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  1. Movie/TV recommendations

    What is the title of that movie again?
  2. eReaders - What is everyone's thoughts?

    I have kindle app in my tablet though I prefer reading books in PDF most of the time. Maybe because I'm more use in PDF.
  3. Life

  4. Wifi sharing can be turn off so I don't see any problem on that.
  5. Meow.

    Feel dizzy after minutes of spinning!
  6. Yeah! They have reservation upgrade. I saw it in my notification.
  7. Photos of things

    I like staring at those beautiful photos.
  8. I Had A Random Thought...

    Multi-tasking is not easy.
  9. The Weekly X Files Rewatch Thread

    Honestly, I hardly recall the fist episode of x-files.
  10. Books, books, books...

    I am not familiar in his books but I know he is a Japanese writer.
  11. I Had A Random Thought...

    I haven't see Oz film but I read its book. Sometimes it is better to read its book (if that film is originated from book) before watching the film.
  12. Life

    In every decision there is always associated consequences in the end.
  13. Dying Light

    I saw that game in youtube and it seems good.
  14. Is bathroom best common room to build a PC in?

    Although I haven't read story about building pc in bathroom, I think there's nothing wrong to try. Just be careful in any water leak.
  15. Is Social Media Eroding Our Humanity?

    I rarely log in at my social media account simply because I don't have much time to look at posts there by my friends. However, I see social media not as just a way of communication. But, also as sign of expressing each man thoughts and character. Yeah, there were comments that sounds bit harsh or sounds criticizing. On the other hand, it was just their opinion. People may sounds judgmental in posting comments but their comment is base on what is posted there. So, we are solely responsible in whatever we post.