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  1. Pretty good I'd say. It really depends on battery tech but Nintendo has been putting out upgrades of it's handhelds at a reasonable clip for years now so I would say it's inevitable that a console that can smooth out some of the rough frame rate edges comes out at some point
  2. Destiny

    Some Destiny 2 news today! Basically all that was said is your character will transfer but only class and appearance not XP or items. You will get some kind of bonus for having a legacy account or something though. The bigger news is that at the end of March Destiny 1 will get it's last live event which will be something of a farewell to the game. More details next week but my money is on old raids and maybe one or two new missions. Once we know more I'll try and get some groups together for whatever it is.
  3. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I got mine early and here are my thoughts so far: I wish it had a real D-Pad but it seems fine. Oh and the screen's real nice.
  4. This is what I'm getting at. The exact scenario I laid out above may not happen all that often but it's only a slight variation on what does happen all the time which is someone will mention something about what Nintendo has done, which is followed by one or two people going "yeah that sucks" and then Regie tells a dad joke or Miyamoto put's on a dumb hat and the conversation about whatever shit Nintendo pulled turns into more praise for Nintendo and the prior topic is treated as having been discussed when it really wasn't. Assuming it ever even was.
  5. I don't know that Grand Theft Auto IV is super loved these days so not really? I'm sure it's good (and I'm also sure that you don't think a metacritic score is what makes a game the greatest ever but this is a #gameing forum and thus feel complied to argue against this ) but I suspect in a few years people will talk about how it's a fun and very, maybe even impeccably well designed sandbox that borrows too much of it's aesthetic from other things to really stand out on it's own as the revaluation it's billed as. That may well just be me projecting tough. Every time I've tried to go back and play a Zelda game I mostly find myself thinking about all the ways it lifts 90% of its plot and art from infinitely better Ghibli movies and adds little to them. My other thoughts on the games reception: On the one hand I'm glad that Zelda is pretty damn good but on the other I'm not looking forward to every compliant about Nintendo being met with "But Zelda is so good!" "I'm really not thrilled with the way they sexually objectified minors in Fire Emble~" "But Zelda!" "The Microtransactions in this smart phone game are kin~" "ZELDA!" "The way they fired that women due to a targeted harassment cam~" "BUT ZELDA!"
  6. Legion (FX series)

    Yeah I'm up episode two and that very much seems to be the case. Hopefully it stays that way as some qualms about the way it handles metal health stuff aside I'm digging it.
  7. Legion (FX series)

    My thoughts on the first episode:
  8. The McElroy Family of Products

    So how does Seeso work? Is it like Netflix where they put it all up at once or is it a new episode each week?
  9. That dude is maybe the toughest fight in the main game. Not as though as the first boss of the DLC who is an absolute NIGHTMARE ON EVERY CONCEIVABLE LEVEL. Also is your TV kinda high up? It looks like you have to keep your head at an odd angle in that video.
  10. Night in the Woods

    I finished this today and I really loved it and now wish every adventure game was like this because it's much better then all of them but also I sorta know some of the people who made it so I suspect I might be biased but anyways AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  11. Nioh is good in the way a lot of video games are but not in the way the souls games are, so depending on what you want you may well prefer it but I wouldn't say it's better then the Souls games anymore then I would say Die Hard is better then some random art movie. It's ultimately very different from the Souls but still good, I just don't think it's the end all be all critics make it out to be.
  12. Night in the Woods

    This game is rad
  13. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    Real talk, I unironically really like Mouth Moods as an album. *goes back to pretentious indie rock about being sad but in like, a cool way*
  14. If you aren't shy about co oping you're way through I would think you could cut a good 10+ hours off of that but even then it tooooooo loooooong. And it's not even the sub-missions that do it most of those are short and satisfying and none of the main missions are bad either there's just too damn much of it.
  15. Okay I did manage to beat it last night and I would say it's a solid B but not a full A+ SSS Bloodborne level game. I suspect we will still be seeing think pieces about the Souls years from now, and I think the only things we'll be seeing about Nioh is articles about how it's not *really* a souls game (which is fair) and eventually all the way it falls short of the comparison (it does). A good sequel could really make this something special for sure though.
  16. I'm pretty sure that Nioh never ends and that Team Ninja is just making levels hard enough that I can't finish them before they've made a new one. Seriously though this game is like 20 to 30 hours too damn long. I've reached a point where none of the levels put up much of a fight bosses included so I'd really like to get to hard mode but, it, just, keeps, going, on, and, on, and, on, and on. It's like when you go back to play a souls game you've already beaten and everything takes half as long because you know all the tricks but for some reason they've doubled the number of levels to drag it out.
  17. Pokemon Moon (beautiful) and Sun (more beautiful)

    You can fly to the daycare. It's just a little bit up and to the right of that cowboy town. It has a smaller indicater then full towns do though.
  18. Victor Vran: Witcherin' Diablo, Geralt style

    Bayonetta but instead of Fly Me To The Moon it's Man I Feel Like A Women.
  19. Victor Vran: Witcherin' Diablo, Geralt style

    I really want the version of this that is like 90's country music instead of metal. Where's the version of this where I kill a thousand skeletons and then Shania Twain shows up and tells me about how it didn't impress her much and then proceeds to behead a demon with a green rarity sword?
  20. It's especially interesting since as far as I can tell William Adams wasn't actually Irish. Also I feel like there might be an article about how western cultural imperialism is the norm to such a degree that even the Japanese are making samurai games about white dudes but William Adams has long been a part of Japanese history so whatever. Still a little odd though.
  21. I went ahead and picked this up because rampant consumerism is the only thing that can distract me from the fact that literally everything is on fire all of the time now and about two hours in it's, okay? It's very traditionally gamey in ways the Souls games aren't and at the moment just proves why the Souls games don't have things like skill trees and cutscenes. So far all of the women have been pretty reasonably designed so that's a pleasant surprise. At two hours in this could all change though.
  22. That's a pretty sharp drop off after 9 there. Though I'd maybe put A.I. higher up myself.