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  1. New post:


     I have a game out called THE RED MUMMY (more info down further in thread)


    Here's the link to itch.io to download!





    Original post:


    Hi everyone, I'm the guy who made the weirdo Pause Screen From BattleToads for #wizardjam, and I thought I'd drop by and show you what I'm working on! You guys ignited a desire to game makes in me, so now you will be cursed to watch me flail about trying to make a new thing!
    Anyway here's what I'm attempting: a few experimental mini-games ruminating on tropes from 16 bit JRPGs and Action Adventure games. I'm just starting this and put up a
    Any feedback would be very appreciated/helpful. I didn't say in the video but I'm putting this together with GameMaker Studio.
    Thanks, dudes. You are all awesome.


  2. Thanks! Most the stuff that seems like references is probably just weird stuff put in by me, haha. The beginning is just the start of level 2 of Battletoads as best as I could emulate it. Though it might be helpful to understand exactly what Battletoads pause screen did: it just froze, no text or anything, sometimes the sprites would have chunks missing, and that loud inexplicable beat would play nonstop. It's quite a memorable thing.

  3. I didn't feel there was a disconnect between the music/theme and the art style. The all gray pencil markings put me in the mind of someone jotting down lazily in a notepad. Someone tired of the mundane nature of everything.

    Mood-wise, it was pushing the Hotline Miami buttons pretty hard. But I assume that would all shift once you get out of the car and uh...don't murder everything.

  4. I gotta say, Dot Gobbler is the winner so far for me. For the whole jam. I just love the gloopy alt take on Pac Man, like a different reality where everyone lives underground and things are half-melted! I love the animations and just the whole feel of it. I think it totally deserves to be spanned into something bigger! Like a half-brawler half-cartographic dungeon crawl with strange alterations on all the Pac Man tropes.


    Really liked The Wizard too. I didn't realize it was beatable until someone above said so. I had found Breckon and all the weapons...but going back the solution was right there. Lots of fun! 

  5. I mislabeled a variable and that was what was causing the crash! Ut oh! If you got that crash I'm sorry. Re-download and it should be fixed now!


    The interplay between all the different "Pause" states was the jankiest, most poorly coded, part of this here My First Game. I guess it makes sense given the theme is all about pausing,..but yeah, I learned a lot!

  6. I would have thought I reached the end if not for one of the screen-shots.

    Did you think the "Logo Reveal" was the end? There was something I wanted to put in to communicate there is more there, but didn't have time.

    So happy about the reception so far. It's totally making my day!

    Re: the screenshots. Yes, I thought I had to clue people in that you need to sort of TRY to break the game at the beginning. The first thing you do is almost a barrier to entry.

    Also, "pausing" along to the beat is reccomended for sure. I started that up as soon as I got that effect in!

  7. Thanks a lot guys! Lots of fun being had with this jam and making my first game!



    Lately I've been very interested in playable glitching. I'm look forward to see your approach to the inherent obstacles in juxtaposing broken with playable.


    Haha. Bonus if you can tell the  glitches I created purposely versus the ones due to bad coding! I'm into glitchy games like Michael Brough's work (Corrypt) and some others (Ffords, Slime Bomb Knight). Hoping to pay homage to some of that.


    I think it's mostly done. What I'm making now is the "Ending Screen." Can't wait for everyone to play it!



  8. Is anyone else having dreams about their game?

    I've never coded anything this hardcore before, and I can't seem to wake up the past week without thinking my alarm clock is somehow tied into the alarm variables/ steps in my game. It's super stressful l!