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  1. [RELEASE] The Eyes of Luigi

    Sarah McLachlan always makes me so sad. Poor Luigi! Haha
  2. [Release] The First Age of Extreme

    I love the death scene. It has a great Red Dead feel.
  3. [Release] The First Age of Extreme

    The art in this game is fantastic. It has a great atmosphere already.
  4. [RELEASE] Explode Mode

    Those are some hot tips!
  5. Haha, that's absolutely fantastic but maybe a bit unbalanced.
  6. [Release] World of Blanks

    The idea of firing scatter shot from your hand while being attacked by red boxes with human arms fills me with so much glee.
  7. [Release] The Three Antidotes

    Not a lot for today, but I did learn a good deal about interacting with skeletons/bones in unity. I attached a collide object to the hand bone, so now only the sword damages enemies as opposed to being able to stomp them to death. Next up I want to add some invincibility frames after being hit, and some knock-back.
  8. [Release] The Three Antidotes

    Yep! I have a dozen or so characters I plan to randomize through. I would love to give them slightly different animation sets, but I don't know that I'll have the time. Thanks! My antidote affects right now are: Cure Sickness - Gives extra hitpoints Cure Fatigue - Attack Faster Cure Clumsy - Roll further Cure Weakness - Attacks do more damage
  9. [Dev Log] The First Great Brand War

    Oh man... Someone talk me out of buying a PocketCHIP...
  10. The enemies could be the Profile Pictures of forum members! Maybe with each generated enemy randomly selecting from the available pictures.
  11. [RELEASE] Doctor DNA

    Dino DNA!
  12. [Release] In Search Of Paradise

    That suspension is looking fantastic.
  13. Crowbar! Is this Half Life 3? I love the super low rez train btw.
  14. [RELEASE] The Eyes of Luigi

    Those plants look great as sprites in 3d!
  15. [Dev Log] Build The Nublar

    Wait! The Visitor Center is behind a gigantic door INSIDE a carnivore zone? I don't think that's a good idea.
  16. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    Thank you so much @Visari for the ScreenToGif knowledge bomb. I went to twitter asking about a good way to get gifs out of my game and it feel dead.
  17. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    I have an episode title, and a vague game outline/idea. Now I venture into somewhat new territory.
  18. WIZARD JAM 2016 // Welcome Thread

    So... I see there are 0 rules, but I just want to ask anyways. I will be on a trip for a week during the jam time. Can I start early to make up for that?
  19. Umm... Ubisoft definitely has a thing for thrones. AC3_SP_hero4.jpg
  20. I am quoting you mainly to talk about Endless Legend, and I have not yet experienced Beyond Earth. While listening to this week's podcast I couldn't help but compare my experiences with Endless Legend to the disappointing aspects of Beyond Earth mentioned. I find the world building to be extremely engaging for the following reasons: Every faction is unique. Each one of them has it's own back story, and purpose for being on this world. Each unit has back story which explains why it has the abilities it has, and often why it looks the way it does. A campaign has been built for each faction to provide a steady drip of objectives and story to go with it. Also, each faction plays quite differently from the next by having different strengths and resource needs. The look of the game is striking. It's the type of game you could buy based on the sole belief that it is an interactive and evolving piece of visual art. The color pallet, unit and city design, and way the topography of the map is depicted is beautiful. The soundtrack is quite nice. Again, the factions have a unique feel and tone articulated in the ambient music. This does a great job of pulling you into the world. Finally the UI. It may be the best I have ever used in a turn based strategy game. The overall design is greyscale and filled with very clear icons. Color is used to great effect to represent resources, factions, regions of the screen, and actions which can be done with the mouse pointer on specific objects. Everything is meticulously and clearly described through tool tips, and the UI can be collapsed and expanded in several ways. The tech tree, which is more like tech pools, where you research so many from Age 1 to move on to Age 2 is a great addition to the genre. The diplomacy screen is split into a semi-circle, which radiates outward. Depending on your standing with an opponent they will physically be closer or further away from you, and spaced relatively to their own allies or enemies. I could say more, but I don't know how much longer people would care to read about UI. All of this comes together to create a very rich world that I would recommend to anyone who likes the Civilization series. The gameplay is similar, and it's not quite as deep as say Civ 5, but I don't quite recall what was all available in vanilla Civ 5. I personally decided to wait on Beyond Earth until an expansion after getting into Endless Legend. It is good.