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  1. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    At least the PC version definitely does have a splash screen where you choose between playing Enemy Unknown or Enemy Within. I'm playing through the EW campaign for the very first time currently, and having a great time with it. I don't think it's that much more complex than the base game: there are a few extra avenues for improving soldiers, some extra mission types and unique missions, but the backbone is largely the same.
  2. GOTY of the Year

    I think I played exactly 5 of this year's games that I think are noteworthy, which is very convenient if you're making a top 5: 1. Nier: Automata 2. Yakuza 0 3. Persona 5 4. West of Loathing 5. What Remains of Edith Finch
  3. So yesterday I was feeling lazy and decided to just cook what I had in the fridge: parsnips, broccoli, cabbage, kale and some white fish. Parsnips and broccoli in one pot with some fried onions and garlic, a pinch of curry powder and just a touch of chili powder (no water needed!); kale and cabbage stir-fried with some garlic and a touch of turmeric on a wok; white fish griddled with a bit of salt and black pepper. It was enough for yesterday's dinner and three extra lunchboxes: This is what one of the boxes looked like: And finally warmed up and plated!
  4. I regret to inform Dan Ryckert is at it again. I closed the newest Exquisite Corps 7:30 in before I felt angry about it. I feel like Dan is just dragging this feature down with no other payoff other than "I get to play an asshole".
  5. I just watched it. It was a different kind of frustration, though: Dan is vaguely competent at the game, but his "I am the only important soldier" bit was more important to him than anything else. urgh. Also, apparently I don't know whether that's the case because I haven't played Enemy Within, but if so that's a huge bummer.
  6. West of Loathing

    I've played about 6h of this game and I am enjoying it a lot! I'm still to open up the coastal area and I'm trying to follow as many side quests as I can, but it still feels like there is a lot of stuff I'm missing and a lot of ways things could have gone differently up to now, which I love. I might jump into a second playthrough with a different class as soon as I finish it.
  7. The newest Exquisite Corps might have been the first time Bad Play has made me actually angry in years of Giant Bomb. Also, Dan "doesn't get" eggs. I love the Beastcast but it's been so hard to listen to every time Dan decided to do some of his bits.
  8. The Big VR Thread

    oh, the in-car view was on top of the car, but I thought that was intended. yes, running it from SteamVR closed opened up SteamVR and launched the game, everything just worked right the very first time I tried it.
  9. The Big VR Thread

    I'll test it later today on my Vive! edit: it works fine! a couple of comments: 1) room scale required me to sit quite far from my computer to be able to read the text, since I only had a keyboard available and couldn't recenter. Also, because I only had a keyboard available, that was difficult. 2) It looks fantastic, especially on the zoomed out camera! However, there's something that just felt wrong about head movement in that camera, it made me feel a bit sick after some minutes. I don't know that much about VR to know exactly what was wrong, if anything, but it's something you might want to look into. Other than that, it was really cool to see one of my favourite Wizard Jam games in VR!
  10. I saw someone speculate that they'll create characters with their likenesses and each one will play their own character. I love that idea and it would fit well given the name of the feature, but they'd need more than 4 characters! In any case, I'm excited to see what they came up with.
  11. It's like the best and emptiest breakfast radio show at the same time and I love it. Ben and Abby are so good. I swear to god, every single "hell no!" cracked me up again.
  12. Hey, let's talk about good things! It was worth going through 45 minutes of that if only to hear Brad say "D-Donald Duck is a WARLOCK". Also, what do you think the gimmick of this playthrough will be? They've mentioned that this is a "TOTALLY NORMAL PLAYTHROUGH" multiple times, so there's got to be a catch. I'm thinking they might have Jeff and Jason instead of Ben and Brad for the next episode and keep alternating, so that no one ever knows exactly what is going on.
  13. Another big difference is that Dan explicitly says he thinks "capitalism is great". I think you might be giving him much more of a pass than he deserves. (there were three or four instances of Old-Dan in this Beastcast episode alone, The Walmart Thing was the most egregious but definitely not the only one)
  14. Every time I'm starting to come around and think Dan is becoming a better person, a huge bummer like this week's Beastcast happens and I'm back to actively hating him.
  15. This episode convinced me that, from the long list of silly things our podcast hosts have come up with throughout these years, Lord Hoistmas might be the silliest. I love it.
  16. As someone who lives in the world of theoretical physics, the commonplace perception that scientists don't think about any ramifications of their work is not only fair but also terribly accurate, at least of most of the people around me. It's very very easy to become oblivious of potential unforeseen consequences of your work when you're super focused on the details. (edit: I imagine it might be different in biology, where the question of ethics is more present not only in abstract terms but in practical "fill in this form about the ethics of your experiments" terms.)
  17. Today's PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS stream was fantastic, highly recommended if you missed it. You could easily make a whole Best of Giant Bomb out of it.
  18. WIZARD JAM 5 // Welcome Thread

    I have a thesis to finish, a big project at work and a bunch of ideas for games to make. If I can get the first two out of the way, I'll do something! Also I have a testimonial for people who might be on the fence about taking part: last WizJam was the very first time I ever made a game and the first time I used Unity. Since then, I've given a talk about Unity at the university, and was hired for a short project partly because I can do stuff on it. Wizard Jam is good for you!
  19. Post your face!

    those are good good photos. Also there are THREE people from Brazil in these forums and I'm a bit shocked.
  20. I think it's not quite clear how much people know about what actually happened other than "you assaulted a guy who was arguing with a woman" right off the bat. I presume that will become clearer later on and I'm hoping the game makes it clear enough that it thinks you did the right thing. I'm about 12h in and just finished the first dungeon. The disconnect between the way the themes are presented (also the themes themselves) and the way Ann is portrayed is the main thing that is bothering me. Then again, no surprises there. Other than that, it's quite literally Persona 4, but better. No more randomly generated main dungeons, more interesting boss fights, a huge number of small quality of life improvements, bigger, better, more beautiful. I still have some problems with it, some small, some significant, but overall I'm enjoying every minute of it.
  21. It has not-so-good moments, but there's stuff that happens in these things that would never see the light of day otherwise. Last year's segment with Griffin McElroy, Mary Kish, Chris Plante and Danny O'Dwyer constantly dunking on Patrick was wonderful.
  22. Arrival

    I watched it this weekend and it's probably my favourite Hollywood movie in the last, I don't know, 10 years. It's visually stunning and very well paced. Sure, it's Hollywood and it does a lot of Hollywood things, especially towards the end, but I can live with that. Also,