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  1. Spacebase!

    I don't think DF-9 was ever "not fun", but, for me at least, the issue has always been game-breaking bugs that forced me to start my game over. I think the difficult thing about a game like this in Early Access is that they need the game to succeed financially during stages of development where bug fixing needs to take a backseat to the development of game features. With such a small team, it almost seems now like Spacebase DF-9 was unfortunately doomed from the beginning. Most people are not going to buy into a game that they know is hardly playable, even if they think it looks promising. I also think the surprisingly large number of "new things" and announcements that have come from Double Fine since DF-9 was put on Early Access have kind of buried it. Spacebase is a fairly niche title and I think it might have just gotten overlooked. Whatever the case, it's really sad to see the Double Fine game I was most excited about cease development. I hope the community hasn't lost all hope and some capable individuals expand on what Double Fine has put out. I think the game deserves more, for sure.
  2. PSN ID exchange

    PSN: Energheizer - I've got PS3/PS4/Vita. Been playing a lot of Diablo 3 lately and expecting to play lots of Destiny--both on PS4.
  3. Destiny (MP)

    I'm Energheizer on PS4. Feel free to add me. I mostly play games on weekends or occasionally at weird hours on weekdays.
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Ahoy! As a long-time reader and occasional lurker on these forums, I figured it was about time I actually made an account. I haven't actively used a forum since about 2004 or so, but the Idle Thumbs community has always seemed top-notch and, as a person who is passionate about things, I look forward to once again interacting with others who are also passionate about things. Video games.