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  1. pro tip i heard on the forums that i just tried out that i also think is gonna get nerfed taking scary face + gamma guts renders you effectively invulnerable to the robo-yetis in the snow level, as the gamma guts is enough to kill them in one hit before they ever get close enough to damage you
  2. This game is so moreish. but man.. Lil hunter is the hardest dang thing in the game, right? I've only died once to the throne and never died to the super secret final boss, but that little blue dickbag takes me out like 95% of the time I can never get it to load either. I think its just the hella huge explosion the sticky launcher gets
  3. The basic gist is you wake up on christmas morning inside a box of christmas hell. You have to survive for as long as possible as waves of hazards flood in from one end of the box. your only defence is a floating ball imbued with the kissy power of mistletoe that cleanses all evil beneath it, but only when activated by your gun of christmas miracles. Christmas miracles also cause the ball to bounce around. Try to survive the hellbox as long as you can('t)! A rough wip at the moment, basically only has the hellbox with fps controls and little lethal gronks that spawn in one end and float menacingly towards the other. Hoping to get the mistletoe ball working the way I want it next, so I can get the game basically playable and spend the rest of the week tweaking and fine tuning. Unfortunately, the whole shooting thing and then applying force to it in a particular direction seems almost too much for my scarce programming experience. We shall see! Planned feature creep: -Shoot the ball in its top half to spike it into the ground for extra AoE! -A pickup system powering AoE uses -More enemy types (ones that follow you and don't just go in a straight line) -Enemies spawning in formations of lines/boxes rather than just randomly -Special boss enemy -grood grafx
  4. [Dev Log] Christmas Hellbox

    no, unfortunately, but you should be able to move around and shoot balls at the floating orb at least
  5. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    Ok well after playing a bit more forget what i said about the game getting too easy those cyborgs are relentless
  6. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    Having a lot of fun with Helldivers, but i feel like its balancing on a knife edge. Joined a 4 man helldive(edit: as in the difficulty 12 helldive) for the first time and actually almost completed it; feels like it might get very doable at the hardest difficulty pretty soon. Hoping the challenge will keep up on the long term, at least for a once a month kind of game.
  7. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    what times/days you guys usually play?
  8. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    im back bois ready 2 dive 25/8 with my swanky new xbone pad
  9. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    not great. aside from resolution changes (which seem to shrink the screen even in fullscreen) theres only options for shadow quality and anti aliasing
  10. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    I only really take turrets because i dont have anything else that interesting to put in its place. Maybe ill go nuts on ammo drops instead
  11. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    im a pretty salty seadog that I wont get a chance to play it for a week. You guys better not all be bored with it by then Cant wait to get the exo suit. and it looks like theres multiple types too Just in case noone else noticed, you can actually carry multiples of one strategem and they all operate on seperate uses/cooldowns I plan to take 4 exo suits and drop one in for everyone in the spirit of the holiday season merry mex-mas everbody *stompy stomp*
  12. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    Man such a hilarious chain of fuckups at the end there I get out a stun grenade step on my own mine grenade goes off at my feet stunning everyone everyone else gets rushed by giant bugs while dizzy we lose fun game
  13. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    man the 360 dpad is not great for strategem input
  14. Helldivers

    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053912619/ just message me when people are ready
  15. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053912619/ dive hell with me brothers
  16. [Dev Log] Christmas Hellbox

    hmm actually probably the latter unless i get back to working on it
  17. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    theres currently no way to upgrade if you only get the 20$ apparently, so you might have to make peace with the fact that that could be the cheapest way of getting all the DLC
  18. [Dev Log] Christmas Hellbox

    doesnt kill the big guy but it does take out the little ones
  19. [Dev Log] Christmas Hellbox

    Second (maybe final?) build http://wooben.itch.io/christmas-hellbox-v2?secret=9gTTtWxFcNT8BSjxh0MOHCjNI4 Still isn't that good. Might not be able to finish it off but we shall see. Now includes the ability to restart (hit enter)
  20. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    playing sounds fun, planning less so.
  21. Warcraft 3 FFA

    pretty sure its just someone needs to forward port 6112 or whatever
  22. [Dev Log] Christmas Hellbox

    FIRST PLAYABLE BUILD http://wooben.itch.io/christmas-hellbox-v1?secret=297AAK3xaViwr4xSqDE9odz4 BE WARNED - IT ISN'T GOOD (YET)
  23. [RELEASE] A Very Meowy Christmas

    nice a-cat-pella
  24. Man im excited now for a forum tourney of a thumbs themed lane pusher DONT MESS IT UP