders a percentage % of the time and a percent chance that Lincoln will fire generals when they fail an attack order. It was done well in War in Russia. Gary G’s first game.
  3. I think Dominion 5, with its multi-player and conquest of Elysium, makes the island list. The games are on their 5th edition and have built on their iterative game play. Shadow empire with it's planet generation. I have 200 hours in and just played on the base game sawi* earth planet. You have possibly thousands of hours of game play in there. I agree with the comments above that the P games get a little bloated for me. I love war hammer total war; it would probably run fourth.
  4. I love this game. It is about the only game I play. Do you all have any plans to review the new oceans DLC? Have your thoughts changed after 2 years? Will vic ever implement the community requested one page unit screen
  5. Yes, I was able to go back to the webpage and listen to it. Overcast pod app was having problems listening just this episode. I don’t think it’s a systemic issue.
  6. I concur with everything ititarist said. In my recent 2 1/2 play Throughs, it felt like the empires played all the same. The bland percentage based increases didn’t feel like it gave it an asynchronous advantage. I was playing two very different empires but I was hitting all the same buttons.
  7. I went back to listen to this old episode and it looks like it was taken down. i have gotten into a big warhammer two mood lately. I wanted to hear what you originally thought about it.
  8. I enjoyed this game. It still has major bugs two months after release. I could not play the NJ mission. The you and NJ troops fight the pandies but the turn locks between the NJ and pandies turn. I still put about 100 hours into it and am on the last board mode final mission. it seems to have some strategic systems that planet fall missed. I was able to bounce back after a couple of major set backs.
  9. Great episode guys. All of your episode are good but I thought this one was special thought provoking. It was well done in the way everyone walked the line not to come down to hard one way or the other. I feel it is ok to simulate the history into oblivion and always play hoi4 with history lock off. It gives some very easy and very difficult runs. All of them interesting and unique but for some you have to suspend disbelief of practicality. For some and me, I think there's a wider band width for historical inaccuracies.
  10. I finally found some time to play this gem. I have two and a half playthroughs:). I am getting into the setting and game structure. One of the guest mentioned writing a manual? I would love to read it and get further into this deep game.
  11. Episode 348: Civilization at 25

    If you want the epic end battles of CIV 2, I play Civilization Beyond Earth. The end game mechanic shows who is winning and how many turns until they complete their victory condition. I played about 150 hours and in three games, civilization just blow each other up on the higher difficulties. The AI is programmed to fight each other if they are getting close to a win. I thought Rob let them off the hook by not asking them what's up with the AI when it comes to water. It was not fixed in CIV 5. You can float a strike force around to the enemy capital and just wipe out the strongest players with a small force. You can 1812 and totally wipe an enemy CIV. Also, the AI doesn't seem to play better. It just gets more bonuses. You end up with your own bag of game breaking tricks like the Mayan city spam religion (max city population of 7) to break the game back on deity 'god and King'. It not like you out played your opponent. (A more common trick is the horse rush in vanilla CIV 5.) What was the thinking about AI programming? I like endless legend because they seem to play their civilization trait. The water AI still seems way off. The zombie bug faction will always attack if they have the advantage. The roving trade faction will not mess with you if your trading well with them. In CIV, I have seen India spam out cities on deity b/c the bonuses are so high they can ignore their trait penalty.
  12. Episode 339: Ancient Warfare

    Even in WW II, Japan couldn't put down China between 1938 and 1942 because they could supply their armies into the interior. They were able to take the entire coast of china, but they weren't able to garrison and supply the central area. The armies could move away from the river, but they couldn't garrison or conquer. The mongols had to repeatedly re-conquer parts of China and the middle east when their vassals rose up (garrisoned and supplied from different areas). You mainly only see a major battle in ancient times when one or both armies are cut off from their supply river. A supply boat could move 8 to 9 knots per hour (~10 mph). An army could only move about 15 miles a day with notable exceptions of the Mongols and Zulu. The Romans were fighting or controlling small tribes every 7-9 miles. It was easier for them to control southern England than the Swiss alps.
  13. Episode 360: Hearts of Iron IV

    Has anybody tried to play peaceful Hitler? He doesn't invade anyone and/or creates a Red Alert mod? I think it would be pretty cool.
  14. Civilisation 6

    I hope they fix the AI ability to fight over water... You want to win a CIV 5 game on deity; play an island map with a strong sea nation.