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  1. Intoxicated:

    drinkin' is fun
  2. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    i have tried to join this destiny clan because i love the dodecahedrons and i need the dodecahedrons, though i guess i am woefully underleveled? less than a week out? i don't know. i don't have a microphone but if you are into communicating via emotes (particularly the sitting down emote) i'm also bad at that but am willing to try!
  3. Orbit Golf

    hey this seems neat
  4. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    i've had "surgical focus" by guided by voices stuck in my head for like two weeks now and i don't know why particularly since "do the collapse" is certainly a top five musical disappointment of my life but dang that is a good song that snuck on there somehow
  5. i'm certainly not going to weigh in on this one, and i don't know if the references will make sense if you are not a regular listener, but this clip from the beastcast a couple weeks ago basically killed me, i could not breathe, etc.
  6. How to back up your game projects with GIT

    I'd also recommend using SourceTree as a interface to Git. Git resulted in what I would refer to as a shameful amount of cursing in my office for multiple years, but using SourceTree finally made it understandable and usable for me.
  7. Hey this was great! Also if you wanted to make a joke about how everything is getting a dark modern reboot these days, you wouldn't even use Snagglepuss as a punchline because it's too implausible.
  8. I just wanted to register my vote for podcasts basically always being better when the podcasters are talking about the things that they want to talk about. Also I'm excited to add a podcast in my list to the "not about video games" category because right now the ratio with the "about video games" category is perhaps slightly embarrassing?
  9. [Released] A Good One

    I jumped! I also managed to pull, what I felt, were some pretty sweet donuts out there on the slopes.
  10. [RELEASE] The Hypersonic Effect

    I finally got to a Windows computer with a controller attached, and yeah it's pretty well been covered but this is very good.
  11. [Release] Dead Letters

    The gun sound effect in this is great, I definitely felt like I was straight murdering those letters. You've probably already considered this, but having multiple letters going could help with waiting for the gap between letters and also bring the movement of the reticle into play, like you could miss letters if you didn't do them in the correct order because the reticle doesn't move quickly enough. Maybe you could spell words with that? I don't know. Pretty good though!
  12. [Released] Explode Mode (Slight Return)

    Thanks, I've been gradually working on like a "finished" version of this with all the stuff I wanted to put in, and I will definitely keep an infinite mode in mind for that. Also I watched @phill's stream and moving the reticle is not supposed to be super difficult! I just haven't done this sort of thing before and the couple of computers I tried it on seemed fine. I just uploaded a new version with mouse sensitivity controls and hopefully a better first guess at a reasonable sensitivity. So if anybody had the reticle movement being painfully slow you can at least do something about that now if you're still curious.
  13. Oh hey I didn't know you were the signature moves guy, this is really beautiful and I super relate to making academic projects into a game, the defocus stuff in my entry is because of my work in optical engineering