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  1. I think all these theories are great, the magic of a David Lynch project to to leave a dark space in the center for us, the viewer to engage our imaginations. We get so much more out of the process of engaging with a mystery than we would with a definite statement by the show.
  2. Pretty interesting, I prefer the idea that it is a prison created by Judy instead of a trap created by the fireman. Mostly because of the way Laura was removed from coopers grasp with the scream. But either way, I think there are some good points. .. another thought, the headlights that passed them on the highway, Judy figures out where they are headed rushes ahead to set up a false front, but can't help using the same fake names.
  3. There are lots of ways you can interpret the last hour of the show, I haven't seen anyone (and maybe they have because i haven't read every single post) defend the possibility that Dale Cooper was just the dream of an FBI agent named Richard who, on waking from a long and strange dream starts experiencing a fugue state where he still thinks he is the character from his dream. He had a traumatic night with his lover/possible work associate that helped to initiate his break. His dream of Laura in based on a case he is working on involving a woman in danger by a creepy guy named bob. He goes to her work gets her address, at her house she has already killed the man named bob, dead guys looks a lot like Frank Silva. He convinces her to go to a town he remembers from a different case he worked on then somehow his waking dream drags her into it. I don't really subscribe to this as a conclusion in general, but its still worth exploring. -- last minute thought what if cooper is now an inhabiting spirit that takes over an FBI agent named Richard.
  4. I think the idea of being fooled or laughed at is understandable, but is off the mark. I think the show is intentionally subverting the emotions and expectations of the viewers to force them out of their comfort zones and put them in a different head space. This is what most modern art aims at, not what televised drama does. A good story is one you get lost in, this show is intently trying to make you aware of its unreality, it wants to pull you in and push you back out until you realize it's not reality, it is a constructed dream we are all sharing. Though I can understand feeling upset, if i was invited to watch a baseball game and it turned out to be cricket I would feel fooled as well. Though everything Lynch has done in the last 20 years could have warned you that you weren't getting that old warm toned twin peaks. If Peyton and Engles made season 3, i am sure we would have gotten more of the same old show, but would it have felt right? I think we would have been left full of empty nostalgia and left feeling hollow. I admit my own expectations were twisted and it felt a bit uncomfortable, but movies and shows like that are the kind I search for so I can't help but love it all. The last moment felt right, the emotional weight of 25 years of horror crashing down.
  5. A season 4 would be awesome to see cooper and new Laura in a weird reflection version of twin peaks with a higher version of realism and where all the characters were dark versions of themselves. We could even see coop react to Trump as president.
  6. I know when fire walk with me was being made they planned on doing (i think) 3 films, was some of the black and white footage of Laura and dale in the woods filmed back then? Was it earmarked to be put in one of the other films that were never made? Even the Pete fishing stuff could have been filmed in 92, or was just left over b roll from the pilot, also it could be just digital manipulation. Who can say. Whatever internal logic exists to explain the last episode, What it felt like was a character from a deep dream where crazy bob heads fly around attacking people, left and went into a different dream that was a step closer to reality. The character was still on the same mission from the deeper dream, but after trying to make the two realities connect, fails, until the last second when something reaches out from and even deeper dream to grab them.
  7. Great catch, I was thinking it was a 80% anagram, but that makes more sense. - It took me a bit to piece it together but the smile emoji referencing bobs smile which comes out in the story, which as a message means kill "all" Referencing "he wears a smile, everybody run". -Also I like the juxtaposition of coopers personal voice recorded messages to Diane vs Mr.C's impersonal texts and emoji es. -It's amazing how much thought went into anticipating the viewers emotions and reactions to the choices made by the show, and how they play with us, drawing things out and bring them around to a satisfying emotional response. While simultaneously winking at us. -In retrospect, Dale Cooper was always kind of a super hero, his power is being the most effective person at everything he does, (Mr.C has this as well) which means if he was active and running around for 18 episodes it wouldn't leave much conflict to resolve, or they would have come up with ways to deflate/ stymie him. Which would be somewhat out of character for him, the previous seasons had this same problem. So I guess I approve of Dougie.
  8. Worlds within worlds within worlds. David Lynch is the quizat haderach.
  9. As a parent I couldn't help but audibly shout "Don't do that!" watching him play with that fork around the outlet.
  10. Yes this episode brings back a character we were all happy and excited to see again, the ceiling fan.
  11. I think it isn't available to watch in america until September, it will be on hulu then. If i'm wrong please let me know.
  12. I agree, I think they were just pointing out that the signal was being hidden. The text formatting thing is nothing in my opinion,
  13. Ok, so lets all agree that the cultural significance of this show is out of our hands. I can certainly understand why anyone wouldn't like this show, it does everything in its power to subvert your expectations and your desire for emotional satisfaction. I think my primary pleasure in this show comes from its ability to keep me guessing as to what is going to happen. Most of us have been watching TV for 25-60 years now, and a show like Chicago fire or whatever, falls into a pattern that those of us that have watched a lot of TV can peg the story lines and the characters after about 5 minutes of watching. Even Game of thrones, which I am now watching back to back with twin peaks every Sunday night, and I love, is starting to feel predictable by comparison. To be clear it's not the only thing I love about this show, but it seems like the most obvious distinction. I have no idea what is going to happen on this show, its like opening a present every week.
  14. Anythings "greatness" is 99% subjective. Even, I would argue that Alexander the Great, probably not as great as we all have been lead to believe.
  15. Are we saying this is a Jacobs Ladder scenario? anyone? ----------- I do get a little annoyed by peoples need to categorize reality in a television show, especially a David Lynch created one. It's fine to say there may be separate realities taking place within a narrative, but neither is reality. The only reality is you sitting in your living room /bedroom/ airport bathroom/ ect.. watching it on a screen, and lets face it even that reality is somewhat suspect.