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  1. [Dev Log] From Earth to Pluto

    I haven't had a lot of time to work on this, I refined some of the "simulations", they're very simplistic(someone eating depletes food resource, someone working in the kitchen increases it). I have time this weekend so I'm going to focus on creating a scenario where there's a saboteur on the ship and you have to identify and isolate that person then deal with them.
  2. E3 2017

    I think this video reassured me on Samus Returns, the melee cut away parts don't seem to happen that often(and actually look like a cool risk/reward mechanic), there's still exploration and the boss fights looked interesting. I'm definitely not writing it off, I'm actually rather optimistic now.
  3. E3 2017

    Thoughts on Ubisoft. Not getting excited about BG&E2, looks so different to the original that I don't see the point other than to use the bit of brand recognition it has. It's trying way too hard to be bad ass. Ass Creed Origins looks fine, I guess. Nothing new really. Far Cry 5 looked like a lot of fun. Mario & Rabbids was the highlight for me, I'll be getting a Switch before it's released. Skull & Bones looks nice but it's not my kind of game. South Park still looks good. Sony, disappointed at the lack of release dates and the ones we did get are mainly 2018 games. Don't see the point of SOTC remake either, make something new please. Spider-Man looks cool if a bit heavy on the QTEs. God of War and Uncharted both look stunning. Days Gone is ticking all the right boxes but I'm just not getting excited over it for some reason. Detroit looks cool, despite the story looking incredibly trite. @Kolzig My flat mate said the same thing re: the xxxxxxx motherfuckers lines. EDIT: Oh and Hidden Agenda looks really interesting, looking forward to playing that with some friends.
  4. E3 2017

    Same, I'm very much looking forward to it now.
  5. E3 2017

    Anthem looked pretty but I don't think they showed off the actual game very well. There's some flight suit stuff and shooting and it's got progression I guess from the level indicators, but is it an open world? Is there a proper story and missions? Is there any single player? The canned lines sounded so phony that it took my flatmate and I a few lines to know if it was meant to be chatter from the players or generic in-game character chatter.
  6. E3 2017

    I'm looking forward to the Dishonored DLC and the new Wolfenstein, nothing from EA looked very interesting, sad to see they're running NFS into the ground by making it into a cinematic TF&TF rip off. From Microsoft Crackdown 3 might be fun, but XBOX ONE X didn't impress me at all. At least Microsoft are releasing their games side by side on Windows 10 now. Just waiting to see some Mario gameplay!
  7. [Dev Log] From Earth to Pluto

    I'm doing my best to keep it as simple as possible. Let's say everyone is hungry because you only have one chef and he's sleeping or dead, so you need someone to cook food. type 'crew' to get a crew list. Pick the ID of the person you want to reassign then type 'crew 13 setjob chef' and violla, there's your chef! Same for sending them to a room 'crew 13 setroom 2'.
  8. [Dev Log] From Earth to Pluto

    There's no sort of gravity in it, since it's entirely a text game I'm not sure what way I could make that have an impact. It's quite abstract. I've made some progress on the Crew part of the game. It's all rather crude but should work out OK, they have several needs that they need to fulfill and this will drive them to move around the ship. i.e. I'm hungry, I'll go to a room with food and that will sort that out. Ideally they'll choose a room to address multiple things(hunger, thirst & social let's say) but that's one of those, if I have the time things. I want to get the basics working first. I'm still thinking about the fiction that lends itself best to the gameplay. I'd like you to have to do a decent amount of micromanaging, like they're smart enough to go eat when they need to etc. but as far as making sure the mission goes OK that's on you. Not enough food being cooked? Order a chef to the kitchen. Engine under performing? Send an engineer to the engines etc. Lot's of things are still up in the air but I'm enjoying exploring the idea and seeing what's fun about it.
  9. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Reading this is making me want to replay Far Cry, I've never revisited it.
  10. Master of None (TV series)

