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  1. Hey All, I've been messing around with Unity and C# and have been working my way through the following online courses: Learn to Code by Making Games - The Complete Unity Developer (Udemy) C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners (Microsoft VIrtual Academy) They've been super helpful, but I'm looking around for some other resources that focus on teaching C# to programming beginners. I've taken some fundamentals courses in the past so I have a lot of the basics down, but don't really know where to go to take things further. Any suggestions? Like I said, I'm still a beginner, but I'm trying to find a good progression of online courses (free/affordable), books, etc. that will help me become a proficient, and potentially employable, programmer. I know that it'll likely take me a few years to obtain the skills and experiences to qualify for even an entry level programming position (within games or not), but I'm up for the challenge. I just need some help getting there. NOTE: I'm the kind of learner that likes to use multiple formats. With that said, I'm definitely getting tired of listening to people talk all the time and would LOVE to find a good book that has assignments and the like. Thanks for any help that ya'll can offer! Cheers, Alyx
  2. Hello! I've been listening to Idle Thumbs for a few years now, but haven't spent much time exploring its online community. I've been meaning to participate in the Game Development threads and thought I'd start with a question... What are some games that have good level editors for anyone interested in experimenting with level design? I'm not looking for anything specific, just something to get my feet wet and keep me busy. I've been reading through Steve Gaynor's old design blog (as well as other design blogs like Radiator run by Robert Yang), which has been helpful, but thought I'd ask around online. Thanks! ~ Alyx