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  1. For what it's worth, I didn't think you guys sounded like you were blaming her in the FWWM episode, just confused as to why she was seemingly turning a blind eye and maybe a bit upset by that. That's understandable since her behavior does seem baffling. It's also something that rings very true to me. I believe it's a pretty common response to live in some state of denial when someone you love or live with is leading essentially a double-life. Leland probably worked hard to keep his predilections a secret, and one of the most effective ways to do that would be to make her sound like the crazy one and treating her as such. So you have a woman who knows that something's "off", but she can't see exactly what that is and meanwhile, her husband is working hard to make sure she's off-kilter enough not to have concrete suspicions, to the point of drugging her to keep her unaware that he's doing these things in their own house. Even people like Doc Hayward become unwitting participants in this, almost, when they give her drugs and try to calm her down. They're trying to be helpful, but it's like Sarah's the canary in the poisonous coal mine of the house and they're ignoring her. There's also probably a survival mechanism at play here, too, as you've noted. When she finally has it all laid out and knows the truth when Cooper and Truman tell her who killed Laura, she seems calm and in control for the first time in the whole series. It's like having the truth that she's suspected somewhere in her brain dragged out into the sunlight has given her some peace, even though it's a horrible thing. (Sorry if you ended up saying the same thing on this week's episode! I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. Also sorry if that makes no sense at all; I was trying to figure it out as I was typing.)
  2. Twin Peaks Discussion

    I love the scene with Cooper and Diane because I am a sucker and it was cute. I didn't find it too coy and it was just the right amount of fanservice for me because it was so short. I didn't realize that was such an unpopular opinion but I'm sticking to it, dammit!
  3. Just want to say that I would have loved to see a Log Lady show, especially one that sounds basically like Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, but with a log.
  4. Oh, that's right. That ol' soap-opera brunette wig trick got me again!
  5. Donna does; Maddy just sees weird carpet movement if I recall correctly. Mrs. Palmer also sees him crouched behind the bed, so it seems to be possible to see Bob without anything directly happening. I'm not sure what his rules are, exactly, for harming or possessing people. To hurt someone he may need his human "host", or prefer it that way. It might just be that they're sensing Bob and that he's not actually present, too.
  6. Twin Peaks Discussion

    I'm glad that movie brought MacLachlan and Lynch together, at least, because...boy howdy, is that movie (and Paul) kind of a bummer. I mean, that hair! I'm also pretty sure at one point MacLachlan has to look up at the uncaring stars and, in an internal monologue, ask, "Where are my feelings?" Yow.
  7. So we could watch them a decade+ later on wildly advanced technology, duh! David Lynch is all about the long con. That sounds exactly right to me. Lynch's work in general seems to work on a very specific emotional level- people seem to either like his work or not, and neither group is "right".
  8. Okay, so Fire Walk With Me was the first actual Lynch movie I saw (though I did watch the show first, obviously). I decided ahead of time that I had no idea what to expect and I was just going to roll with it. My roommate and I watched it with an abandon that would probably make David Lynch happy, and it became almost a participatory experience. I wish we had a hidden camera set up because our reactions were hilariously in-sync through much of the movie. Cooper comes on screen: "Yaaaay!" James's motorcycle is heard: "Booooo!" Any time Leland Palmer/Bob comes on screen: "Auuuuaahhh!" (hard to approximate that sound via text) or "Nooooooo!" I'm glad someone mentioned the running time of the movie because my commitment to roll with it extended to keeping track of time, apparently. If you had told me it was 90 minutes I would've gone with it, ditto to if you had told me it was three hours long. A few thoughts about the actual movie: Kiefer Southerland was amazing. I really hope he's in the revival, his character was quirky in just the right way. He fit in with the special brand of FBI weirdness. Annie showing up all bloody in Laura's bed scared the hell out of me. I guess Heather Graham is at her best when she's freaking me out. The scene in the Canadian strip club is wild. Just really interestingly and creatively filmed. I liked the use of subtitles a lot. I laughed aloud when Laura flipped James the bird. You tell him, girl. And again I have to give it up for Sheryl Lee, and to David Lynch for being so fascinated with Laura and passionate about bringing her to life. Someone close to me has a story that wouldn't look too dissimilar to Laura's, and I thought the movie did a very effective job conveying the terror of it, and the complicated ways people react to trauma. Here's something I sent to a friend right after watching it: Now that I've seen a few more Lynch movies that seems applicable to more than Fire Walk With Me.
  9. Yeah, I thought that whole initial introduction to the Lodge set the mood perfectly. It helps the viewer transition from the concrete feel of the "real world" plot and into the dreamy weirdness of the Lodge/waiting room/whatever. Neat observation! You also reminded me about the moment Annie sits up like some bloody, creepy doll from the floor next to Cooper. That really freaked me out and almost justified casting Heather Graham.
  10. It really is. That crazy, mocking laughter from someone we've known as having worked to be especially caring and considerate is really rough. It works great, emotionally, but I'm really looking forward to (hopefully) a more positive resolution for such a fundamentally good and likable character. I've just now listened to the episode and I have one dumb comment: I didn't interpret the contact lenses as giving them blue eyes, but dead eyes. They looked quite cloudy to me. My perception might be colored by Hannibal, which uses similar lenses to distinguish corpses, especially those exposed to the elements. (Like Laura? That seems a stretch...)
  11. I'll have more to say when I'm awake enough to put my thoughts into words, but I will say that Sheryl Lee's performance is incredible. She does a beautiful job conveying Laura's pain, upset, and general aura of fucked-upness, but she's also wonderful with the goofy intoxicated stuff, like when she's trying to talk on the phone, smoke a cigarette, and put on her tights at the same time. I loved her performance, and cared a lot about Laura because of that.
  12. Right? So bad. So, so bad. I'd be okay with getting a little bit of the DoppelCooper in the new season of Twin Peaks. MacLachlan can play unnerving very well.
  13. It did! I know this because I could freak my roommate out very quickly by giving her a deadpan, "I need to brush my teeth". I like that line a lot, actually, because the viewer probably has a hunch that he's not quite right, but it could also just be typical goofy Cooper concerned about his oral hygiene.
  14. Twin Peaks Discussion

    That's all very good advice regarding Fire Walk With Me, especially that it helps to regard it as its own, kinda Peaks-y thing. Veering off-topic a little, I don't generally read fanfiction, but someone recommended this short story that takes place right after the show ends, from the point of view of Diane. I really liked it and thought it was well-done and sweet.
  15. It really was. I watched it (and Peaks) for the first time late last year, and even as a "modern" viewer who is used to unusual or downright wild stuff on television this was one of the weirdest things I'd seen. My roommate and I were genuinely freaked out by doppelganger Laura (the scariest thing ever to be on the show, in my opinion), the doppelgangers in general, and deranged Cooper at the end. Even the sound design in that scene is offputting; there's a little shrieky sound as Cooper smashes his head against the glass. (LostIntheMovies, I'm assuming you're eventually going to drop some knowlege about how drastically the finale changed from script to filming? That's fascinating stuff, knowing how close it came to being more late-season garbage, and you surely know more than I!) When I saw it I was very grateful to know that new Twin Peaks was coming because it's such a bummer of an ending. It felt like David Lynch was salting the earth so it was easier to handle knowing that the story would continue, even decades later. Now, however.... My assumption was that Truman and Doc Hayward heard him being crazy in the bathroom, figured out something was up, and locked him in a psych ward a la Windom Earle. Which is one of the reasons I didn't like the extended epilogue in the deleted scenes of Fire Walk With Me as it