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  1. I've always thought of "Bro" as flauntingly misogynistic, and inherently against feminine qualities in men, save for good hygiene. I've never heard any of the listed podcasts as bro-y, but would say that 1UP Yours was the closest at times. That being said, I had beers with Garnett Lee last month and he was an awesome, super modest guy. Not bro-y at all.
  2. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    My availability is going to be sparse that weekend. 10 year high school reunion. Ping Pong looks... weird. Definitely want to check it out.
  3. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    Are you telling me that there are only TWO arcs in the whole show!?
  4. Vanilla Starcraft and Brood War would only match you with people playing the same game you were. I believe this was dependent on which disc you had in.
  5. I think it very much depends on the style of game, and whether you're locking more, equally balanced choices, or if it becomes a pay-to-win situation.
  6. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    Hmm, I didn't realize everyone else was using real names. I'm going to think about whether I should change that or not... Maybe Gorm should update the original post with our names and some short blurb about the podcast, and eventually a link to wherever we're hosting it.
  7. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    It's definitely a faster paced show, but the characters are terribly written in comparison. They're not consistent. They don't learn. They're like walking plot conveniences. I don't have a single character I like on the show at the moment, other than maybe some of the kids, but that's because I can't blame them as easily for being annoying.
  8. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    ooo I'd be really excited for that episode. Can we also compare it to Legend of Korra and explain why the latter is awful?
  9. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    The reason we're thinking of just moving on is to keep the ball rolling. I've seen projects like this get stuck on waiting for one thing to be done, and then the whole thing falls apart. I'd like us to do another episode, though it's my first, and I'll take a stab at editing it since I probably have more spare time for doing so, and we'll see how it goes.
  10. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    Cross-posted from the private discussion, in case people aren't paying attention to that discussion anymore, or if anyone who isn't in there wants to join in. Alright, so if people want to do another episode just to keep the ball rolling, I've gone ahead and set up another Doodle poll for next weekend. If we want to plan a specific anime to talk about, I've been watching Kekkai Sensen. It's new, about 5 episodes or so into its first season. I am open to something else if someone has something cool they want everyone to watch. Otherwise, bring whatever else you've been watching to the table. Here's the poll:
  11. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Welcome new peeps!
  12. Where in the World - Idle Thumbs Map

    Yay, more Vancouver thumbs!
  13. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    Nobody likes their own voice. You just have to really expose yourself to it. If you pay attention to anyone who speaks in public, there are plenty with weird voices, but those weird voices just become THEIR voices and we stop thinking about it. You'll come around on it.
  14. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    Again, I have a fair amount of free time, so I'm willing to help out or take over if you want. Are all of the sound files available? I could take a stab at doing a quick edit and see how it turns out.
  15. Welcome to WIZARD JAM

    I normally do the same, more fun to experiment. However, this time I'm going to try to complete something.
  16. I kind of want to take this audio and edit the Gater out. Just Jeff speaking to himself some positive truths about the industry. He spoke very well.
  17. Team Building Thread

    I'm looking to make a single-screen physics-based badminton-esque game based on "Rich Uncle, Cool Uncle". One player gets to be Rich Uncle, the other Cool Uncle, and they must face off in the sportiest of sports. They'll each have unique abilities and it will be physics based. I am the only person on my team so far and I'll be using C#/Unity to build the game. I've done 7 game jams so far making things like a platformer, shmup, beat'em up and an oculus game. I could use an artist and audio engineer. I have no claim on visual style yet, so that's still to be figured out. Come join me!
  18. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    I'm going to try to guarantee that Sunday slot by later today. So, within 4 or 5 hours I should know. Codicier, if you ever can't do the audio editing/production stuff, I'd like to be the fallback. Really want to cut my teeth on that process.
  19. I like the idea of doing a fishing game. I'm fairly familiar with C# and Unity if you want to team up. Looks like the time constraint is two weeks.
  20. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    I would say you have time to figure the format out, so don't worry about any little games or time fillers yet. Honestly, with it being new, you don't need it to be that long at the get go. You won't know the chemistry between people yet, or where your tangents normally go, and knowing that will help structure the podcast more narrowly if you need to. I like the idea of doing it book club style, watching one movie or episode/season of a show and then discussing it. That would be really interesting to listen to even if I didn't know who was talking, or if I hadn't seen it myself. Have you thought about doing a short news segment or anything? I find they're best if kept to just 1 or 2 of the biggest or most interesting news items. Whatever will spur discussion. I might volunteer to do production as well as being on occasionally if you guys want. This weekend is really busy for me though, so my availability is crap.
  21. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    This seems like a really cool idea and I have a great audio set up for this. Unfortunately, I barely watch any new anime these days. If you guys decide to do a rewind episode where you cover some old stuff I'd be down for coming on. I guess I still watch new anime movies every once in a while, so that could work out too. Audacity would work for any local recordings. Once everyone has their local recording going, I recommend a 3-2-1 CLAP for each person, in turn, to make lining the audio files up much easier later.
  22. How about a tier of possible victories? Murderer - Best win Accomplice - Lesser win Wrongly Accused - Failure
  23. Where in the World - Idle Thumbs Map

    Added myself to Vancouver, BC. Though I might have covered up Juv3nal since I think neither of us put a postal code. And now there's another! I'd like to meet some other thumbs in the area if possible