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  1. Playscape: Los Angeles - Brendon Chung

    Love the show so far. I'm really impressed with the guests right out of the gate. There are plenty of talks on their personal history, but having these more intimate discussions has been something missing from most dev interviews. I'm really in love with how open Teddy is in these almost-diary intros. I hope these continue in some form when he moves to Sqeenix!
  2. (I'm newer to these forums though I've been a longtime listener of the cast. Let's see where this goes!) Premise/Gameplay Gerbilsinspace and I have been working on the Wizard Jam together using the episode title "World of Blanks." The basic premise of which is an offensive russian roulette using something like Towerfall or Samurai Gunn as a design base. We're shooting for 1-4 players, each having a revolver containing six shots, five of which are blanks. each shot takes a moment to recover from and reloading paralyzes the player momentarily. They must eliminate other players to remain the last person standing. I want to keep the scope real small so we have a more realistic goal to shoot for (though I'm the air-headed artist/designer so I'm always Double-checking with Gerbil to see what's doable.) The features I was hoping to have at a minimum: Local 2 players (though hopefully 4) 1-2 maps 2 playable characters to select from (shooting for 4) If we got this much done, I would come away a happy little boy! Styyyyyle! (Characters and animation) I wanted the game and characters to be themed around luck, statistics and chaos. So I got to concepting a batch of characters made from luck totems. Lady Luck: A dice-headed six-shooter Maneki-Neko: One of those hand-waving cats you see in windows all the time with little coin medallions. His medallion would be a fractured bullet, they're actually really appealing when they split... Misunderstood: I wanted a character based on video game RNG, so of course Missingno comes to mind. He's a random set of numbers running around the map and glitching constantly. Or is he random? The Soul out of Luck: A ghost which is our joke character. His bullets do no harm and shooting him triggers a death animation which ends in another ghost coming out of his previous ghost corpse. A one-legged Rabbit: Just a coin-flip away from death. A black cat: The inverse of the Lucky-cat? Disc Lincoln: A lucky penny that roooolls around. Horseshoe crab... thing: I'm runnin' out of ideas, guys. A ladder to walk under: come on, what?? Here are some links to character sketches: I made some quick test animations for Gerbil to use in-engine while I worked on designs and other assets for menus and such. This triangle-man probably doesn't fit with the theme at all, but since he's done I guess he's in. It's basically Bill from Gravity falls or the triangle from nuclear throne. Sue me! Animations: idle, running, reloading, jumping, firing, and dying. Here are some Misunderstood test animations. Since he's made from text we can't be lazy and flip him, I'll have to make left and right running/shooting sprites respectively. I like him a lot because I can't help but animate with a cartoony look, so this is a great way to add bizarre variety to the characters. The more left-field designs are in multiplayer games, the more they appealed to me. You bet I'd pick the monster blob or writhing bug-lady over big-sword anime guy any day of the week. Animations: idle, run, reload, fire. His idle animation spells "chillin" frame-by-frame in binary. Can you read the rest?
  3. [Dev Log] World of Blanks: Gunnin' Six

    PORTRAITS! Guest-starring Evan, a buddy of mine for the Waluigi portrait! And some Unfortunate sprites.
  4. [RELEASE] Call of the Winter Monarch, a puzzle game

    Be still my beating heart... These watercolors are incredible. I'm- I'm sorry, my crying has made the colors bleed.
  5. [RELEASE] Button Frenzy

    Wow, those controllers look like delicious clay... I love how far you're taking this comically simple concept. It looks so goood! I love your summer peach-cream color palette. Cannot wait to play it.
  6. [Release] Shtone Hemge

    Oh goodness. This is becoming my Wizard GOTY.
  7. [RELEASE] A Very Meowy Christmas

    Ohboyohboy, I can't wait to hear my goofy voice come out of those cat nuns! Check that off my bucketlist.
  8. [Dev Log] World of Blanks: Gunnin' Six

    What about the winter/holiday theme??? Huh? Holiday? Oh, uh... Hmm... We'll figure it out. -Jogurt Engine/Coding? Shieeeet, homie. I don't know! As far as engine/coding goes. Gerbil will be in here later to throw in his two cents the we could all learn a lot from! You excited as I am?
  9. [Dev Log] World of Blanks: Gunnin' Six

    And here are a few separate effects elements as well. Dust-kick-up from jump Bullet casings from each shot Gun image to fall with phsyics from a character once shot UI Design/Flow To give myself a big-picture idea of every screen we needed assets for, I mocked up the general UI flow. This helps better remind me what we need. Temp Logo For most UI elements I've been shooting off loose sketches just to figure out sizing on screen. For example these character portraits are 480x1080, so you could fit exactly four across one screen. (These are reduced to 60% size for preview purposes.) Tiled background element for character-select and pause screens (grayscale so we can make whatever color we want, or make a slow color-cycle.)
  10. Artists

    Heyyo! I'm dying to make small, bizarre, interactive toys/games with programmers. I draw things and work primarily in 2D. Here's my site: and here's a blog: If anyone is interested in making small things with me, just ask.