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  1. NO WAY Jake always has a charm and affability about him. He's no Chad!
  2. Well, as a man named Richard who was 100% satisfied with season 3, it was a dream come true.
  3. I've never, ever gotten the feeling that Lynch has contempt for his viewers. When Lynch is mad at something, he gives us goofy scenes like Mr. Eddy's tirade against inconsiderate drivers in Lost Highway--which can directly be traced to a drive he took with Michael Anderson before that movie. Lynch loves Twin Peaks. You really think he'd fight so hard for a large budget and 18 episodes instead of 9 because he hates his audience and wants to laugh at your expense? I really don't think there are many--if any--creators out there at all who are motivated by hatred of their fans. Creators aren't 4chan trolls. You don't spend so much time and energy and passion into making something just because it might make someone mad.
  4. For anyone who hasn't watched the early parts of the season recently, I'll share something from a recent rewatch of episode 3: It seems that the events of Episode 18 were Cooper's original "mission." Before he leaves the Lodge in episode 3, Mike tells him to remember the numbers 430 (the number of miles he'll drive before...whatever happens) and Richard and Linda 2 birds with 1 stone. Cooper says he understands. Leland similarly tasks him with "Find Laura." As he's walking down the familiar Black Lodge hallway, something prevents him from entering the part in the curtain. Seemingly, it's the fact that Bad Coop has found a way to not have to come back into the Lodge. After Bad Coop has been returned to the Lodge, this section of curtain in episode 18 is shaking uncontrollably and Cooper is reaching toward it while he's about halfway down the hall.
  5. My brain is a jumble right now, so this post is going to be too. That was EXACTLY what I wanted. My greatest fear going into the finale was that they were going to tie everything up with a neat little bow. The reason that Twin Peaks and FWWM endured for so many years--for me at least--was that the series lore seemed to make some kind of sense in a way that I could never grasp. This finale keeps the mystery going. There are so many questions. *What happened to Audrey? *What the hell was Gotta Light even about? *Is it future or is it past? Fuck, I loved this so much. I can't remember the last time I've been so completely satisfied after watching a series/movie etc. Just some fun food for thought: Jeffries shows Cooper the number 8 which resembles a mobius strip, a theory that people love to force on everyone of Lynch's movies. Thought that was pretty funny. The episode itself was incredible.Cooper definitely didn't seem like Cooper after he came out of the lodge. His face during the sex scene was really unsettling. And I love how quietly terrifying that whole last episode was. Diane seeing herself by the hotel lobby and then it was somehow scarier when in the next frame she wasn't there any longer. Then Cooper (Richard?) comes out of a different hotel and gets in a different car. And the whole night drive back to Twin Peaks was so scary. I'm going to be thinking about this for a long, long time. Fucking brilliant. Also, everyone should put everything on Youtube. Maybe David Lynch will make you a hero someday. Freddie was fantastic.
  6. I think the only way this finale could disappoint me is if they answer everything. What made Twin Peaks such a wonderful experience for me was all of the questions surrounding the lodge and lore. It felt internally consistent but in a way that I was never going to really figure out. And the scariest things are the unknowable things. Leave a little bit of mystery and I'll be happy. If we get anything approaching what Lynch did with the end of season 2, I'll be over the goddamn moon.
  7. Real Roadhouse was probably the one manned by a Renault. Where three minutes were spent sweeping up peanuts and THE Nine Inch Nails weren't playing to a huge crowd.
  8. I suppose Diane and Naido are probably related? DoppleDiane says she's in the Sheriff's station. (Also how great was it that after that intense, dangerous encounter the only thing Gordon Cole says is "Sheriff's Station?" If Naido and Diane are related, that's a really fun reversal of dramatic irony. The audience never knew what Diane looked like, otherwise we would have recognized her in (the white lodge?) Agent Cooper's Wild ride during episode 3. We also would have known that Laura Dern Diane was a fake.
  9. Were all the roadhouse scenes some kind of Audrey hallucination? Her dancing was equally outrageous to James's song.
  10. That Hutch and Chantel sequence felt Cohen brothers-esque. Loved it. Was very happy to see them get filled full of holes. Hats of to you, insurance Uzi man. COOP! COOOOOOOOP! This damn season has made me cry so much. That scene with Cooper saying goodbye to Janey-E and Sonny Jim was gut-wrenching. Who was Diane a placeholder for?! How the hell am I going to make it to next Sunday?
  11. Important If True 26: Get Hype

    Ooo baby, you can pay what it's worth
  12. Not sure if Chris meant to, but at 1:12:45 he refers to Z.Z. Top as The Z.Z. Top and it made my whole damn day. Love this podcast.
  13. Finally ended up watching Sunset Blvd. tonight. I could swear someone on this forum mentioned it holding up very well and maybe naming children after it? Can't seem to find the post, but hats off to you fellow thumbs citizen. The movie does hold up very well. That's all I'll say about it because I think it benefits from going in without much prior knowledge. Can definitely see the little homages that Lynch pays to the film in Mulholland Dr.