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  1. Episode 348: Civilization at 25

    AKA the man who ruined the franchise...though to be fair to him, it was the first sign of real troubles inside modern Firaxis. Yes, and a few years ago the "most played game on PC" titles were consistently taken by hunting sims. See the progression ?
  2. Episode 343: XCOM 2

    For simplicity and clearness sake, i propose to call the new games fauXCOM1 and fauXCOM2. Apparently, in this particular podcast the panel trash fauXCOM2, but i cant force myself to listen, remembering the absolutely lustful rimjobs they gave Firaxis about fauXCOM1. THAT podcast was disgusting to listen to.
  3. Episode 336: Star Wars: Rebellion

    "'s not really a video games podcast, but more of an after-hours conversation..." So basically it's exactly the same as idlethumbs podcast. Just random chatter about someone's dirty socks and relatives whilst drunk. Thanks, but no thanks.
  4. Episode 307: Roguelikes

    Not sure why everyone keeps calling this game roguelike. It's a horrible roguelike, with horrible design choices, that insists on one-shotting your characters without you being able to prevent it or learn anything from your loss. Makes for a passable RPG, though. Just not roguelike. At all. You must be joking. You MUST BE.
  5. What's a good space 4X game?

    Only bother to look into Sins if you're into multiplayer. Much like Sword of the Stars - Sins of Solar Empires are complete rubbish for single.
  6. Episode 289: 2014, King of Years

    It is quite interesting to me, that everyone thinks Endless Legend is a good game. I do agree it is a very fresh creation, bustling with personality and atmosphere, but it certainly is not a good game. Tactical combat interface is a godawful mess that makes any kind of complex maneuvering not worth your time. Unit stats recalculate differently on every screen, and all manner of bonuses make it impossible to predict just what can you rely on exactly. Same with cities, due to the utter lack of information it is absolutely impossible to decide every time if it's worth it to expand the city further or level a particular district. Good game ? I think not. Also, what the...what "unit variety" did they talk about ? Most of the units are exactly the same. Walker, fast walker, buffer. Where is this mythic variety ? And another thing, what is "so, so good" about Civ5 expansions ? What is good about turning off AI agression ? And it's not optional, AI quite simply will NEVER go to war with you, and that is in a game with 99% of units being military and the goal being world domination ? What ?
  7. Episode 286: Valkyria Chronicles

    "I wonder why it didnt click in 2008 ?" - that's the sort of question a bunch of people who dont play on consoles ask about a 1000000+ sales game. And honestly, who in their right mind can possibly think that a game that "didnt click" and didnt sell would get two sequels, a bunch of manga and a whole 2-cour anime series approved ? Someone tell these people about Fire Emblem, they will be mighty surprised and inquire why this giant franchise "didnt click" back in the 90's. Or Gods forbid they hear about SD Gundam !
  8. Only the first one, though. The rest of them are more or less just plain RPGs which arent very good at all. The second in particular is just awful, mechanics wise. FFT is a fairly progressive game, interface-wise. Many of Japanese long-running franchises just pretty-it-up from one installment to the next, leaving the interface from the NES era. For example, Super Robot Taisen, where you could plan your move for a unit, discover that your chance-to-hit on a particular enemy is almost 0%, and to cancel your move altogether you have to press the cancel button about ten times. That is per unit, and possibly per unit per enemy. Only in the recent couple of years they relented and made it much more palatable, though still not ideal. Anyways, someone on the podcast said they arent the only strategy-themed podcast anymore. What are the others ? I dont know any. In fact, i dont know any good gaming podcasts, except TMA. Most of the others i've encountered are the kind of crap like Bombcast or Idle Thumbs, in the vein of "oh look, we're all friends here and we're always drunk, so we're going to laugh and talk about our personal lives you cant relate to for several hours !", which is fine in principle, but would it kill you to throw me some information about the friggin games on a friggin "gaming" podcast ?