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  1. Initially I was expecting Cooper to be back to his old self this episode, after the scene with the coffee last episode. I was a tad disappointed that wasn't the case but all the scenes with Dougie were so good that I could forgive. I saw this theory being passed around last night which has now made me think he won't become Cooper until he retrieves what he lost in transitioning back into the real world, that being his shoes. The scene in this episode where he stares longingly at the statue's shoes kinda reinforces that, in my interpretation. Where would he get his shoes back you might ask? Well there's a one-armed shoe salesman in Twin Peaks that might be of help.
  2. This was probably my favourite episode so far. It seems appropriate that the description of this episode is "...brings back some memories" because I was so happy to see some of the returning faces. Albert and Gordon Cole were great, and the scene with Denise was so heartwarming. I was worried about how they would handle her character this many years later, but Gordon saying "change their hearts or die" was so, so good. It might be my favourite line from the series so far. I really liked seeing Bobby, too, and the scene in which he tears up at the sight of Laura Palmer felt very real. Throughout the old Twin Peaks show I think Bobby was consistently one of the few characters who expressed very human emotions in reaction to Laura's death. Then there was the whole Wally Brando scene which was completely ridiculous and amazing. Of course Michael Cera would be the child of Andy and Lucy. In regards to Cooper, I'm quite impressed at just how much range Kyle MacLachlan is demonstrating on the show. From the slimy doppleganger to the childlike, confused Cooper we see a lot of in this episode. The scenes with him at the casino and at Dougie's home have managed to be both hilarious and terribly sad. My hope, like a few others in this thread, is that the coffee managed to break Cooper out of this state. (and holy shit that scene) Though I've enjoyed it so far, I don't think I want to see this become a staple for many episodes to come.
  3. My copy arrived this morning. Sadly I don't know if I have much time to read it at the moment but it should make for a nice distraction over the Christmas break. Strangely enough, despite only ordering a single copy and only being charged for said copy, two books came in the mail today. Were it any other book I wouldn't have given it a second thought but the weirdness of Twin Peaks had my mind immediately thinking of a scenario where a doppelganger book existed, which made me chuckle.
  4. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Hey folks, I'm a relatively new listener to Idle Thumbs but I wanted to jump on the forums to express my thanks for the wonderful Twin Peaks Rewatch podcast, of which I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to over the course of the past two weeks. It's been a fantastic companion piece for my first time going through the Twin Peaks tv series and it has given me a lot of insight into the the ways in which this show has become such a cult hit. Without the podcast I likely would have fallen off around the mid-to-late season 2 arcs but I'm grateful that I stuck around and went on to watch what could possibly be my favourite piece of Twin Peaks, the Fire Walk With Me movie. Like many of you I am very keen to see what exactly Lynch and Frost have planned for this third season and you can bet I'll be listening to the new podcast episodes that are put out to coincide with its return. Once again, thanks for the podcast! As an aside, I figured I'd share this interesting little fan website that explores the various realities that feature in Lynch's work. I think it's a really well crafted website and the Twin Peaks element in particular is fun to explore. It almost reminds me of P.T. If you haven't finished the show or have yet to watch the movie, I'd recommend doing so first. There may also be spoilers in there for the other films David Lynch has created but I haven't explored the whole thing. I'll attach the home page as well as a link to the Twin Peaks-focused stuff. Twin Peaks: Home Page: