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  1. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    Also some settlement bugs where resources go missing on data tab for far away settlements, causing drop in happiness. Soon as you get to the settlement though it shows correct resources. That and I had one crash. Pretty freaking stable IMO. Also I'm really sad that in my Commonwealth, Lucy Abernathy is dead. Her corpse just laying next to the bench to forever haunt me of the fact that I took on the quest to rescue her for the third time but took too long which ended in quest failing.
  2. Let's discuss what a damage type is

    Niceee, I remember getting my first 2k shoulders back in BC (me as resto shaman with average warrior (I thought he was good at the time but my friend retrospectively asked me why I teamed up with him for so long lol)), didn't hit glad myself til... middle of WotlK then hit this amazing sweet spot, got into this clique of really good pvpers in this really good pvp server got like rank 2 in BG for 5v5 running some braindead 4 dps team lol. Man that group of pvper was so good, it was like 2 of every class and we would just make new team, try new combos, get to 2300ish in one week but it's really that fast and reliable repeat of new combos taught everyone in that group ton of tricks. Then in Cata met these two amazing pally/warrior and ran this funky double healer war combo where each match lasted 30 minutes but holy shit they were good. I felt like a total scrub with them but for some reason they thought I was the best shaman they teamed up with so heck yeah. And heck yeah for selling ratings. Shit this brings back memories. Too real man, too real. Also I was a total jackass then. Made few ppl even cry during pvp cause I yelled too harshly or something. What an ass I was. I mean part of it was untreated mental health issue but still.
  3. I'm kinda busy with FO4 but I would be down for WoL coop later on if you want someone to coop with~
  4. Let's discuss what a damage type is

    Since ppl are bringing up WoW, old WoW did something similar but I think it was like this Axe = 5% crit chance (which also converted into bleed damage since there was a spec that caused bleed on crit?) Mace = 5% stun chance (best for pvp, also infamous for "well skilled proc" rage in pvp) and..... the winner for hilarity went to Sword = 5% chance for extra swing because it could proc on itself and due to WoW's very 'streak-y' RNG, you often had nothing and once in a while just one shotted something or someone in pvp Did you get glad?
  5. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    How would you feel about a model like this? Strategy game with 3 sub-factions where you get 1 faction free, get others at about $6 each. So that would be a start but say after a year or so it could feature up to like, 10 factions or so. Also it would be a single player game (more civ lite than starcraft).
  6. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    I played bit of Warframe myself (80 ~ 100 hours ish?) and I gladly forked over about $80 for skins and stuff because I had a great time and some of the unique skins were pretty cool. On the other hand $90 spent on Hearthstone's arena mode left me with utter disdain towards that game's pay system. Spent like $12 on Dragon's Nest or something. But on larger point yes the hostility/suspicion towards F2P games are often expressed very poorly, and is clearly not very good indication for market-wide 'vibe' since i F2P games are such a huge bulk of this industry. There was this really good gamasutra article I read by Ramin Shokrizade on how 'whales don't live in desert' drastically changed my opinion on F2P games. There he basically explained how whales actually take at least a month of regular play before spending money on anything which meant that you can't have whales for bad games... it was a great read.
  7. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    Yeah I had all the requirements but the settlement that's stuck in question is Sanctuary so I'll probably do what you did. In fact I'll probably start a new character now. I maxed out muscle and my character ended up just looking weird...
  8. Social Justice

    Yesyesyesyesyes Nations like USA should really just move on from 'survival-motivated-economy' and move towards thriving focused one. I keep fantasizing about a society where homeless shelters are more like a college dorm (no roommate version since the whole point is to drastically improve safety), with some generic stock food available (thinking of 2 boxes of instant ramen per month allowance (so that it's not necessarily wasted on people who don't want it)). There is some serious hypocrisy in trying to tell people to exclude violent or other unsavory means as part of their living while at the same time very essentials of survival is largely contested. And it's just awful to have such powerful society operate on labor that's strongly tied to fear of death. Huh, maybe that explains a whole lot about American politics...
  9. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    do raiders just not show up when your settlements are too small? Also mine's been stuck at... 6 people (opinion 73, every demand fulfilled)?
  10. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    Tip on building buildings, go to wood and floor category. Lay down the floors first then apply the walls of your choice afterward. This it the most reliable way of getting a workable 'corner' for a structure.
  11. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    haha well doing the scheduling 3 times gave me more time to give more realistic considerations. Edit: well something's up so I can't promise 3 uninterrupted hours this weekend, wish you guys best~~~
  12. Fallout 4 — Boston Makes Me Feel Good

    That's so cool...!
  13. International Politics

    Not sure if this should go to exceptional articles thread or here... but here it is.
  14. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    buying spirit heart when you have none is good for devil room chance though
  15. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    Isn't there an indie first person platformer that's on kickstarter right now that's mostly about moving around and exploring? Like indie mirror's edge but less guidance and more exploring.
  16. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    I thought MECs were good, just that memetic skin broke the game. Like flamethrower... that's such a good source of damage against bio.
  17. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    Is that the version present in Bluray? Cause I noticed how much worse Bluray version was compared to DVD version that got upscaled by my PS3/TV.
  18. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    My best advice is to not thinking about the games as a problem that has to be solved and instead just take everything the game throws at you as part of an experience. Yeah, that sounds like a lame ass cop out answer but really, if you can hit that zone mentally, all the rogue-likes just open up a lot. And average Isaac runs has fast enough iteration (unlike say, Ironman XCOM 2012 (which isn't a rogue-like but similar frustrations can apply)) to help you maintain that. And with that care-free (or less stressed out) approach, you can experiment more, take more risks and learn more. Afterall, the worst that can happen is... you restart the game and if the game is fun, that's no problem. If the game is bad, well then time to just drop it and move on~ This applies to almost all gaming of course. Sorry if that was too preachy.
  19. Ouran Boast Club - Planning an Anime Podcast

    Oh and for anyone who is curious but haven't watched FLCL yet, it's legally available on youtube~ Yep, it's only 6 episodes long. I high recommend giving it a try, at the very least you will have experienced something... strange. Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3: Episode 4: Episode 5: Episode 6:
  20. Warcraft 3 FFA

    all range + hero nukes should be viable? at least that's how I recall most of the games boiling down to (minus that one weird mountain giant chain taunt thing). I'm really hoping for team game instead of FFA though
  21. Maybe, but I'm going to stick with my gun on 'RTS just needs to be easier' theory. The 'pure-old-school' RTSes are just too hard to even feel competent in. WC3 and CoH (and its Warhammer spin offs) did a lot right in that regard. Shame that Blizzard didn't pursue WC3 style of RTS... seriously, Orc's tier 1 unit had almost twice the HP of Ultralisk and half of its DPS, it was very slow and very forgiving with built in defense for all 4 races. CoH is still going pretty well it seems, but the completely fractured piecemeal model is... well, I wonder how that is working out from both player base and profit angle? Wargame has excellent combat mechanics but I'm not a fan of how you have to blind pick a deck and just roll with that from multiplayer perspective.
  22. Warcraft 3 FFA

    All I remember is that Death Knights got lot of hates from Night Elf players for the longest because lvl 3 Death Coil can one shot the archer... until archers got 5 more hp.
  23. XCOM Enemy Unknown

    Laser is pretty clutch IMO. You can skip it on normal but on classic/impossible that extra damage is very handy.
  24. Warcraft 3 FFA

    Oh snap you are right, I might have done that already, time to check my bnet launcher~