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  1. Anyone have a link to this dog-unphased-by-bubble-popping gif? I need.
  2. Meow.

    Hey! This is Mingus: Sometimes she gets tired: This thread is my jam! So many tiny friends in here.
  3. Yeah you're right. I didn't know the draft screen was interactive, and I wasn't 100% invested. I picked up a layman's understanding of american football while folding laundry last year, but there was a lot more built-in those broadcasts-- and only one play was happening at a time. I went into The International blind and was dismissively overwhelmed quite quickly. I've also spent less than half an hour actually playing the game, so that didn't help at all.
  4. If all the information you just mentioned was conveyed alongside the match broadcast I would have spent more than ten minutes watching a single match. Even the broadcasters talking about the draft were considerably less helpful than you. I was looking up characters based on the crowd's reaction when they were picked, and even then I was muddied with information because the lack of immediate context was lost on me. The game looked/sounded like this: Yeah! They also had instant replay and player bios incorporated into their deliveries, which made basketball into less of a hundred-point sensory assault. It helped a ton to see recorded strengths and weaknesses balanced out with the immediacy of the commentator's attention to detail. Seeing the comprehensive stats in Valve's DotA stream made me feel like I should consult my doctor for an adderall prescription before TI6 if I want to understand anything.
  5. Photos of things

    What's going on with your partially chewed escape key?! Also: fantastic numpad-- Is one of those faces a Helghast? Also also: nice shots
  6. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Ahh! I friggin' love Mac DeMarco. Your link's been blocked but it was a great reminder/endorsement to pick this record up! He also just put up a bunch of new stuff on Makeout Videotape's bandcamp for free- I'm listening now and it fits pretty well into summer, too
  7. "Oh my god...they've got so many fuckin' bits" I had to track down the Breckon/Remo Far Cry 2 soundtrack:
  8. The Official Video Game Music Corner

    Subscribed! I am now definitely a fan of Rob Hubbard's stuff.
  9. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Yeahhh, I can see how that could happen. I likely would have been the same way, but I found out more than halfway through the series. Sold! I've got NOS4A2 on hold at my library. Ah! I didn't recognize his name at first, and I would've been wary of anyone wanting to direct a live-action We3 but then I saw Troma movies AND Guardians of the Galaxy in his filmography and now I think you're right-- he's kiiinda perfect for the job.
  10. I feel like a video game idiom is slowly being built around Fallout Shelter, where playing a game's mechanics well beyond their intended scope without actually breaking the game could be called 'letting the pope in'. It was good to hear Steve Gaynor on the show! I listened to every Tone Control before I had delved into the Thumbs episodes, so this was a good refresher. Hooray!
  11. What is the Nadir of the Simpsons?

    Growing up, I wasn't allowed to watch The Simpsons until it was already running out of what made it interesting. I started watching the initial airing of episodes around season 10 (I was twelve), and stuck with the new stuff until season 14. While I was doing that, three different stations were airing reruns of the first seven seasons five days a week, so I got caught up pretty quickly. I distinctly remember seeing How I Spent My Strummer Vacation and thinking the show had lost its cohesive creativity; that, coupled with the couch gag from the episode, summed it up (from the episode's wiki): So while it's not a definitive low point, I'd say season nine was when the show's laurels had started to wilt. Looking at their ratings from season 8 to season 10, they lost ten million viewers. Ten million! Holy jeez! It's only in season 12 that they start to regain that audience, but it's in that same season that I remember the guest stars started feeling more gimmicky than functional. It felt like they were using the star power to pull people back. It's been scraping the bottom of the barrel for some time, though. (aside: At the end of season 8, writers/showrunners Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein left and eventually made , and for me that's when cartoon writing took a new upswing into the fantastic. If anyone reading this hasn't seen it, git on it!)
  12. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Between that and Jamie XX's In Colour it's been a pretty great summer for upbeat stuff, eh? Yeah! Even Innerspeaker got pretty meh after a couple of tracks. Currents feels like it plays pretty damn well the whole way through.
  13. The Official Video Game Music Corner

    I'm pretty unfamiliar with C64 music, but this seems really complex and awesome and somewhat...unnecessary for a Robocop game: How did you even find that? So good!
  14. Favorite Level in a video game

    Yus! A million times yussss. Multiplayer: Grid from Perfect Dark. Had some great stand-offs in the Matrix-esque lobby, and nothing felt better than blowing the glass floor out from under people. So many great levels already mentioned! Nostalgiasm.