    I've only watched the first 4 episodes of the new Season, I'm enjoying it so far. The First Date one was really well done and very accurate about so many things. I loved that there was no scene explaining what the app was or anything like that, the show assumes its audience will have a certain knowledge about these kinds of things.
  11. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Considering it hadn't been uploaded then you probably didn't.
  12. Me too, due to life commitments the past 2 weeks I haven't had time to play and I don't know if I'm going to go back and finish the game. I have two beasts remaining and a lot of shrines, but the more I played the more all the small annoyances added up and the more the repetition became apparent. The lack of progression outside of hearts and stamina and the fact that as he points out, almost every interesting side thing ends in a shrine kind of makes me not bothered.
  13. Yeah it's ridiculous, especially as he makes a lot of valid points which I've mentioned here, and apparently several times to my flatmate whenever he's watching me play.
  14. Ah ok, yeah I was trying to use magnesis/telekinesis on everything!
  15. @eRonin Maybe you can help me with Death Mountain then:
  16. I got through the Divine Beast in the desert area last night, but it was not exactly fun. I thought the puzzles and boss fight were interesting but the frame rate on WiiU was atrocious, it led to button presses not registering and made it very difficult to aim as well so the boss fight felt incredibly unfair and was a real chore. It's the only time so far that the frame rate has had an impact on my enjoyment of the game.
  17. I love how there's so many clever ways to use your abilities, crossing water with ice blocks never crossed my mind before! Couple of spoilers here for some amazing things in this game: Lake Akkala Big mountain in the south east
  18. My first and only horse so far is Peter, because Peter Nincompoop was too long. I haven't really been that bothered with horses as I'm often climbing up mountains and what not.
  19. I have many opinions on this game, overall I love it. I've sunk nearly 30 hours into it over the weekend, haven't done that in a long time. I'm also maybe a quarter of the way through it as far as getting to the final boss goes, so it's a hefty game as well. What I love is the exploration and the sense of wonder and awe it evokes. The closest comparison I can think of is classic WoW, you see something in the distance or hear about a far off town and you make your way there and discover so many things along the way. The quest details are sketchy enough on the details and general enough with quest markers that it's not a follow the trail point to point type of thing. Compounding this is that regions only get filled out with details of what's there when you scale the tower located in it which is often something that you will get to having completed half the content in that area, so there's a lot of going around somewhat blind and it's just wonderful, I haven't enjoyed exploring a game world this much since WoW over 10 years ago. Another thing I love is that there's no XP or levels, so you're OK with avoiding enemies, you're not thinking damn I'm missing out on XP. Upgrades come in the form of buying better armour and upgrading it, using potions you craft to boost stats or looting weapons. This takes us to something that I hate in the game, the weapon system. Weapon durability has been a known system for a while, but the speed at which weapons degrade shocked me. There's times when I get about 7 hits from a weapon before it breaks, the same goes for your bows as well so it can be really rather annoying that you're constantly swapping weapons and relying on whatever loot you get. I've so far found one place selling weapons and it's not easy to get to and it's not cheap to buy them. It's just a very frustrating system because you can just fall on bad luck and be left with no good weapons for what you have to do. At one point there was a battle that required a few bows(hello harsh weapon degradation) so I was left wandering the game world grinding for bows. This is one of 3 cool interesting systems that I think ultimately just aren't fun and drag down the game. The other is thunderstorms not letting you wear metal armour and wet weather stopping you from climbing rocks. Again, systems that because of plain bad luck screw you over, just not fun. They're not enough to stop me playing, nor is the at times atrocious performance which can make the controls a bit iffy as well. The vast interesting world, lack of guidance and sense of discovery(even in the cooking and how things in the World work) and wonder have me glued to the screen. I've so many anecdotes of the places I've visited and the things I've had to figure out or the weird strategies I used to get past places but they're probably not that interesting when reading about them, but when you're playing they're just incredible.
  20. @Kolzig I have no idea, wasn't aware there was a pirated version out there.
  21. If you're curious about how the WiiU version looks/performs there's some videos with a lot of footage on YouTube: Sees perfectly acceptable to me, I notice frame rate drops a good bit but nothing so bad that it seems to be ruining the game.
  22. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I played it for over 10 hours with a WiiU Pro controller and it was fine I thought. Not perfect since there's some things that are designed with a mouse in mind but nothing that can't be accommodated for. Reviews are starting to pop up with the consensus seeming to be it's good but you might want to wait for some more games.
  23. anyone else excited about Resident Evil 7?

    I'll read up on the story now, it is rather complicated.
  24. anyone else excited about Resident Evil 7?

    Regarding foreshadowing: I'm kinda itching for a replay, but I also kinda don't want to replay the sneaking parts which just didn't work for me. I'm looking forward to the DLC, especially the Not A Hero one which involves .
  25. anyone else excited about Resident Evil 7?

    I've finally completed it, enjoyed it overall and the story makes as much sense as a Resident Evil story ever has. Definitely the best Resident Evil game since 4 and the most authentic since Zero. I'm looking forward to seeing more games in this style.