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  1. Episode 427: Northgard

    Northgard is a very fine title that deserves more attention. It's a lovely game.
  2. I had to look up my account for this forum after listening to the Podcast and reading the two comments posted here. Because you two guys are absolutely right. 100%. This is exactly what's the problem with Stellaris. And 2.0 isn't changing anything about it. In my oppinion, they changed Stellaris even more towards the gameplay of EUIV and CK2. My main issue here is that I don't like those games too much. I liked Stellaris because it was different than the other PDX games. After the early game I ALWAYS (!) have the feeling that I need to start the next game because this one is getting boring. And now they even made the early games worse (much slower, tedious). Stellaris isn't a bad game of course. I spend 200h playing it. But now, I just cannot force myself to launch it. I felt the podcast lacked some sort of criticism. Everything sounded so fantastic and great, only a few minor additions (Fleet Manager, Titans/Colossi) were criticized.
  3. Ok I had to register for this one. Just discovered your website.. i have some additions to the podcast: 1. The Onion Knight excels in stat growth. If you grind him to max level, he will be the powerhouse of your team 2. There is an ability for Ramza that gives you speed. This nearly breaks the game and is much better for JP farming than running around the map. Just use it until you get 20+ turns in a row. Furthermore, I do not really get the issues with the complexity of the game. I think it's one of the great assets of the game to be complex and not brainwashed casual like so many other ones. Sure, without the internet with a half-baked translation, this game is incredible difficult. But since the PSP version there should not be any issues and I can advice everyone to play this great game. it has it's flaws, though. Mainly because it is getting way too easy at the end and lacks a proper endgame. That's why I like Disgaea and Tactics Ogre better. They offer so many ways to min max your party after the story ends, that is something FFT is not that good in. Anyway, I really liked the podcast.