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  1. I like this game quite a bit. I found a strategy which got me to about 500, and then I stopped losing health. I was still going strong at this point.
  2. [Release] Suddenly the King of France

    Great game! Don't these people know I have candles to light! Get out of the way!
  3. [RELEASE] Doctor DNA

    This looks great!
  4. [RELEASE] Explode Mode

    I think I got it to flip upside down too for a bit, but I don't remember if it was due to terrain or just propulsion.
  5. [RELEASE] Dot Gobbler

    I found the whole experience of this game quite serine. Just chilling out and gobblin' some dots.
  6. [Release] In Search Of Paradise

    I sat back with a beer, and drove. Thankfully I can get towed back to the last station because I managed to flip myself a lot.
  7. [Release] Punch Wizard

    Everything about this reminds me of my childhood. Action figures outside, VHS scratch, and the music takes me back to early synth in early prog rock like Boston or Rush. I could stare at this for hours.
  8. [RELEASE] Rigid Body Rat King

    Just the levels you have here are super entertaining. There is a lot of potential here for more complex puzzles.
  9. [Release] The First Age of Extreme

    I simply love this game. Especially juggling a goat all the way across the screen... Maybe I can juggle it all the way to the end?
  10. [RELEASE] - Rolling with the Pope

    The mechanics in this game are great though difficult. I'm liking it.
  11. [RELEASE] Explode Mode

    I found the control scheme a bit difficult at first, but it grew on me quickly. Such a satisfying feeling to strafe around a turret and blast it down.
  12. The level of polish in the systems of this game is crazy good!
  13. [RELEASE] The Eyes of Luigi

    I laughed when I started listening to the tape, and then I laughed really hard when I read the dialog on the bed while listening to the tape. The ghost legitimately creeped me out. Fantastic work!
  14. [Release] The Three Antidotes

    Right under the deadline! There is a lot of stuff I didn't have time to get to, but I think I ended up with a "Game" experience. I definitely plan to go back to this, and keep updating it. It has been a great learning experience, and I can't leave it where it is right now. I hope whoever takes the time to play it enjoys their time!
  15. [RELEASE] LPBs and HPBs

    In the age of VR where you can watch a movie, or see your desktop through a headset, there is something especially comforting and nastolgic about playing a game through a CRT monitor in a game.
  16. [Release] The Three Antidotes

    As promised, and update! I have some hit knockback in there now, and the enemy can only be damaged when the player is in an attack. I also have the basic level layout done with collision areas in.
  17. [RELEASE] Mad Skills

    Congratulations! I'm excited to play everyone's games, but probably shouldn't until I wrap up my own.
  18. I love that some of the "most important animations" contain swinging a crowbar at a zombie and firing a shotgun. The "Next time on Zombie Train Beyond Earth" title could be an interesting procedural diversifier. Perhaps based on a random number of zombies killed or a random region in the world entered.
  19. [RELEASE] LPBs and HPBs

    It's so weird, I was showing my 6 year old how to draw that last night.
  20. [RELEASE] Explode Mode

    The title, lighting, and overall aesthetic of this is fantastic. You have a great knack for effects.
  21. [Release] The Three Antidotes

    Last night I got enemy knockback working, and damage detection limited to specific animations. I'd like to reduce damage detection to specific frames of the animation and build a timer on that to make it possible to double hit someone during a swing or really close stab, but I'm not sure I'll get back to that. Right now I'm focusing on getting systems in, and leaving all tweaking for the final hours. I will post some new gifs tonight. The deadline is drawing close... time is limited...
  22. [RELEASE] LPBs and HPBs

    The design and animation on the people is creepy fun.
  23. [Release] The Three Antidotes

    Leaving Boston tomorrow and getting home tomorrow night. Even though I've been having a great vacation, I am anxious to get back into this.
  24. [Release] Punch Wizard

    The stop motion idea is fantastic. I'm so excited.