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  1. Finally had some time this weekend to make some good visible progress
  2. [Dev Log] Esophagus Sarcophagus

    Definitely Medieval Gross
  3. Nothing flashy so far. I've just been making fun editor tools to simplify the process of organizing words while Justin works on the networking code.
  4. [RELEASED] Tactical Gamer Chair

    Will there be a rad chair trick system?
  5. Rollin' With The Pope

    Finally, the papal action platforming this heretical world needs.
  6. UPDATE! Though the actual game is still far from finished you can play Build the Nublar: Evolved: Prologue, the world's first text-based dinosaur theme park builder, right now! ____________________________________________ ORIGINAL POST So, this is gonna be a weird one. For Wizard Jam 2 years ago I made a game called Build the Nublar. It was a pretty straightforward dinosaur theme park builder and you can play it over here: https://nkornek.itch.io/build-the-nublar For a long time I've actually wanted to come back to the game and flesh it out further, but I refused to just go with a straightforward "add more content" approach. I wanted to change the focus of the game as much as possible. Recently, I came up with an idea of how to do that. My favourite part of the original game was actually that it was impossible to succeed at for more than a few in-game days. No matter what you did eventually the dinosaurs would break out and start eating people, causing you to move irreversibly closer to bankruptcy. I realized that if I took this hidden system and made it the core loop of the game I could make something very unique: A theme park builder roguelike. So, here's the gist: You build your dinosaur theme park, survive as long as possible, and inevitably fail. Then, just like the real Jurassic Park, you come back a few years later and just rebuild right back on top of the ruins of your past attempt, with slightly better tech and potentially salvaging some of your old buildings. The catch: Any dinos that survived your previous attempt can re-emerge from the wilderness to ruin your day. The only problem: Somewhere in the past 2 years I lost all of the source files to the original game. SO I've started remaking the entire thing from scratch. Over the past few weeks I've been working to get some of the baseline systems up and running again, however I'm well aware that there's no chance of my getting all of these goals accomplished by the end of Wizard Jam. I mostly just want to use the next 2 weeks as a chance to really focus my free time towards advancing the project and getting as much as I can done. I may keep this dev log going long after the jam ends just to share progress as I go. ANYWAYS The game is looking pretty cool so far. Having two more years of experience doing programmer art means that the game will look significantly prettier than it did in the past. Here's some progress: I'm keeping the 2D cutout style for the characters and dinosaurs but this time they're rigged onto 3D meshes that can be fully animated. The effect is quite silly looking: The people now come in both Pants Wearing and Dress Wearing forms The snazzy new Visitor's center (This one is a static image but the little fires burn and the fans on the big A/C unity spin, it looks great) And there's still a lot more to come! I've mostly been working on back-end systems like camera control and building placement but now that those are mostly done I can spend the jam focused on making cool content. So stay tuned for updates!
  7. I ran into a similar issue where I clicked the little "?" box and a big white square appeared that covered most of the screen and wouldn't go away. Neat idea though! Also, don't forget to mark your build's platform compatibility when you upload it so that people can access it through the itch app.
  8. Because of this I actually just went and looked up how to disable the default back/forward buttons in Twine because they really don't work with how this game was designed.
  9. [Released] Stream Frasier Online Free

    This was incredible. I really liked the twist as it went. My only complaint is that I can't click the X on the browser window in the menu to quit
  10. [dev log] A Wish Upon A Star

    This is incredible! So well done, congratulations! I did find one small bug where I could clip parts of a level through one of the rotating pieces but it's pretty minor
  11. I'm glad that the horrors of capitalism still come through even in text form.
  12. UPDATE! Late last night I put the finishing touches on Build the Nublar: Evolved: Prologue You can play this big ridiculous text-only version of the game right here: https://nkornek.itch.io/build-the-nublar-evolved
  13. So since I haven't been able to get as much of the main game done as I wanted I decided to do something silly. Therefore, I'm pleased to announce that Build the Nublar: Evolved: Prologue is coming soon.
  14. Starting some work on the new research center. I'm trying to go for a kind of "modern university building" aesthetic with this one. I'm unfortunately pretty wiped from this week of work and stuff so I'm kind of bummed that I haven't been able to get as much done during the jam as I would have liked but that's life I guess.
  15. [RELEASED] The Octopus Affair

    I can't think of aquariums without thinking about this: https://youtu.be/C0ubqejsqJQ?t=1m28s
  16. [Released] Stream Frasier Online Free

    That looks so good! I can't wait to play this.
  17. Fun facts: The wooden crates here are the same model that I made for I Have No Mouth and I Must Freeman and the little forklift is something that I made for a game that I never released not long after I finished the original BtN.
  18. Finished up the new dock tonight! And best of all... Little chug chug friend.
  19. Ugh, I'm having a super busy work week so I don't think I'm gonna manage to get as much done this jam as I would have liked
  20. [dev log] A Wish Upon A Star

    This is looking awesome so far. Well done!
  21. Working on the new dock structure. In the previous version the docks were really hard to place since you needed to have terrain that was flat enough and also near water. This time around, the dock will be a larger structure that will be pre-placed for you so that I don't need to worry about any of that stuff
  22. [RELEASED] The Octopus Affair

    Oh man, that aquarium is starting to look real good.